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  1. It's safe. Maybe make a separate bank account or credit card for online purchases if they are still concerned. That does mean you will have to wait a couple of days or so until you can get premium time. Oh, and if they are concerned because of the DDOS attack, that was just on the game server. The purchases are handled by another company with their own secure servers. Besides, DDOS attacks are done with the intent of shutting down a server, not getting personal info.
  2. Does anyone know, how long will the servers be down? Hours, days, weeks? Was a nice update. Had no trouble with it, and was having fun hauling furniture over to my house from abandoned deeds and all. A shame this had to happen
  3. I'm sure I wasn't atm. The issue was not Wurm related, it was related to Lenovo drivers for my switchable graphics on the notebook. Don't really play any other games, so I thought it was an issue with the CCC not being able to run java apps right. But after running some benchmarks it seems it's always using the Intel on-board card no matter what I set. Been spending the last 2 days installing and reinstalling drivers/windows etc. with Lenovo providing no actual solution to people with this problem ( and there seem to be many). But at least I know it isn't related to the Wurm client and should be able to play decently once I get this damn thing fixed Thank you guys for your posts.
  4. Hello. Have been playing this game on my PC for quite a while now on my PC, but now I am having isssues running the game on my notebook. It's a lenovo G 500 (win 8.1, i7 processor, 6 gig ram and switchable graphics AMD Radeon HD 8750 and some Intel HD. It isn't some high end gaming laptop but it should run the game on max settings fine. But I get like 10 fps which is horrible. Now I checked the catalyst control center and javaw.exe is set to run on high performance. Whenever I run the game it tells me the javaw.exe is running on high performance. But the game actually runs more poorly than if I run it on max on my PC which is far inferior( win 8.1, dual core processor, nvidia GTX 275). Does anyone have an answer for this? What could be wrong, if I should change something in the compatibility tab. Or maybe someone with similar specs can confirm the game is actually supposed to run so poorly and I need to get a uber gaming rig to get 30 fps out of it. Thank you.
  5. Found it in an abandoned mine. I don't know the owner.
  6. Hello. I am new to the game, and the forums. I once tried to lock a pot in a chest which contained the key to the lock of that chest and it prevented me from doing so, with a message letting me know I would lock my key inside. Now I locked a cart, and accidentally threw in my backpack which contained all my keys: gates, tool chests, and the cart itself. It didn't give me any message, or anything it just locked it. And now I can't unlock it for the key is inside the cart. Can any GM assist me with this? I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, except level up body str and smash the cart, which is not an option since I need some of the items inside now. I only ask for assistance since as I said above it prevented me once from locking my own key, so I assumed the game has that covered for you. Thank you.