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  1. Spyglass

    starting bid 30s
  2. Ah thanks for the replies. Where would i auction it?
  3. This may be off topic, but i swear i've seen you in my local over the last couple of weeks. at least 3 weeks.
  4. Well, hello. I'm returning to Wurm to see new things and hopefully join a great village. I originally played about 2 weeks after gold launched in july of 2006. I loved the game, but got frustrated after the server info got lost. I then eventually joined WV(world 2 i think it was called) on the wild server until it was decided they were moving (after i build all those walls! lol) Which then caused me to wander around on my own for a bit and join Kalabuurz, which slowly because a ghost town enhabited by a hermit orc. (Rugg i think his name was) Then i left the world and .... ....now i'd like to play again. I'm not interested in PvP, more interested in crafting, but i won't rule it out. Character name is Naesmith Thanks.