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  1. Eir

    A terrible loss to the Wurm community. She will be missed.
  2. Fog will never be the same- you will be missed -bb
  3. If it is becuase I am a GM on the server- is there a way to toggle it? I can no longer whizkill as I seemed to have lost my ebony wand somewhere....
  4. I have weapons equipped- targeting non hostile mob- unable to attack target. Is there a toggle combat button in the server interface?
  5. Maybe I should just read down the sheet...haha thanks.
  6. Attempting to figure out 2 items- 1. How to enable flight on my local server with ebony wand 2. How to alter skill gain to 2x 4x 10x ect.
  7. A breath of new life will not kill the game. With new exposure more players will join. Some may come for the experiment of insta build/skill, but I have faith they will join WO in the long rub for the hardcore elements. I have been around since 2003. I have seen the servers explode with goons and 4chan kids. I have seen map wipes leave the game with just enough people for 1 village. If WO does go offline and WU brings him fortunes, then good. The game has had a long memorable run and outlived most mmos.
  8. As a long time veteran, I have stood by since the very very beginning. While a lot of flack is being slung your way Rolf you have stuck with it. I hope this decision brings the world we love to a new generation of gamers, and amasses you a fortune for your future retirement. Your friend, Bobbarker
  9. >
  10. No noticeable lag and the servers hold as many players as are on at a time. Split EU/US/Asia. No cap yet. Still early access.
  11. Anyone else playing? Really good so far, a more hostile version of wurm, buildings last nowhere near as long. Leave your steam name here.