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  1. Should've, could've, didn't. I never, ever heard this sort of a warning from vendors, and nor did friends of mine that invested a lot more silver than me. (PvE-ers should not be expected to know the details of PvP kingdoms like that, either, so 'should've defended it lololol' is a moot point.) Not going to bother wasting my money on a custom wagon again if this sort of crap is possible/isn't changed. +1
  2. Kianga, that would be pretty perfect too. Finding out what keys still have uses and what don't would be really nice. Currently it's just a 'throw everything down the sink and hope for the best' sort of situation.
  3. Damn, more than a day's notice would've been nice
  4. As above. It was really convenient and useful to be able to do this, to work out what keys you still had a use for out of a pile, by sacrificing them in an altar. Useful little schtick would appear of 'this key has an important use' and that meant you didn't carry around a huge pile of keys that you don't even know who when can what. Please revert this change!
  5. Problem is, I'm not sure what the keys belong to, and I have somewhere in the region of 70 to go through. Bleh...
  6. Is there a way to reliably sacrifice keys that no longer have a use, and yet keep the ones that do (which would give you a message like 'Fo believes this item still has an important use' or something)? I used to sac them in altars, but I heard that changed, and haven't dared try it since. I am developing an overabundance of keys I have no idea if I can still use or not...
  7. Or you could use the Wurm Online - Freedom one at, has been up for a very long time and doesn't tend to drop.
  8. Foundry of Ix and Last Temptation (Y12, x29/30) disbanded, as did Spider's Delight (y33, x38).
  9. Nvm, not "new" in any sense of the word
  10. So my deed (Isle of Artificers) isn't quite as far south as it looks currently - I guess before you were trying to not obstruct the tar symbol. Since the tar is on deed, could you maybe move the deed symbol up to where I've put the blob, and then put the trader, mailbox and tar symbols next to it? Also the white line I've drawn is a road (not highway, but might be soon), and the yellow(? idk I'm colourblind) vertical line is a bridge connecting my deed to the road which sticks out a bit from the north shore. Thanks! The road has been extended up to directly north of Isle, now, and goes straight down to it.
  11. Please can we have the blobs bigger yet? Like, as big as the Champion Blobs are. They're perfect size, and not "too big" (for the people that think somehow they're an advantage...). I am so, so happy to have spiral staircases. And halter ropes! And amazing everything! You're really getting into Fixing Stuff now, it's wonderful. Thankyou so much, guys!
  12. Selling a Star Sapphire, would like something around 3s. No ninja'ing in the hour before auction close. Not too well, so just leaving this up here and going back to my sickbed!