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  1. Here's another screenshot of the transparency bug: You can see the stars closer to than the planet in that shaded area.
  2. This happened to be, and my wagon got teleported above the mine on the mountain slope. This happened a while ago, though. Think april or so. It was too extreme of a slope to drive it, and I had to push it for like 15 minutes.
  3. This happened to me just yesterday, when I was in the woodlands moving around dangerous terrain, and simply being blinded by the terrain. The water reflection is another bug in of itself I think.
  4. There was a skill transfer a while ago and you could move to Freedom with most of your skills slightly lower than on epic. But you had 3x increase timer until you reached the level you had on epic (I still have the 3x bonus for some of the skills). This was a one-time transfer, and I don't think it's available anymore. It was before a patch which made epic easier. However from freedom to epic skills always carry from what I know. So if you have higher blacksmithing on Freedom you will have that actual level on epic. This basically incentivises skilling up on Freedom and not on epic. Basically for players like me, who have moved to Freedom, skilling up on epic is pointless as we don't carry it across to Freedom. If you ask me they should make a sort of permanent skill transfer both ways. And overall for the freedom skills, leveling on epic and using a skill transfer should be a bit faster. Or it should at least give that 3x bonus or some other bonus.
  5. I think it is important that this possibly small adjustment needs to be done before Steam launch, as the workaround (going overboard or mooring all the time) would give new players the feeling of an unfinished game, and it would be a real pity. Even if it is no new item, just the current compass made to be permanently working on a ship. Later you can add the nautical compass.
  6. I had some RL friends play the game with me and they were put off by the amount of dirt walling that happened on Serenity. Dirt at a such extreme slope looks very unnatural. I believe those dirt walls and even terraces should slide back to like 40 dirts slope, like you get when trying to drop dirt. Maybe give the players the ability to reinforce dirt walls or terraces somehow: For a little 40-80 slope terrace they can use rock shards and it would look like those low stone walls. For 80-140 they must use bricks. For beyond 140 they should use colossus bricks. The dirtwalls are somewhere in this category. What players tried to achieve on Serenity was castle walls and this would offer them just that. Those reinforcements would decay as normal house walls or fences or whatever. When they have decayed the dirt will flow out of those sections. Of course if deeded they would never decay as long as the upkeep is met. So basically dirtwalls are an absurdity and they should be removed from the game. However it should be possible to have terraces if the player reinforces them.
  7. Yeah, and also the volumetric fog. Maybe add a picture with some players around a campfire at night, on top of a mountain, and in the distance mountains and lakes enveloped in volumetric fog.
  8. Curtains will be nice, to have. Similar to tapestries. You should also be able to open/close them. By the way people right now are using banners for tapestries. And I always wondered why we got all those types of fancy chairs but no fancy wooden table. Another thing that would add to the decorations is the rounded stone, sandstone, etc, walls not having a trimmed version. Might create a separate thread for this tho.
  9. You are right about this. I had in mind the fact that like 2 centuries ago there were woodlands all over my country (Romania), kind of like how they are all over Xanadu nowdays.
  10. They could change size when mounted by a player. Like I have this big beefaloo around and when I hitch it it becomes a normal bison on the wagon. But honestly I'd rather see some champion creatures. Like a champion wild cat should be the size of a really huge maine coon. Not the size of a donkey. I can understand for champion trolos, but animals like bears/dogs/wolves/cats should really be just realistically bigger versions of the creature.
  11. The reason I'd like this is for sorting items in inventory so I can easily find some things. However I think with the UI fixes this will be handled by the search function. And this.
  12. Saw something similar to this but the sea was more visible. The misalignment is much too extreme and needs to be adressed.
  13. I didn't mean to say your whole ideea was about that but rather bring that as an example that this system will pose some complex challenges. Complex challenges woul in turn either mean more development time or possible problems that might later surface. Linking multiple accounts is a new project in of itself as it might mean more than simply using the ip address. A user can have multiple ip addresses when using different devices or multiple users can share the same computer in a home. You must see dev time as a chance to see the game grow. If it's something very complex, you can end up with the scenario that after 6 months or however long the dev cycle for a big update is, the players are getting just a system they can press a few buttons on and solves some inconveniances for some players. If after that there are also people abusing it in whatever contorted way, then that would mean everyone will be dissatisfied with this new feature or at least the way it was handled. Yeah I don't like the AH facility. But I don't like it because it affects the sandbox element. And not slightly, as you mentioned, but greatly! And there are other players who don't, and some have already expressed that here. Maybe this game was not meant to be played like that - with all those faiclities. Maybe if you facilitate everything then there is nothing left to do in the game, or the things that you do are so outdated people will start looking for them in other MMOs. If that would come up to be the case, then don't you think all players will be left with an unsatisfying game? It's not that I have anything against AHs, I like them in games such as LotRO where crafted items were really secondary features. I liked it in EVE but that game was designed with it. I never liked it in RS and never will do even with the trade worlds or whatever, because I feel it took a lot out of the game. And that game (OSRS I mean) has lots of other features. I have nothing against the concept. And I think "collapsing" is a very harsh word for the WO economy.
  14. I was on Xanadu when it started and I remember those vast beautiful grasslands. I never played until recently and now I see everything covered by woods. Though then again this is kind of the way this happens in real life from what I hear. We should still be able to line our roads with trees without affecting this slower natural spread of trees.
  15. I still don't understand why players need the game changed for this. On Xanadu if you upgrade your sailing skills and boat you can get pretty decent time on your trips. Also if they should get this addressed to remove any possible frustrating moments: Furthermore it can be done in a manner where you are working on other skills - I sometimes imp my tailoring stuff on boat. And in a manner that can be away from the computer entirely - you just set a direction and come back when you think you have reached the next canal or whatever (it is also possible to predict when you will do so). Of course you cannot be attending your fields or horses while sailing. Also, if you have just 1 hour sessions you can simply logout. I had this tour on horseback that took me from the east of the Whitefay province all around down to Esteron. I explored a lot of areas on the way, so not simply followed the road there. I couldn't play for more than 1 hour or so so I had to take a sleeping bag with me so I get sleep bonus (as I used all of it) when I logged out. This whole thing took about a week. I simply had to adapt my kit to my playstyle. And last but not least if the sail time is too much for a player maybe that player should try doing their business on servers smaller than Xanadu. It is much faster there to get around the map. So the game offers you possibilities in this direction: upgrade your boat, better your sailing skills, be thoughtful about it don't just hop onto your ship and hope for the best, adjust your kit or even relocate for Xanadians. Lastly what would we be left with if we start removing things like travelling? Just sitting in front of a forge grinding some skills all day long? Or brushing horses, tending fields? If player time is concerned why not better yet lower the grind time through action duration reduction like it is on Epic, and faster skillgain, instead of allowing players to get stuff instantly on their deed. If this is something that only some players enjoy then let the AH act as a transportation broker as well. If a player aquires something he can request a transportation order to his deed. If no other player takes it, he is left to do it himself. I played on Serenity and people kept their merchants around the main town, since anyone could get there pretty fast and they didn't want to draw too much attention to their deeds. But I remember being on freedom a couple of times and seeing those merchant stands full, however now they are as you say ghost towns. I also played this game before WO called Mortal Online. There wasn't an AH there as far as I can remember, we usually relied on guildmates for that. Gear was mostly easy come easy go in that game anyway. But they wadded one at some point that showed all wares across the server but could only buy the ones at your current location and I remember when the population of the game was thriving there were tons of things listed. Nowdays as the population droped there are very few things listed and scattered all across the map. During the WO time of the great merchant stalls the population was higher, and therefore number of merchant contracts was higher. I doubt it was the fact they didn't have time to travel. When there will be an AH, if the population drops there will be less stuff listed there also. And since the game will be like "press 2 buttons, here are the materials on your doorstep, and let the grinding simulator begin" I predict that then the game's population would decline pretty fast! I was more suggesting that this system implies all sorts of designing, tinkering, and now I see from your post a whole new feature that of linking multiple accounts to the same person. It is a fair reason against it, because I'd hate the devs spending all their time tinkering around with some system, that I think does nothing but lower the sandbox experience, but that's my opinion, instead of adding content or fixing stuff in the existing system.
  16. And blaming the devs we are paying premium and not getting any new challenging content.
  17. Yeah I know that there's this type of players. And as a sandbox the game should allow you to play like a hermit. And it does. You spend a week or two getting your necessary tools and meterials then you can avoid people for a very long time until you need other things again. But changing the game so much for everyone just so that those players don't ever have to do this is too much in my opinion. Or they can still purchase money and pay the seller to transport. I do this for convenience, even though I enjoy travelling in WO. I also buy summons to shorten the journey or some task I am working on. I am surprised to hear that there were even people advertising trade. I played before any expansion, when the game had peak population, and no-one was doing this as if they wanted to sell cheaper they could just list in AH cheaper. I only did this because I wanted that shemitish set of armor (+ some other things) and had to go outside the usual trade channel - the AH, to find it, since nobody bothered making an expensive set just because someone might want it. If you disabled AH people would have had to find ways to buy and sell their stuff. But as you mentioned this was not a main thing in the game. Here's a comparison with AoC also in regards to solo players - what brought people together in that game was rather the open-world pvp where ad-hoc alliances were formed and sometimes maintained for a very long time. You had to reach out to other players in order to defeat PK groups. Sometimes you went in an area to finish some quests, and you ended up spending the remainder of your game session in some feud with other players. I know this because my guild had almost all other big guilds on the server as enemies and we we're getting attacked all the time. They'd say something like "oh look another lost little black wolf" (our guild was called the Black Wolves) and attacked you with like 5 vs 2 and probably remained in that area for some time so you wouldn't be able to finish your quests. The PvP was seldom fair in that game, but like you said this is what the game was all about - guild warfare, open world pvp. WO on the other hand sells sandbox experience. And still as it is right now it is way more forgiving to players that don't interact. As there are npc merchants that can sell you all the necessary equipment for your projects. Of course if you have very ambitious projects with gigantic castles and all that you might have to find yourself some suppliers for the materials and do some travelling. Keep in mind that most MMOs with AH force players that have very ambitious goals slightly ambitious goals (gear better than quest rewards) to team up for instances where they get gear. I did a sailing trip on Xanadu- about 31 grids north-south and west-east, and it didn't take me 6 hours. 4 at most afk sailing most of the time. I also went though all those canals bumping into caveins all the time. And you know what? I realized I could cut the trip short by plotting a course through Celebration, and it took me much less. I also organize my trips so I get more things done during them than just get from point a to b and back again, then after a few days go to some place somewhere along this route. Yes and if the player purchased an AH npc as you mentioned he gets the hoars at the deed, how convenient. When he wants to transfer his stuff around the map, why bother getting a creature cage and sailing there. You can list your stuff for a ton of money with an alt, go with your main to the town/deed AH where you want to be. Buy those tokens - bam. Stuff right next to you. Personally I would like to see a trade system like we had in RS back in the day - no announcements, only referals and local advertisement. Which I think in WO it would do even better than in RS. However, considering people already have global advertisement in trade chat and on forums, I think this advertisement system can be somehow integrated in the game as a notice board somewhere. The only thing this would affect is the exploration aspect of the game, where you discover traders/merchants when you visit other places. The player can at least grab a piece of paper and a reed pen and write a letter to inquire about a certain offer.
  18. I am not sure what would AH bring to those players you mention. Is it the ability to buy or sell things without interaction with other players? For gear there is already the merchants feature. Also, this being a MMO I doubt people want to play it in a way they avoid all player interaction at all costs. Or is it the ability to get things fast without leaving their deed? There is already mailing items and the wagoner for this. I don't know about things like forges/furniture. Maybe they could add those to the wagoner. There is also the possibility of paying the person to deliver or selling at a lower price and requiring the buyer to pick up. Moving around is a part of the game. I also understand that an AH does not technically limit the sandbox experience. But also technically in games like AoC (since I saw it mentioned above) you can still trade outside the AH. But in my AoC experience this only happened when I needed things that craftsment would not bother puttin up in the AH. The game needs to force you to play in a sandbox way. All players, new and old, will take the way of minimal action. Nobody will go through the extra steps of interacting with another person just for the sake of it. So even if technically you still have the sandbox, practically it becomes obsolete. For offline trading there can be a notice board, as it was suggested. Players can simply write mails as they send PMs on the forums. I'd only be ok with that seeing that we already have trade sections on the forums, and this would basically be moving those in the game. And then there's another thing. How are they going to design this whole AH system in WO where you are buying horses, ships, wagons, bulk items. You just get a caravel in your inventory and you spawn it on your pond? This seems to be taking the game in a different direction than sandbox.
  19. I only done uniques on Serenity where even in the days of 50 players online at a time, there was plenty to go around, and now we bump into them all the time. Also, I am not sure how the loot is distributed today. But I like the ideea of how it is today - it's like another reward for exploring. What you do with the find is up to you. This is the sandbox way, as opposed to the restricted way of having a beam showing it's location and being just a matter of getting people together at a certain hour to clobber it to death. I mean ok, some players will miss the chance to kill uniques. What are they missing in fact (please correct me if I am wrong): Some bloods (I never used mine) A chance to get a rarity bone. Drake scales - so drake armor. Sorcery stuff. Points 1-3 can be bought if really desired, and they are supposed to be things that are not that easy to get. Personally, except the rarity bone and maybe some bloods, I'd probably sell the rest anyway. Point 4 - I actually like the fact that sorcerers are rare. Not like other games where there are wizzies running around shooting bolts and whatnot all over the place. Being a sorcerer is a long term project in WO and I like it that way. All those points are extra things that are not actually necessary. If you want any of those things you actually have to put some work into it. And it even allows you to decide how to approach this: Find unique slayings and joing them. Find uniques yourself. Get a profession, sell the stuff and buy your wizzy tomes/dragon hides/dragon armor w/e (and really here there are tons of possibilities). Buy silver from the shop and buy those things. I mean next people will be demanding an instance finder or something like that, like in other games where they kill dragons 10 times a day, and then nag the devs that there is no challenging content in the game. And by the way I have nothing against other games, I played other themepark and sandbox MMOs and they simply have a different philosophy behind them. WO is a sandbox game and will not benefit from making everything easily accessible.
  20. As an explorer mine are up as well. And only around a small part of Xanadu. To be honest I'd probably need another 5000 at this rate.
  21. Maybe as an initial step, simply make them disappear when holstered. The larger weapons such as spears, helberds will look a bit strange on the back. For 2h weapons I'd rather see something like we had in RS where the person was carrying them on the shoulder: But making them disappear when holstered would still be ok. For the smaller weapons, they can be holstered on the side. I think the large maul and two handed sword can also be put there as they are not really that big.
  22. I would rather have them add a hotkey for it. That bar seems to have more specialized stuff. Enabling/disabling dirt to pile is something for diggers alone.
  23. This would give more meaning to sorcery. Don't know how it will affect pvp tho.
  24. I saw this after the new update. When two planets overlaped during daytime (think it's Seris over Valrei), I could see through the closest one to me in that shadowed part. I think what happens is that the planets have transparency in the shaded area, so that in daytime they blend with the sky (such as it happens with the big planet behind - Valrei I think). When they overlap however it should be the color of the sky there not the other planet.
  25. Are there any cases of PMKs like that? How many? And you don't need to pay 1g to show your pve kingdom graphics, you just need to make a tabard 😉. Also I did mentioned that MAYBE have this for big alliances that have been around for a long time. BTW I am in NEXA on Xan and I don't feel that punished at all. I think it makes them meaningless. It should show the allegiance to something big that people can recognize. I know that people get coats of arms on wagons and such from pmks without actual allegiance to those. But I don't really see them that often, and sometimes it might be their actual kingdom on PvP. I also understand that on Freedom we do not have kingdoms, so there is only 1 tabard, which again isn't really representative of anything other than being a freedomer (like everybody else). But I find it has more meaning like this than each player with it's own tabard.