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  1. [Fixed] Wurm Client doesn't load

    I'm experiencing the same bug with the unstable client and the test client.
  2. Unable to launch application.

    My java console (I can't post a text log because if I try to select text in the console, the application doesn't respond):
  3. [Fixed] Wurm Client doesn't load

    I asked about this on November 30th on the Wurm Online official Facebook page and got the following response:
  4. New Community Map Project (30/10/13)

    Mortopolis: Y: Y31 X: Border of X9 and X10
  5. Pristine Interactive Map Project

    Mortopolis is slightly off location. The center should have an X of 450, instead of the current 420.
  6. New Server, Release? Wha?

    Just so everyone knows, you can get there via the tutorial.
  7. New Server, Release? Wha?

    Kersha has just reported swimming there from Pristine.
  8. New Server, Release? Wha?

    Ok, Poseidon was talking about this is GL-Freedom. Release players 1/400 ??
  9. Affinities

    Soul. Meh. Useless, since I'm not planning on becoming a priest.
  10. The Wurm Academy

    I'll join at the beginning as a teacher experienced player that will help out with building until I get fairly high skill levels, and then I'll decide about sticking around (though I probably will, as I don't want to pay the fees for a deed, but if I am going to play, its gonna be on a deed. See ya there! Also, you should make sure that the Academy is near spawn.
  11. What are the plans on making a Mac version? I know that it isn't the most urgent thing to do, but I would love it if this could happen.
  12. Tarakan Is Recruiting

    I would like to join. I was originally in Eden, but the deed owner decided not to have any citizens.
  13. Sickle Of Awakening (Made By Rolf)

    The auction has closed! Stormcrow won with 38 silver! Please contact me, Stormcrow. You can either PM me, or contact me when I am on Wurm (celebration server).
  14. Sickle Of Awakening (Made By Rolf)

    The auction is closing in 45 minutes, it's currently looking like Stormcrow will win (with 38 silver).
  15. Sickle Of Awakening (Made By Rolf)

    BUMPITY! This closes tomorrow, at midnight (GMT). (ie. the end of Monday, the 4th of June, 2012, GMT) I live on Celebration, obviously, so you will either have to pick it up from me (I'm within an hour's walk of Tap Dance, I also live on the coast), or wait until I can find a mail box to use. If I do that, you will have to pay the extra tax fee for mailing it. Please bid more! Good luck to all of you!