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  1. It would be the best if we had nautical compasses for higher compass making skill, so we also add more stuff to do for compass makers. How ql would affect it I dunno, because what we want is for it to work while the ship is moving. It can just be somethiing you can make at 80 compass making or something and QL doesn't matter. The low-cost fix would be just getting the compass to permanently settle while on ship - think of it as being stationary and holding you compass on deck or something.
  2. I think mountain seal statues have a higher priority.
  3. You get the upkeep mail if you are part of the deed. It could have a link to a page where you can choose to put x amount to upkeep from that account. They are already attached to the deed by membership to that deed.
  4. It was suggested before... a sort of decay system for those pavements and remaining flat raises. Destructive events have been on epic. They made the land worse instead of better - craters and spires:
  5. It kinda is. You can pretty much expect people to take shortcuts IRL whenever they can. More so in a game. Why do you think metas exist even if in some situation they are limiting the player experience? To give you a personal example from another game: when I played MO there was a meta build Thursar-Khurite, but I wanted to play the dark elf. Sure I didn't change, but being ineffective I lost interest in the game pretty soon and quit. You may not see it as common sense because you see Wurm as something different than a game - a virtual world or something, more akin to Second Life than to other MMORPGs. But for most players it's a game and it's being sold as a game. Well said "a few". And no I am not committed to travel THAT way: I took teleports when it made sense, I went on multi-day trips with a tent and bedroll and using inns when it made sense to do so. If it ever makes sense I would even pay for a farwalker branch, so far it didn't. I also used village teleport on some of my alts. Some players here = most players. Those are different. And I actually think some of them actually took from the game. I gave an example earlier with joining your first deed. And let me give you a common example: summoning at rifts. I used it once and what I found out is that rifts are uninteresting, the only reason I liked it the first time I did it was that I actually took a trip over there and did some other things along the way. I no longer do rifts. I sometimes drop by if they are near where I am for the fighting xp and seeing other people. I think scenarios like this take wonder away from the new player's experience. For a new player joining their first deed being taken by ship there is basically showcasing them some of the best things the game has to offer. Sure by the time they are at this new little settlement after sailing for 1 hour, that new player might log off to get to sleep, but they will want to get back the next day and continue with their gameplay. They will have a good impression of the game. If they are teleported directly there and given a picaxe "go mine" and spend 1 hour breaking 3 cave walls, they will think "this game is a chore" even if the village elder reassures them they will get quicker and break 6 cave walls an hour in the future.
  6. Me too, but rather than hoping those forms without substance will achieve this in Wurm, I rather want Wurm to stick with it's vision and provide something valuable to it's target audience. And it's a pity really, people seem to think that the only way to be succesful in the gaming world is to cater to insta-reward, kill-streaking lollerboy culture. But if you at our genre people are actually looking for a more "cerebral" experience - look at other projects such as MO, Pantheon, Ashes of Creation. Even the Chronicles of Elyria story shows that people are hungry for this kind of experience. Putting the interesting mechanics of travel on the chopping block will not help Wurm - it won't compete with WoW, it will have less to offer to it's niche, it will make existing players lose interest. It's not specious it's common sense. There's really no way I can put it any simpler. The reason you deny it is because you, as you have said will not use this new shortcut despite it's effectivenes, and I believe you. However, most people don't play games like that, and you cannot assume the rest of the population that has played the game how it is will just ditch teleport, and maybe also put some anvils in their pockets to simulate walking so they can better take in the visuals. They will just lose interest in the game over time, while some will quit early on. Let me give you a similar example from the game: a lot of us Epic players who moved to Freedom would like to play more on Epic - the reason we don't is that we don't get any game-benefit for doing so: skills no longer transfer, items of course do not transfer. I always want to be doing stuff there, but it always gets pushed back due to it not resulting in any progress. There are lots of former Epic players I run across on Freedom. Others have quit the game altogether. I am giving it as an example here only for the purpose of debunking this idea of players doing what they like even though there is no benefit. That's no excuse. I've been repeating some obvious common sense ideas a few times already, and while it is trying my patience also I do see some benefit in at least making it more clear (like how I repeated it again just above with an example and some more context ), maybe people will see the game a bit differently.
  7. Please be decent. I could have called easily called "rubbish" on a number of your posts if I wanted to, but I decided to ignore it and discuss constructively. Take for example this low hanging fruit - where you are saying that without teleportation we wouldn't have horses or vehicles: I would have been more entitled to call you on this "bold" claim than you are to call me on something that is common sense: in every game where you have a shortcut players will take it for effectiveness. It shows that there is no reason to argue - you just want teleport - when I put it plainly clear why that would remove travel from the game you just call it "rubbish".
  8. nvm... You are refering to those generated chests right? Not player chests like here: ?
  9. Always wondered if the reason I play has something to do with being in the city all the time.
  10. Or just merge them clusters already. So northern freedomers can have a chance to play on Epic.
  11. You are taking this out of context. I wasn't being at all subjective, I was telling you that travel is part of Wurm and that you are turning it around in all sorts of ways just becuse you want teleport so much. Full context below: This whole argument with non-teleportists being subjectively biased is getting tiresome. I play and played a lot of games with teleport, and I like and liked them like that. Nothing against it where it works. For Wurm it doesn't. And again the argument with optional... which is false. It will be mandatory to play the game effectively, therefore changing (the proper word would be breaking) the game for everyone else who wants to play the game as it has been. Game rules aren't something people opt in and out as they please. This isn't Second Life, IMVU or VRChat. Just because some want to stay at their deed doesn't mean it's a minigame-mechanic. If they wanted/needed to travel they would have to go through it like anyone else. I haven't changed a slope in years on my deeds, does that make terraforming a minigame? If I needed to place a house in an uneven area should it be autmatically leveled for me so that I can opt out? Sandbox doesn't mean all those aspects are optional. Priest travel is hardly even close to what is proposed here.
  12. What I am saying "fast travel is bad because it breaks the game". I think that was pretty clear in my posts.
  13. It's from my deed. I got the buildings from@notstupidbobband@Fortiden. What I need now is a way to pave under those bridges to get rid of that grass sticking out.
  14. Well the exploration update is here. You can do eeeet!
  15. For me travel being an integral part of the game has been a given since I first tried Wurm maybe 10 yrs ago or more. I would say it's even common sense that does not need any philosophical debate over it but I also did that. It seems to me that there is a number of players that want a certain type of playthrough without travel so dearly. Same goes with the argument that teleport won't ruin travel. Obviously if you have a system it won't be used just in case you need to do someone a favor and imp their fences, and in other situations, for no reason, just put the effort to travel, and for no reason also get a rare knarr for 1g, you know for the speed and all... You can turn it all the ways around as you like. The devs won't ruin the game for the rest of the playerbase just because some players don't like travel. Same goes for other areas like combat, or crafting or whatever. I don't regret it. I started when it wasn't. Joining my first deed was like an intro quest, done by players. Traveling over the snowy mountains, thain by knarr over the misty lake to reach this place. New players won't get that. They will be teleported directly in front of the forge which they will spend the next few hours looking at. It will be the only equipment. The rest would be used only for decor. I know, I used 2 of them a few days ago. We're discussing this extra one as you call it here.
  16. Mine, and most player's purpose, is to play the game. Not to travel for no reason at all. When I read that it's like we're talking about a paralel state or something with rights and all not a game. Choice doesn't mean removing game rules entirely. What's the point of a game if we just du whatever we want? It would be like VRChat. There certainly is choice. Players can also choose to travel faster with better equipment, vehicles, timing. Or log off during travels with a tent. This is the kind of choices I am for. And truly traveling has the most choice from all the Wurm activities. I don't really know how to explain it better than what I already said. Ever since I first tried the game, while there werent multi-storey houses, cosmetic armors and all that stuff, there were roads and carts/horses. It never occured to me that they started with implementing features along this sideshow called travel so that players can have a way to transport themselves until they could implement teleportation somewhere in the 2020ies. Cmon guys... teleportation/fast travel is way easier to implement than all this other stuff.
  17. I think this subject might be taken up right now with exploration. While loosing stuff is common in a lot of sandbox games, we need to take into account that items in Wurm are much harder to get, then there is people getting caught up with stuff to RL and forgetting. And honestly i never liked the constant maintenance in other games so you don't loose items-even through Wurm has deed/house protection on place. I'd like to see lockpicking as a viable skill for an adventurers repertoire. But only in case of fair solution. ...another idea - what if decayed items become reclaimable through archaeology for those with higher skill? : >
  18. What exactly is this sandbox? A set of rules defined somewhere? It's just a general category. Yielding skillgain or not does not mean it is a core mechanic or not. I've played long periods of time without terraforming or building - doesn't make it a side show. You can literally just eat, drink, travel and fight in this game if you, for instance, join a settlement on Epic only for pvp. I keep hearing this. I travel a lot in WO. All I can say is that I won't be doing it if we get teleport. It doesn't make sense. It's like \walking all the time in World of Warcraft - sure in a game like Runescape where you have tht energy meter it makes sense, but why would do it in WoW? Just to be slower than everyone else? I gave an exmple earlier with skill books. Why isn't it possible to level offline in WO? Some people want to be able to craft all decorations without doing a bazillion clicks to lvl up fine carpentry. Or making a bazillion spindels or whatever the meta is. It's how those players want to play the game, right? For the people who want to craft those bazillion spindles it's fine they can still do it... I give this example because it is successfully employed in other games.
  19. Nah, there are good games made across every genre. Most modern sandbox games (Ark, Conan Exiles, etc.) are mentally engaging. Even the FPS genre has games that cater to people with more patience that want a more mentaly-engaging experience, e.g. Post Scriptum, ARMA games, Hell on Earth, DCS. In MMORPGs they have like a couple remakes (or re-takes?) on Ultima - Shround of the Avatar, Legends of Aria, Mortal Online games. There is Pantheon in the works as well as Ashes of Creation. Wurm has a lot of competition, but also some edge. There was a game that had some concepts very close to Wurm - Life is Feudal - it closed while Wurm is still here, so it must be doing things right.
  20. A core mechanic of a game is not something subjective. If travelling was supposed to be a gimmick or mini-game or whatever do you think the devs would have implemented bridges, paving, hwys, ships, mounts and mount breeding, speed runes, speed equipment and other stuff? Imagine how many big updates have been wasted when we could have had more house architecture options, windows, more combat updates, etc. I don't think wurmians that don't want teleport are the ones having preferences. I myself play a lot of MMOs with teleport and I am fine with it there, where it makes sense. In Wurm it does not. As I said before it's a form without substance in Wurm.
  21. See this from my previous message (I edited it in while you added your message): It doesn't have to be a travel game. I don't even know what this genre is. Sandbox is also a broad definition. Even so, I think travel is more of a trademark of sandbox games than anything else. I think we need to look at what the game offers in more detail tho - and travel looks pretty important to Wurm (among others ofc). There is one, I used it yesterday. The karma spell. Won't bring your cart and horses tho...
  22. Buying stuff won't compare to buying teleports. Unless you make it very expensive. Then what do you do with things like training fighting? In fact training any skill is a time consuming grind. Games like Mortal Online, Eve Online, Project Gorgon have offline training - you pay for a book that trains you to a specific level of skill. Such a facility would be more on par with teleport facility than buying produce. Because some people want to craft good tools but don't want to look at the forge for ages until they have appropriate sword smithing. I'd like a feature like that in a game. Would it be beneficial to Wurm? Don't really think so. The elevator analogy is not accurate. We don't travel for exercise in Wurm, there is nothing to exercise. We do it because that's the game, the rules. It's a core mechanic and there are many things developed around it: from horse gear to paving and hwys, inns, vessels etc. And don't tell me we will still need those things. I got teleported around Newspring, I walked around most of it (also getting there from further up north) - didn't even bother getting stray horses. Why would I pay big silvers for something that is completely useless to me if I have teleportation to almost anywhere I want to get? I hope this example illustrates how much of a core mechanic travel is in WO. Also, sorry to say but the game becoming "noisier" with teleporting is wishful thinking. Vanguard SoH had teleporting (and a much more intricate crafting system than Wurm) but it's a dead game anyway. Mortal Online - a more reduced system of traveling mechanics - horse genetics, some equipment for horses and that's pretty much it; no teleportation. Furthermore you also had too travel to a priest in ghost form through the dimension of the dead just to wake up naked. Did it kill the game? Nope. In fact they made a second iteration of it. Without teleportation. And no in-game map (as a bonus feature lol). Also take into account the first game, compared to Wurm, was an eyesore. Take into account also that if your guild got attacked you needed to sprint all the way across the lands to the place of conflict.
  23. I really gotta say that all the time I played Wurm I had this feeling that Wurm development team knew how to prioritize what is most useful, impactful, meaningful. Not only that but also to what extent to take those ideas and get something to the players that they can enjoy. In fact I had this feeling when I started Wurm for real, as I had a few false starts before in the no animation age, and I was so pleased to see all the customizability - both players and houses. It wasn't anything comparable to Aion or whatever but it got the game past the level of players not being able to have a distinguishable presence in the game. I really appreciate you guys looking into player feedback, player suggestions, even those online reviews. It is still you guys who get the hard work to keep a clear vision of what the game is and wants to be to make sense of all this feedback and turn it into something applicable and truly enriching to Wurm. Now about the video, one thing I noticed that I have said before is that a lot of this "what is the idea in this game" is a bit lost. E.g. I've spoken with people who played the game and they are astonished to see how long it took to mine a tunnel and whne they see 100 tiles mined they just extrapolate and think "this is impossible for me". They do not know the idea is that timers decrease as the player progresses. Another example, not from the video, is how PvP is portrayed as just PvP - this does not tell the player how in fact it's 3 realms fighting each other with both home servers with a more tame atmosphere and a more perilous central, contested island, where players can even for their own kingdom. A lot of people assume you are just getting griefed and robbed all the time. This can be about anything like the purpose of the event tab, the idea behind improving your gear for better timers, the idea of player made items as opposed to quest drops, etc. Some people might be transitioning from completely different MMOs and a simple technical introduction to Wurm might not be sufficient.
  24. It's not only about keeping the game unique. There are other games without fast travel (see Mortal Online). It's about the fact you are basically removing the "game" from Wurm. That quirckiness of travel @belacanementioned: preparing your trip, getting better horses, better equipment for them, a better vessel etc., taking decisions. See above I mentioned a number of feature that play into this. It's part of the game. If tedious and challenging are the issue, then what about brickmaking, imping, digging, etc. Aren't those tedious? Aren't they unchallenging but rather just time sinks? What about combat - killing the same sort of mobs 1000 times over? I would argue those are way more tedious than travel. Lastly time management is a thing in Wurm, and even non MMO sandboxes. It's easy to get sidetracked and I'd say it's ok also. If you find yourself spending sooo much time travelling from A to B instead of finishing your north wall and moat then maybe you should postpone it till better weather, if you do it often maybe it's time for some upgrades, lastly maybe you should even think about if it's actually necessary. It goes both ways: if you want to travel more - there are some places you saw on the map that you think might contain loot, or you want to get archaeology stuff or you want to find uniques or just meet new people - but you are stuck working on an endless wall because you want it to be all tall stone wall and have a deep moat outside filled with lava, then you either settle for less (maybe a low stone wall is enough for keeping the sheepies in, and lava was just for decor anyway), maybe you can get more done if you get an upgrade to your tools and skills if you really must have that huge wall and travelling, or maybe you can just ditch the wall altogether and leave the sheepies run free on the grazeland and hope no passerby will kill them for xp. Point is if you want fast-travel other people might want fast-digging, fast-hunting, fast-whatever-it-is-low-on-their-priority-or-they-don't-like. Instead the game makes you think about your objectives, take decisions, be pragmatic or not be pragmatic and possibly face some consequences. It's not something that's missing 30 yrs of MMO development. A lot of modern "fast" and "cutting-edge" MMORPGs have close to 0 respect for player time, when they have to do dungeons ad-nauseam for gear or go through volumes of mass produced quests for gear and xp so they can reach max lvl and pvp. I played a ton of MMORPGs since I was young some for years, and enjoyed both sandbox and non-sandbox games, I know what I'm talking about. Wurm has some interesting philosophies behind it. I can only speak for certain in my name only, but we don't want all those features because they take away from what we see as the core ideas of Wurm. In romanian there is an expression for it "forms without substance" (best translation I could come up with) - in this case is borrowing good-sounding game ideas without any regards for the essence of what Wurm is - not only would it be useless but rather harmful, cutting away essential aspects of the game.
  25. This would solve the problem of being smoked in my bedroom while the fireplace below is on.