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  1. I remember there was this person who called knarrs canoes lol.


    Sad to see the traders go. It was a nice quirk. Maybe keep both in parallel so that towns won't be so empty? Or give us other npcs : >



    On 5/28/2023 at 10:30 PM, DemonaNightshade said:





    Love the idea with the portcullis and the tapestry.

  2. Don't get rid of Epic, please, I like my spot there.

    Make home servers more carebear, and make both way skill transfer somehow, so people have something to show for if they want to occasionally play on Epic.


    Resetting in this game is a bit daunting. I'd hate to see Serenity reset like Affliction did, even though it's not the active Serenity I played on many years ago. Once a year is too long, people will get attached. If it's some short term servers like a week or a month from where you get some stuff to show back home then yeah. But then again better do this in a way back on the Freedom servers.

    Maybe optional no-loot pvp or something, dunno.

  3. Can't wait to transform my FSB labyrinth:


    To something tidier:

    On 5/5/2023 at 11:58 PM, DemonaNightshade said:





    Also like the other UI improvements. When I started playing for real about 10yrs ago, after I tried a few times when the game was in the very early stages (characters translating and rotating around the world with no animation), I remember noticing a huge improvement to the UI. Made the game look more polished. This plus the addition of armor, weapons and animations made me actually stick around this time for the sandbox gameplay :)

    I think new players as well as returning players will get the same feeling as well.

  4. 5 hours ago, wipeout said:

    Glad to be of service now lets hope they get rid of the those too

    Once upon a time there were two ancient families who had agreed upon a border to divide their lands turning their family estates into the kingdom and empire, at one point in time a mysterious portal was found and instead of being fearful they send through explorers who found pristine lands untouched by anyone and thus set out to explore and colonize them.
    Years go by technology advances, disaster strikes, history is lost and countless lives are sacrificed but from the turmoil rises a free people who form their own alliance, an alliance of isles where the common man can own land without worry and fear of the big and powerful families hunting them down in their sleep.
    But with this peace came a price their habits of old were lost they found no more joy in using yoyo's as they had no one to hold competitions with anymore so instead sought out puppets to talk to and in time they grew crazy they envisioned traveling to jackal, they had feverish dreams of 10 story tall creatures appearing out of thin air only to disappear again but worst of all?
    It gave rise to a small group of tinkerers who's goal it is to make a mockery out of the years of work these free people put in, these people formed new houses aimed to control the lands of old only to rise and fall themselves faster and faster each with a worse dress style then the one before as if they had to outdo their predecessors and in time this curse spread to the free people they to now started to desire and collect weird oddities that the lands had never seen before.
    It started out simple, a single item someone said and they all agreed a single time was not that bad but then more popped up and people desired to hoard them just to look unique just to look different.

    In time that single item grew to be a handful and then some people started to rise up against it, at first it was among themselves talking about how they did not like the direction that others were going with this new craze of wanting to cover themselves in weird new clothes.
    But they stayed silent and then some more came and more and the silent voices started to grow louder like they had done in the past they started to talk about it more asking to not go further but once again these voices were ignored and mocked, people were laughed at when they told others they would set sail and not return, they were mocked when asked if people could please not dress like that. All that this did was make the voices louder and louder and now they fear for the future.
    These people were content with the way their fashion was going but seeing this new trend makes them scared of the future as stories of old, stories of faraway lands and ancient texts speak of similar trends that lead to downfalls of their kingdoms and these people do not wish for that to happen to their beloved isles.
    These people know from the stories of old that those who rose up against that same direction where mocked and laughed at and even shunned away banished by those in charge only in time to watch it happen and watch the collapse of their worlds and it is through these stories of old that those who remember hearing or reading about these stories are now standing up against those who are blind to the truth.

    Will the day come where the isles are plagued with a fashion sense that makes no sense and the world is left barren once again just like countless others before it or will the people of the isles stand up and pray to their gods and leaders to make the choice to preserve the fashion sense and image and culture that they have created over all these countless years.

    No one knows the outcome of this saga but based on the stories of old it does not bode well.

    It's actually a common theme, people often get mesmerized by the promise of something better, rebel, and find themselves in a place far worse than before.


    What the clown cosmetics promise those people in Wurm? I don't know, I can't really say "you think it will give you this but..." because they don't give anything, it's just an idea that doesn't fit Wurm. Maybe I could say "Wurm will be successful because Aion was succesful and it has bunny ears, but...", however I don't think even the people defending them so much actually believe this. And the part of the player base that can't live without them - like a well known figure says: "Cmon, man...". There might also be a small number of people who think a circus of weird looking things is exciting - but for most people it's annoying and tiresome and actually boring.


    Skins in general, but more specifically circus ones, are the hubris of the gaming industry - it's a necessary evil for some games to get their earnings (especially in the f2p model). Wurm doesn't need this as it doesn't earn anything from it. It's literally throwing away the baby and keeping the bathwater.


    It gets only downside of breaking aesthetic cohesion which in turn makes the game less appealing to new players especially but existing ones as well. Breaking aesthetic cohesion also sends the message that there is no longer an interest in the game and it's just drifting around.


    3 hours ago, Tor said:

    Yeah, lets laught and riducle all those that didn't paint their head pink. That would make you relevant

    The fact that some people care this much for those clown cosmetics worries me. In most cases it's just the lack of arguments, I think. There's some person on this thread who was making the claim Wurm is a cartoon game...

  5. 2 hours ago, Etherdrifter said:

    It's a seasonal cosmetic...


    We have magical snowmen that give away snowballs - are those against wurm lore or are we assuming that maybe a little seasonal fun is worth it?


    I've seen PMK graphics that look more out of place than a pair of bunny ears.

    I had non wurm friends comment on how odd the snowman looks. But at least that one is not wearable with day to day gear or a skin, so you won't see if all the time.


    2 hours ago, Dao said:


    this thread has been removed from






    We definitely need a few more words about trust and the importance of community opinion.

    I made this thread just to suggest removing the ears before Easter. Now it's pretty much a discussion on the kind of cosmetics.

  6. I liked the way Wurm allows you to pay for convenience. You'd have to put in a lot of money to be mega rich but you can put in some money to not have to worry about survival, necessary tools etc.


    Think any war in a mmo should be in character, not some toxic ooc exchange. Unfortunately that is only ideal, things often go ooc. The community should try and be fair to both parties in this situation - admonish the offending party that took it ooc, but not overly so, and support the other, and strive for a fair peace. But that is also ideal - what happens mostly is there's already friendships in place, some won't rebuke their friends, some won't say anything in defences of the injured party to not get involved, some will get involved but overexaggerate. Like all things human it's complex.

    Staff shouldn't get involved except when rules are breached. The rules themselves shouldn't be overly complex and ambiguous, and overly punishing. I played games where this was the case and it's just a source for more injustice as some people use game moderation in their schemes.


    Not much can be done I'm afraid. The problem is not specific to whales tho. It happens in nonwhale games also. I guess it's part of the mmo experience. Think it might actually be beneficial for some people.


    I'm thinking it's basically MMORPGs taking in human interaction with all it's downsides as well. Josh also talks about the emergence of solo-friendly mmorpgs as well, which I think might counter some of the effects of community drama, but then again they also take from the mmo a lot.

  7. 6 hours ago, Zexos said:

    It does look a bit silly/funny.


    Maybe some other kind of items might of been better. 


    Like a wood or stone statue of a rabbit.

    Maybe a little rabbit/easter bunny figure for walls and tables.

    Or even a brand new puppet in the form of the Easter bunny that interacts/has text lines when interacting with the god puppets.

    You could even have a reward of new artwork for tapestry featuring rabbits in the medieval style:



    I actually came across those at some point. Seems to have been a theme back in the day for some reason.

  8. 4 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    no it isnt.


    You made that quote up, there's nothing like that in my post and it's unedited btw, so nice try.


    What I (and others) say about how Wurm looked like over the years and how it's currently presented on Steam IS a fact, you're just spinning it as if we are just expressing an opinion. Show me candy canes and pumpkin shoulders and what not over here I have a video of a champion troll king slaying at my old place on Serenity and I still don't see those things there (think more than half the server was there).


    Take a more kawaii cosmetikked game like Aion:


    Randomly clicked a video and literally a player transformed in an inquin fighting players transformed in cats...



    4 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    and i took those picture i posted years before you made your forum account, does that make me more correct? NO it doesnt. there are  things in wurm that i dont like but i dont pretend i have a grand reason for not liking them.

    You quoted this out of context.


    4 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    the pictures i posted are much older than those skins you posted, those are very new. they dont represent what wurm has looked like "since forever".



    4 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    i cant believe you didnt notice until now but somehow you didnt, the game was like this(i wouldnt call it clowish.) since before you started playing i know because i was there and saw it.

    I actually had a few false starts before I started for real (including in the no animation era) and it wasn't all bunny ears and pumpkin shoulders back then either. The game has actually been an oasis to get away from all the flashyness that was at some point very popular in games.


    4 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    if you want to know about what most players think about this or anything else that would need an ingame poll because most players do not ever use the forums or only use them to buy and sell.

    Or just follow the tried and true guideline of aesthetic cohesion. Won't put anyone off at the very least.

  9. 2 minutes ago, BertimusPrime said:

    (I'm missing 10+ points in a lot of skills due to Epic deaths... but none of the actual skills come over, just the penalties. Whack.)

    X_X wht rly?


    3 minutes ago, BertimusPrime said:

    The animals are going to be the hard part. Plus planning the buildings, as my skills from Epic did not transfer fully

    I got some spare horses that @notstupidbobbleft me. Let me ask her first if she still wants to get some of them. I can also plan houses for you with my impressive 70 carp lol.

  10. I wish they kept it. There were some very interesting points being made there and some essay-tier posts that I didn't get to read as it got shut down before I got back to it. If it's possible at least bring the posts back, please.


    22 minutes ago, Aeris said:

    I did not say anything offensive or rule-breaking, and thus received no warning, but I don't think I can mention what was said in the thread without being slapped with a "questioning moderation" warning. So we'll leave it at that.

    In their defence is that they didn't close the thread in the suggestions forum. I also don't think they sent warnings to players, I certainly haven't received any.

    On the other hand what @Torsaid is also very true:

    1 hour ago, Tor said:

    It's litterally the best place to say what you think about bunny ears since it was where they was announced, like in so many other patch notes thread. Suggestion threads may or may not be related to it.


    It wasn't really good as, regardless the reason behind it, this can now be percieved as Wurm team not having any criticism.

  11. 15 hours ago, Karrde said:

    If one doesnt like the gfx and feel they can do better... afaik the gfx team still takes volunteers.


    See Saroman (was lead gfx dev afaik) or at least a dev like Darklords can point you in the right direction.

    Sounds interesting.


    49 minutes ago, Tpikol said:

    if you think wurm ever had a very realistic Aesthetic, you are fooling yourself. you forgot or are just ignorant of past things you wouldn't have liked.

    I think that's really besides the point. Thing is the game never had the anime aesthetics to it:


    It was also not one of those circus-tier skin variety games. All the skins and items in the game looked aesthetically cohesive (with the exception of kawaii/funny ones):


    And this looks GOOD. The game doesn't need any fancy-schmansy over the top looking weapons and armor and items.


    1 hour ago, Tpikol said:




    But regarding realism the game does have a realistic aesthetic and has had this since forever (just look at the sword skins above lol). The color there was used to tell creature statuses apart. It's a game after all and a lot of those were technical choices that later got improved. They toned down those creature status colors btw as an improvement.

    Also bright colored player dyed things are not unrealistic.

    Since you posted those ships, look at the ships in game lol. They represent historical ships.


    1 hour ago, Tpikol said:

    so like i said just tell the truth, that you personally do not like it. no need to cover it in ###### its fine to say you dont like it and thats why you wish it was removed.

    Trickster joined the forums in 2019. I also play for a pretty long time (think 10 yrs maybe). Many of the players that don't like this change also play for a long time (the ones I know at least). Don't you think that if the game was always clowny and we just don't like this we would have been saying the same things since then, or probably not even play at all?

    And let's say someone that doesn't like the bunny ears is a new player. It would still break the aesthetics they have seen in screenshots and the Steam presentation.

  12. WoW is not goofy looking. It just follows a different aesthetic where all things seem to have exaggerated proportions. Think it is based off a comic book. If you put a Wurm longsword in WoW it would look off same as if you put a WoW sword in Wurm.



    25 minutes ago, Aleck said:

    But I guess it's forgotten because our armor and weapons are more realistic than our... competitors? I'm not sure who we compete against as a 20 year old game that looks and feels like a 30 year old game.


    I suppose Farmville and Cookie Clicker can't quite stand up to us?


    Some people like the goofy skins. Some people hate them. Some of us don't care either way and think it's a ridiculous (and entertaining) argument.


    It will compete with other games in it's niche and it does have things to offer including the graphics. The graphics aren't actually trash tier in the game so the argument "the game looks trash anyways why not add whatever in it" doesn't really hold. Sure, the graphics isn't cutting edge (neither is it in Valheim, Runescape, WoW), but it looks good, it has charm, it has immersion.



    I pointed out the realistic looking weapons as that has been the aesthetic of the game compared to other games and not cartoonish, as I said before the game never was kingdom come. It's a fantasy game so you get dragons, hatchlings, trolls etc., that are fantasy creatures. Doesn't mean you can throw just about everything in.

    If a game has trolls or ogres it can have miniskirts and lambos thrown in it and it won't look off?



    56 minutes ago, Aleck said:

    Considering the worst I can manage on Wurm is currently this:



    Even considering the edgy dragon armor, those goofy cosmetics look completely off.

  13. I somehow thought you would say that :). It's not a hyperrealistic medieval simulator like Kingdom Come of course. But over time it showed just how much medieval and how much fantasy it is. It's actually one of the games witha more realistic appeal.


    Look at this for example:

    real longsword Medici-sword-hand-forged-battle-ready-me Wurm longsword: 200px-Longsword.png fantasy longsword: Footman's Longsword - Item - World of Warcraft(this is the least over the top ones in WoW)



    Another example:

    real war hammer English Warhammer     Wurm small maul skin: Loyalty program - Wurmpedia

    fantasy 1h warhammer: Warhammer of the Order - Item - World of Warcraft


    A sword with a skull in Wurm (for some dark lord rp whatever):

    Loyalty program - Wurmpedia,

    while in a fantasy game you'd see  EHWZmpkWsAEFcOP?format=jpg&name=4096x409


    You can see that Wurm even if does add some fantasy elements is on the more realistic side. This is a good appeal for a game to have. There are plenty of games without over the top weapons and armor that do very well, see LotRO which has a profitable cash shop btw.


    It doesn't aim for historical accuracy (look at the 2h axe that would prolly weigh 20kg in iron, same with the default maul skins) but the weapons and armor are neither cartoonish nor over the top fantasy.



    Cartoon appeal is 0. This is what a cartoon game looks like:



  14. 32 minutes ago, Aleck said:

    Face it, we play a cartoon game about pushing the numbers ever higher while making the boxes flatter.

    It doesn't look like a cartoon game and it's not even advertised as such.


    On 4/8/2023 at 6:09 PM, Coach said:




    Also it's literally considered a more realistic version of Minecraft.

  15. 9 hours ago, Milkdrop said:

    And on "immersion", Wurm never managed to immerse me in any way, but thats a me thing, it just takes more for me to even have a chance to immerse myself.

    I need more for that to work, like a good story, a character I can like and get attached to and so on.

    When I play Wurm I spend half my time in spread sheets or collections of notes (yey cooking) which pretty much kills any chance for me to be immersed.

    Also being a hermit and hardly knowing anyone in Wurm after more than 8 years of being around (which for some odd reason only happened to me in Wurm and I could not put a finger on why that is) also adds to this I suppose.

    The few people I do talk to, talk about RL or what they are working on in Wurm which is fine for me, I enjoy the few conversations I do have in Wurm but regarding to immersion that does not work for it either.

    From my subjective experience the game can be very immersive. I also have out of the game stuff such as your spreadsheets, but still the game keeps me immersed somehow, despite it's straight line edged roads :) .

    I remember playing checkers (for the first time in my life) with a friend near Summerholt. And because it got dark outside (in-game) and he couldn't see the black pieces that well made some mistakes and lost the game - if this ain't realism and immersion I dunno what is lol. I also remember when I started the game on Serenity exploring then as fog came over this giant spider surprised me, and I ran from it until I reached a boat I took. But the fog being so dense I just stood in the middle of the lake waiting for it to pass as I couldn't see which way to go. Even when I meet people in the game world and we talk about w/e subjects, it still seems immersive enough compared to other games I played (I also think those chat bubbles fit very well with the rest of the game).

    The vast landscapes, the ambient sounds, etc. all help with this.

    But like I said it is subjective. I purposefully allocate my time for the game so I don't get bothered with other stuff. And I do notice when I open multiple clients or open other games in the background there is no longer any immersion, just some game :).


    I have friends who tried it and for them, while not appealing overall with the apparent grindy nature of it, they did like the immersion the game offers. To be honest they see it as the only thing the game has to offer, which is untrue. Point is it is a selling point of the game and a strong one. The game as it is right now doesn't need any change of direction or additions or lets add fluffy stuff or anything. It needs improvement in already existing areas. Fluffy ears and this trend if continued will not turn Wurm into Aion overnight with players coming in just to buy funny looking costumes, what it might turn it into is the same Wurm minus the immersion aspect.

    By the way I played and plan to play Aion classic again. Nothing really against some of the design choices in that game, it's a solid game, and character customization there was a big appeal for me. But Wurm isn't Aion and I like Wurm for what it is.

  16. 2 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    you keep missing the point that what you call "immersion" is nothing more than things you personally like. thats all it is, when you dont like something you call it immersion breaking because you think that means something. 

    there is no objective measure of what is or is not immersion breaking so what you are asking them to do is never add anything that you personally do not like.




    Immersion is actually objective in a game. But we are going in circles.


    EDIT: Nvm I see Elentari answered.

  17. 5 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    the most "immersion breaking" item ever(for people foolish enough to believe there is such a thing as immersion) was the singing gnome, singing a song with the words "from rolf and the team, happy Christmas to all" or something like that. and that happened years before you made your forum account. 

    I don't know about other people but when I started the game looked like a medieval sandbox mmorpg. It didn't look like Aion, didn't look like WoW. It looked like Wurm and all of us liked it just the way it has been. It has been this way in the screenshots, in videos, it's like this on the steam page. This gnome you mention I never saw in my life and this is the case for a lot of players.

    You can't tell people who put time in this game for literally a decade that this only seemed like a medieval themed MMORPG, only now it's coming out of the closet as something else, and you should have seen the signs, namely that gnome, that this will come to be eventually. :) 


    5 hours ago, Tpikol said:

    its your opinion about what wurm aesthetics should be, an opinion not shared by most.

    How do you know it's not shared by most? Why is aesthetic cohesion a practice in almost all games? Because it's something only very few people like?


    Regarding the option to hide cosmetics. It's just complicating things in my opinion. The issue most people had with the rabbit ears is not that it's a skin, it's that it's an immersion breaking skin. I still want to see claymores, messers, the corinthian helmets, jewelry cassettes etc.

    Simplest solution is to not add immersion breaking cosmetics in the future anymore. It's not as common in other MMORPGs as people have you believe, and I am very skeptical of it's added value in Wurm Online. Most of the pro-immersion-breaking-item comments have been along the lines of "everyone should be able to choose how they look like", with which I don't agree as this isn't IMVU or Second Life, but the point is nobody actually seeks them with that much desire. Somebody pointed out on the patch thread that they can simply add fun but non-breaking cosmetics instead.

  18. 2 hours ago, Archaed said:

    apology accepted


    It's a game, please stop thinking it should appeal to your aesthetic only. 

    Didn't really mean it will edit.


    Obviously not only my aesthetics. And at the end of the day it's Wurm aesthetics. Up until some point when this kind of cosmetics began Wurm had very few of those items if at all. It's basically the game I played for years. Now all of a sudden we are bombarded with bucket heads, teddy bear packs, etc. By bombarded I mean that's what they are adding. Not that many people actually wear them.

  19. 1 hour ago, Aleck said:

    All of the ranting on the forums has changed my opinion on this matter of great import.

    Partly a rant. It does disappoint me on one hand, as the game does everything immersion-wise good, and on the other hand I fear the late surplus of those kind of cosmetics might come as a result of dwindling interest in the game.


    But based valid criticism, nontheless. Also the impression to new players (new player retention? focus on new player experience this year?) is way different than how we percieve those things, since we've been playing for years. I remember showing this game to a friend he liked the expansive forrests, kinda went along with the roads having a perfect line border, but when he saw a snowman statue (that I no longer even paid attention to), he was like "oh, cousin, what the heck is that?" (translated from Romanian). Same when I showed someone an event and people were carrying corpses in their hands, or wearing those cephalopod masks.


    2 hours ago, Aleck said:

    Bring on the goofy skins, Staff. You're right - there are people that love it (I know several who are afraid of getting caught up in the toxicity and won't comment here) and they deserve a bit of whimsy even if it upsets the "realistic medieval immersion" (lol really?) of others.

    Criticism isn't toxicity. Nor is showing your disappointment for a change in the game. Especially as a paying customer. Especially in a MMORPG where you pay not only with money but with time, as well. Have a look around - everytime this comes up there is no toxicity from players against those changes, we haven't insulted anyone afaik but rather provided what I think is good, if not essential feedback, which is always a healthy thing.