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    I 21, Near Bloodforge bay, Indy, crystal lake
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    Plate armour smithing 70, Mining 80, Blacksmithing 50, Metalurgy, coalmaking, shipbuilding, Helping new players become self sufficient.

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  1. once your skin and bones and cant fast... your stam like doesnt regen at all, pretty annoying...
  2. 11.51 QL Rake with 72 BOTD-80 copper 73 QL oakenwood ropetool with 95 woa-2.5 silver 70 QL Pickaxe with 86 Botd-1.5 silver 78 QL Pickaxe with 73 coc 78 woa-1.2 silver COD CheshireKat plz
  3. I wish to sell large amounts of dirt, by the knarrfull (12900 = 1 knarrfull). I am at north crystal lake area on indy. I can deliver at negotiable charge based on how far, how much you are buying, etc. I have around 15k dirt onhand, wish to sell that to empty crates and then will dig about that much within a day or 2 of emptying my crates. Prefer to do crate swap to prevent drag/drop of 9 dirt at a time... please pm me in game or respond. I have chronic illness so, i can be away for days at a time unexpectedly...
  4. i have well over 15k for sale onhand, and another 800k inbound, north crystal lake, can deliver, if you are still looking.
  5. Hello. Leveling out my deed is generating stupid amounts of dirt. I have honestly lost accurate count of all the BSB's full of dirt I have, and I'm getting to the point that I cant find baby horses and chickens cuz I'm having to start building bsb's on my farm fields, my shop and town feels like every tile has a bsb full of dirt. Im gonna be generating a lot more dirt and I'd like to get rid of the dirt I have so I have room to dig more. Can I deliver? Well, I have 2 knars (1 is for sale actually wink wink nudge nudge), and someone made 43 large crates for that I need to go pick up from halfway across the server, which I am more than willing to rush to grab if the amount of dirt sold makes the travel time worth it. I am willing to work with someone that is interested in purchasing a lot of dirt. I'd rather the transaction not take a whole day of my time unless its profitable of course. Less effort on my part (not lazy just busy) of course is ample reason for me to give better pricing. Buy your portable bits of independence today! P.S. I'll try to be on in a couple hours to check on responses. Need catnap... or catnip... maybe coffee...
  6. plz cod both the 82 coc picks to my name. Will pickup tomorrow when I get on if they are there.
  7. I can make these for you with my materials. im on indy on NE crystal canal. I can make a batch and give you all the bronze that comes out over 50q if that suits you. PM in game or reply and ill keep an eye out for post.
  8. I have a currently 72q rare brass oil lamp for sale. can prolly imp it to as high as 79-80q if needed. id like to get 5s for it as - is. Please let me know in game if im on if this suits your fancy. ill keep eye on forums when I can.
  9. I have TONS of dirt, and generating a lot more, on independence, NE crystal lake near Bloodforge Bay. I 21 on in game map. Very near you. I tried to pm you in game and didn't get any result. In game name is CheshireKat. I will try to keep an eye on here as well.
  10. Ya I agree very good priest, 300+ euro. If bought by someone with decent mining/locksmithing or ropemaking this would be a GREAT priest to have.
  11. Hey, we may be able to figure something out. Its not hard to make 1s a day, and theres alot to be done on my deed... we have 11 deeds in our alliance, and some of us hop back and forth between indy and chaos. Honestly I'd prefer more of a "lets work together and have fun and make loads of money" agreement over an employment contract... but either way if your into working hard 4-6 hours a day theres really no reason that you cant make at least a silver per day, every day. Holler at me in game if you get a chance. I try to be on by 3pm EST if not earlier, and often am on most of the time till about 3AM EST, depending on RL. Ill try to find if your on periodically, and try to keep an eye on forums.
  12. I'll do 40q bs made items and 35-40q carvers and butchers for 5c each in bulk. Hard to price for that low q, but i think thats fair for my time and effort if your making a decent sized order, and it gets me skill.