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  1. No more inflation for my coin pile hehe >:) Still refreshing
  2. Refreshing the store page waiting for the ghost of Christmas yet to come...
  3. Gonna get it anyway later towards holidays... I just feel happy when I get a sweet deal. You ppl do real deals here not the fake black friday stuff you see on Amazon and anywhere else. My friends don't call me Mr Scrounge for no reason.
  4. Yo! Put back the black friday deals it's not 00 00 in central Europe or on the Greenwitch! Plsssssss gotta get some cheap prem for my many alts. @Rolf @Keenan @Samool
  5. Was about to write on suggestion forum for this. But now it surpassed expectations!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  6. Still waitin for the phat discounts.
  7. Should be a separate thread for this. Too tired rn, tho. The last thing I want from this game is to see immersion breaking cosmetics being the norm. Not funny they already added a bunch.
  8. How about a 20% off silver and premium time in november? : ) So we can stockpile for rainy days.
  9. What's that miniskirt thing? Is it like a default skin for one of the kingdoms or is it an actual item?
  10. When I saw the thumb in the game launcher I know we were about to hear about the long awaited goblin camps. I heard about those before I started Wurm for real. When I was just tryin it out a little - no animation age.
  11. I didn't notice it on the lamp posts. I just noticed a lot of the hwys are illuminated (if not all I've been on) which was pretty nice on it's own.
  12. [15:12:34] You board on the "St Nicholas II" as the captain. Thank you all for helping out in Freedom yesterday. I am on my way home now :") I must say that you have a beautiful island, as an outsider I can see a lot of love went into it. I prefer gettin lost for hours on an island such as Indy instead of having GPS like in other games.
  13. Maybe a troll or a goblin could have taken a note from a murdered player. This issue indeed... it would encourage people to kill sheep peacefully grazing on my grasslands. A peaceful and serene landscape would turn into an uncanny image of death and decay. But now finding a casket when burrying mobs that's a nice way to implement this and encourage players to burry stuff. It also makes sense you burry the creature and while digging the hole you find a casket or a map or whatever. Just make it so that if you are the killer of the sheep or deer you get a chance to get silver drained from your pockets. Sheep and deer should be left alone. No casket for those ppl just pain.
  14. Wurm didn't go this route. Horses in Wurm are persistent creatures in the game world that can be lost, found, stolen, killed. Mortal Online also has this system with the difference that it can be safely stored in a "horse bank". Also it's not consistent with everything else in Wurm and would take from the simplicity of the game. I hate how a lot of MMOs I played are bloated with functionalities like this that facilitate different things. Of course there for each facility there is a button on screen somewhere making the interface itself bloated and frustrating. In Wurm it would be simply a new feature with a... rune? Keep it simple and intuitive. This is actually a nice addition. Allow horses to be transported by wagoner for a fee. Maybe the cargo can also be caged horses although it's a bit unrealistic (driving a horsed wagon with horses IN the wagon ), so I think allowing wagoner to also lead 4-5 horses would be nice. But then at the destination what would the horses do? Roam away? Be hitched to a post?
  15. Epic is alive

    :"( That's what I also fear. I hoped the population would self-regulate and not do this as it's hurting the population. I understand it's RvR but still... It doesn't have the numbers needed where people would go after raiders once they are detected. Detection itself is less probable with a smaller population.
  16. They sound related somewhat. Erupt, lava, rock, magranon. Just because meditation is different than religion doesn't mean the game design shouldn't allow for an overlap. See Project Gorgon it has a ton of examples of prerequisites from other mechanics like this. It does bother me sometimes, but not that much.
  17. We need looting metrics. I propose LARFC - Looted Abandoned Rare Forge Count and FARFC - Found Abandoned Rare Forge Count. If your LARFC/FARFC ratio is very low it means ppl get to your loot faster and you need to up your game. If it's close to 1 you are objectively a good looter that knows all the trix to secure your findings. Wurm pseudo-science.
  18. I feel this. Currently on one of the biggest grasslands in Wurm I think. But we constantly have to trim the margins. Also another idea I saw near someone's deed - is a grasslands with sparse trees. Even way harder to maintain than the normal one.
  19. Epic is alive

    Epic is alive and well, thank you very muchie!
  20. I actually imagined the studded leather in Wurm was actually brigandine. I fashion it with plate arm protection. What they could do is maybe add a skin for it. But I don't think it will add much visually from the existing studded one. That is ok also - we can just have a shorter version of it as a skin. - they could have also made armor out of thick leather.
  21. I agree... the functionality is already built in. We just need to be able to dye them with dye. I see absolutely no reason to keep this built-in customization so expensive. It's also very hard to match them. Also why not add other patterns? It seems to me it's just a matter of texturing an existing mesh. But easiest change - make it dyeable.
  22. Mark them on the map, they might be there to tell us something.