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  1. Gonna get the helmet. I'd have rather you added the barbute rather than the corinthian. But still it's pretty nice looking. Have a seryll open helm somwhere...
  2. The Lonely Dirtie Be sure to deed it so no one digs it up.
  3. Looks so weird. Now imagine reset on freedom where stuff is much harder to do. You could give players some sort of compensation (e.g.all their possesions, the stuff on their deeds and mats to build again) but this won't account for the terraforming, tunnels, orchads, hwys, guard towers, etc.etc. Not to mention you start getting attached to those places and it feeld bad when they are gone. At least that's how I am. I would say the market does not offer a good alternative to Wurm. But LiF was one such alternative - better graphics/combat etc. It had a playerbase of a few K players and in the end it shut down. Which makes me think this niche Wurm is intended for is very small. If I look at sandbox games like Ark or Rust they have 10s of Ks of players. Maybe Wurm is too much long-term for people. It's more like a hobby than a game. Or maybe it isn't known that much. There is also the fact that players caught up with other games, while they might find the game interesting, they won't use their gaming time for it.
  4. If the user logs often enough that they don't get abandoned state, and the house is good ql then it will be very little effort to maintain. I repaired a hut I made like almost 2 yrs ago, when I came to Freedom. Had 30 damage. No effort for wall QL has been made with that one. Now imagine a 90 ql wall...
  5. I just thought of a way they can do that with perimeter: in the perimeter area build a 10 tile long house. Hmmm.... : >
  6. Farewell Old UI

    Yes. And fix text areas on inscribed paper.
  7. 1111

    Hehe Wurm 2 by then maybeeee ❤️ ^___^
  8. 1111

    It's almost 1111. How many times in Wurm history will all the digits of the year match? Maybe we can celebrate with another quizz
  9. What kind of metric is this? Maybe they had skirmishes where nobody died? If pvp is ever to work on Wurm - and by that I mean attracting new players as well: 1. It needs to be marketed as RvR because that's what it is. Compared to Wurm RvR mechanics other games I played are not so in-depth. Compared to other PvP games players might not find Wurm so engaging (I am refering here to the actual combat, which I actually like but that's just my opinion). Think about how many people in the nieche market you would touch with this. There is literally nothing in their promotional videos, no way for potential players to get an idea of this. 2. It needs the home server, contested island structure - some players even on Epic will not want to put themselves right in harms way. This gives very good balance. 3. It needs faster timers to balance loosing stuff to the enemy. Epic has 2 and 3. For 1 they need to think seriously about this and bring some big update. Also with 2 and 3 it will also cater to non-pvp people that want a faster pace. Look at Josh Strife Heyes video - people find Wurm too slow. I have RL friends that gave me the same feedback. Just finding random metrics won't really help. Especially since there are people PAYING for the game on Epic and PAYING for their deeds. This wasn't long ago. I remember exploring it on my own to find loot and stuff.
  10. Every Epic related discussion goes towards "close epic" etc. There are still ppl there exclusively. Other people like me still have stuff to do there even if we mainly play on freedom.
  11. I think it's absurd we should pay to be able to show our Epic kingdom allegiance. It should be a free option for a member of a kingdom to wear their colors. Then again people will probably just use it to sell it to pure freedomers.
  12. Would be nice to see stuff like... buildings not actually decaying to 0 but rather to a ruin state. While it might take a while to bring them down it will also give some skills and materials. Shouldn't be encouraged to destroy ruins everywhere. Dunno I just have a romantic view of ruins... In my city, when they built the national park (over a century ago), they built a ruined castle into it. Ruins have something interesting about them. I think it makes us think about the ephemerality of things in this life.
  13. I'm wondering if Karma transfers to Freedom. If it does that's another reason to join.
  14. Somewhat similar on Xanadu on Newspring: When the sun is behind the colossus it blends in with the rock cliff very well. PS I am just thinking now if the thing is repaired or if it risks decaying...
  15. I thought it was disallowed. Maybe it's because the hwy no longer connected to anything.
  16. Maybe we can just leave it at something interesting to observe. Maybe they can add easter eggs, or eventd/riddles or something that require observations.
  17. I remember trying to breed my two champion lions once, Nala and Simba, and it turned into this fight to the death between them. They were attacking so fast it looked like a real lion fight lol. Needless to say the one I had tamed un-tamed so there was nothing in my power I could do but watch. Luckly the female survived so I can try breeding champion lions again.
  18. I believe the surface of the map is too small to navigate using a sextant. The dioptra can be used in navigation however. From the Wurmpedia: I once saw another planet close to Valrei but further away, like a dot but standing out. It was also kind of the same blueish hue. After careful astronomical analysis turned out to be just something on my screen : >.
  19. Was wondering about those...
  20. At 6 min 22secs - interesting bath ideas. Video has plenty of other ideas. Maybe combined with some of the deas from here:
  21. I don't live round Glasshollow but I was wondering the same thing as I also wanted to preserve it. I always felt that area was part of Glasshollow and when I logged my alt there and saw it was part of the lands of Wurm I thoght Glasshollow disbanded or something. Didn't Rockybalboa tell you who he sold the deed to? Maybe a dedicated forum post for asking about the writs? Note that there are a few options to preserve the market without a deed, or with a minimal deed. You just need to play actively if you own the writs. You have to place a magranon altar and when the ritual of the sun is done it will repair the structures. This can also be done with the structures as they are now. If the player owning them is not active they will decy way too fast however. Then there is the fact that the roof is missing in the harbor area...
  22. Yeah it is a bit limited as it is right now. If you want a bear wagon or something you basically need 4 tamers. Another option maybe to be able to breed leadable/hitchable creatures in captivity. Something similar to this trait for aggressive creatures: Combat, Rare It seems extremely tame Aggressive animals become passive ? 0
  23. People keep saying this concept in this discussion. I already replied on the last post but lets reply it in a different way. Imagine someone suggest to add motor vehicles to wurm online. And people use this "If a person doesnt want to partake in using motor vehicles then guess what? They do not have too." as an argument to support adding motor vehicles. Ya, they don't have to, but motor vehicle did't appear in medieval time, and motor vehicle violate the core of wurm which is a medieval theme of a game. The suggestion of adding motor vehicle violate the person's expectation of wurm online. So the argument is not a reasonable one for them. A logical concept doesn't mean it's reasonable reason. I agree. It would be absurd to not use it from a game perspective - why use a horse at max 40kmh when you can use a motor vehicle at maybe 120kmh? For those of us who like the medieval setting of the game we would not like this change but we would have to conform - others are moving at 120kmh while we at 40 if we are lucky. It's like putting rockshards in your pocket only to not run. Sure you can play like that, but it wouldn't make sense game-wise. An example from another game: in Aion they added a new mechanic called transformations - basically a bunch of powerfull buffs for your toon that also had the side effect of transforming it into some critter from the game (penguins, monsters, whatever). While the game does not force you to transform it is basically required to play effectively - which means any sort of character customization (very comprehensive - a unique selling point of that game) goes out the window. While travel in Wurm can take time it is also one of the most interesting mechanics of the game. You have to figure out navigation for once, take into account multiple factors, prepare your equipment, etc. A lot of the other activities that are in Wurm also take time and some can be much less interesting, much less involving. If the game were to loose this aspect of travel I think it would be a much more bland and uninteresting game and that can only hurt when you have little development capacity to make the other aspects more interesting to compensate. In the end the argument can be made that everyone bought into the game with time and money with those expectations and the game, in the end, should meet them. There would be no reason for developers to cut off an integral part of the game because some people find it inconvenient at times.
  24. I think there are some technical things to consider for a landslide: There are mountain generated with high dirt slopes. Some of those are not passed by players so you would basically have generated mountains having dirt fall off them. Maybe they take into account how thick the dirt layer is... For a mountain slope of 100 a dirt layer of 5 dirts should probably not landslide. But if there is a slope of 100 but it's all dirt it could landslide. It might be that a lot of the map is getting some activities... explorers, etc. This would result in basically nothing happening :).