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  1. If you'd allow freedom people to keep their kingdom design from Epic there will be hordes coming there. If not all of them hehe. I think the two-way skill transfer is the best thing they could do right now. Maybe not 1 to 1 transfer, but it should be at a decent ratio, where the same time on Epic would translate to the same skill increase as on Freedom. If it is a bit quicker the minmaxers of Freedom will be all over the place. Not necessarily bad for Epic, but the main purpose would be to allow people that are both on Epic and Freedom to have a benefit from spending time on Epic on their Freedom server.
  2. Come on devs. I'm bumping this above all the Darnok Online suggestions for you to see. What better time to address this other than the upcoming exploration update.
  3. Another interesting day of fighting oak spirits in Darnok Online. I don't agree with the whole essence thing because it's too complex to figure out (I know there is other stuff in WO like this), but it would be cool if raw fruit had some better nutrition. Maybe fresh raw fruit of high ql. It shouldn't compete with cooking stuff though. Just a snack to get your bar up for stamina and stuff.
  4. Such dedication... to upload Wurm screenshots to Facebook
  5. You are right. That might have been the biggest increase in income they could have gotten. But even if it declined since then, I am sure updates and such will pull some of those people back to the game.
  6. Maybe this VR thing will attract the VR crowd and with the income from there they will finally get the game properly marketed.
  7. I always thought that at some point, maybe 10-20 yrs from now hopefully, something will need to fill in the void left by the end of WO. Maybe then a kickstarter project signed by Darnok will emerge. Hope he doesn't make that game as brutal and as unforgiving as described in his suggestions. I'd personally like to see more random events and stuff in games that will change the player's plan, but I can't imagine a whole lot of people would like this.
  8. It always bugs me that everyone thinks PvP in WO is like this hardcore-sky-turning-red-brutal-loose-everything thing. My experience on an Epic home island (most of my time) was pretty much doing the same things as on Freedom, except finding a horse stolen now and then or fixing something at the canal gatehouse or keeping in mind to make things difficult to navigate for raiders and stuff. It's more RvR and it's the best RvR I ever saw in my life. And I wonder why it is never shown like this. I literally saw no RvR mentioned anywhere about Epic. We even have player made kingdoms, player kings and offices. How is Wurm PvP and WoW RvR? I'm gonna rant on a separate thread about this. But activating PvP on Freedom would be a huge turn-off for a lot of people. And giving the choice to some random player to turn it on or off
  9. I remember being afraid of those as my place was undeeded, then while I was away a giant Mag spire appeared like 100-200m away from my place. We thought it was cool because we could build on top of it, but then again it kinda ruined the awesome scenery. But happening to deeds also? I thought it was only for undeeded areas. Now I'm scared.
  10. It isn't bad. It made it so that experienced unique finders would be able to quickly get it before anyone else. It's much more interesting now, when you can come across one while exploring. I see why anyone would find this interesting - it's nice to have those disruptive events in games, and for me the champion troll king thing was really engaging. Exactly what I want from MMOs no scripted quests, just unexpected events like this. But having a dragon intently going around to grief people on the server it's another level of disruption that some people might not enjoy. And burning down forrests, howses and killing animals would not be ok with a lot of players, I imagine.
  11. This could be something like Challenge. Maybe like a short-term scenario with some goals and when it's over you get some skins/items on your main toon. But then again I would hate to see Wurm flooded with all sorts of mini-games and different scenarios. I mean if you make a nomad thing, why not make another challenge thing or some other ideeas.
  12. Simple option would be to make it undrinkable. The other option is to make it somehow drinkable but with some debuff (maybe nutrition/food stats going down). In addition to either of those there is boiling the water to make salt (current feature). I am not sure how it works right now but there should be a way to get fresh water out of it that might require some extra effort. Whatever it is. This should definately not be something to make up for fishing update changes, as OP mentioned.
  13. Back in the day on Epic there was this rule where you could get higher tier precious metal only on the central island. I think this sort of elements are already in place, with things like marble or slate requiring you to find a mine for it (or a public project). But having 4 islands each with it's own terrain... I can kinda see where the fun/catch would be, but I don't think it would be enough. Then there's the fact there are too many islands as it is. Maybe enhance the current ones with some gameplay that brings value to nomads. It's nice to see people creatively using WU for things like this, though.
  14. Only that in WO the world is flat. Much easier And you are not navigating the whole world, but like an island (so maybe it's round after all, but the area is too small).
  15. Bump. For the new exploration update I think it is very important that the absurd overboard/anchor to read compass workaround is fixed with a nautical compass or simply allowing the compass to work.
  16. Sounds like my kind of update!
  17. I wouldn't like the comet thing. They did a good job in removing the unique announcement I think. It gives explorers the possibility to find a unique. I had my deed attacked by a champion troll king on Serenity. He just destroyed a few fences/walls until the kingdom came together and we took it down. I can't imagine a unique causing massive damage to people's settlements would be any fun. It's not like some dragon attacking NPC houses. It's attacking stuff people put effort in, and that would not be very fun. Telescopes would be cool, but dunno what function they can serve. Hibernation pods in Wurm sounds like Tek tier stuff from Ark. Sorcery and magic exists in Wurm but it's more exclusive than in typical RPGs. I really like this approach.
  18. In addition to the skin the rune details also need to be more elaborate than what they are right now - it just states that the item is runed.
  19. I don't think that would seem very nice. It would look as if the company is directing hatred towards people that got banned. And I know most players won't really care about this, I'm just saying how it would look like.
  20. The wooden trim present for the stone walls should also be added to roundstone (at least), sandstone, marble and slate walls. The problem right now is for houses that have for example a roundstone ground floor and timber framed top floors. It simply needs a border between the change in wall types, as it looks too crude.
  21. Unicorn armor should be of higher priority.
  22. Can I have the luxurious checkers boards, please? Nvm... I'm on South Freedom.
  23. I also forgot to mention this. I called support several times (5-10) and they came in half an hour maximum. Which is also a point for very good service on the game's part.
  24. Best of wishes to the WO staff. It's good that you let the community know of this. I noticed myself that there were some concerns on the forums regarding the status of Wurm further development (and I go on the forums only every now and then). I played the game a few times in the no-animation age, and when I started on Serenity 7-8 yrs ago I was astonished at how far and how well polished this very unknown game has gotten. I remained a player since then and the team has delivered constant updates to the game. Updates that were both high quality and that for me seemed to be very strategically choosen to have the most impact, which is especially important since the team is so small, so every minute of development time counts. Take for example the AH update - something a great number of players enjoy, that needed to be more meaningful, especially for higher skilled players. Also the combat update they made combat be more meaningful, more engaging. It was never the case to go from this slow-paced combat (which some people like me actually prefer) to some Mordhau-style of combat, so they bettered exactly that part. Also the graphics update - rendering distant forrests - Wurm has those awesome, realistic forrest areas and they enhanced exactly that part which a lot of people like (even some non-Wurmian friends of mine are amazed by those forrests). Oh and I have to mention here, I put up a "little" bug, that was observable by the keenest eyes only and it got resolved very quickly, which shows how dedicated they are to quality: I spoke with a lot of players in-game and many of them appreciate how the game receives those updates from time to time and are still enthusiastic about it even after many years of playing. I hope someone from the team reads this. It's not meant to flatter anyone, it is exactly how I feel about the my whole Wurm journey, and what I also learned (through in-game chat) is the opinion of others. I'm not saying they should dismiss all the criticism, but when I see all those complaints it makes me feel terrible.