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  2. Same thing on Indy as well for both Steam and Normal client
  3. Having the same problem on Indy
  4. I can only speak for myself but this is fixed now as far as I can see. All alts are instantly logging off.
  5. I updated my java version and as soon as I logged out I check in task manager and the client shut down on my end. So my pc disconnects immediately when I log out.
  6. Might want to read my post again then. I logged in then [15:15:46] Allurapre has logged in on Independence. Logged her in to do the /lotime then immediately logged out. [15:16:09] You would leave the world in 0 seconds if you disconnected now. [15:21:19] Allurapre lost link [15:21:20] Allurapre left the world.. I logged out at 15:16:09 then left the world at 15:21:19
  7. Well I stated in my post that I have Comcast Xfinity so it's obviously not just Verizon
  8. @Katrat is Comcast your network provider? I have been having the same issues all day. Disconnects and lag spikes, however of note for today our phone provider, Metro PCS, went down for a few hours today. It could all be related.
  9. Started a timer and it takes 5 minutes for her to disconnect. She is on my deed and I leave her at the altar because she is just praying everyday atm. She has full sleep bonus and as stated before she cannot be attacked so s not in combat mode when I am logging her out. [15:15:46] Allurapre has logged in on Independence. Logged her in to do the /lotime then immediately logged out. [15:16:09] You would leave the world in 0 seconds if you disconnected now. [15:21:19] Allurapre lost link [15:21:20] Allurapre left the world.. I also checked in my task manager and the wurm online process does terminate as soon as I log off. Anymore information you need? p.s. I think this started about a week ago.
  10. I am on my deed, in an area that would not allow my character to be attack and so never in combat mode. The alt is a priest and I do my prayer then log out and it stays online for 5 minutes, all 3 of my priests do this.
  11. If this is the wrong place for this post please move it to the correct sub-forum. For the last week or so I have noticed that when I log my priest or other alt off, that they actually stay online for a full 5 minutes before I see the message that they have disconnected. Is anyone else seeing this issue or is it just me?
  12. Do you have to start a pile for this to work? No matter what I set it to in my profile, it puts the dirt in my inventory. Nvm I figured it out, it doesn't work for using level command
  13. Yeah I have slept in a bed inside a completed structure but it won't check it off the list in the journal
  14. Wondering if there is an amount of time I have to "sleep in a bed" for it to complete in the journal?
  15. So I think you are right and milking is weird. I found that if I groomed them first I could milk them 98% of the time. However if I tried to milk first and groom 2nd I still could not milk them so I logged in an alt and she was able to milk them. Thanks
  16. I am on the Indy server and I am unable to milk about half of the cows/sheep I have in my pasture. They are on enchanted grass and I was able to milk everyone of them yesterday, approx. 24 hours ago. Is anyone else having this issue?
  17. It was working for about a week and now same issues again. What vpn is reliable and not to expensive? Oh and easy to set up for a non tech person
  18. My internet is fine. Wurm is the ONLY game I have problems with.
  19. I have played wurm for years and never had this many issues. I have also played the game on my current pc for over a year until about 2 weeks ago. I log into the game and nothing renders, I already disabled the GLSL and it hasn't helped at all, so I have re-enabled itas Core because extension immediately crashes the game. It has been taking me 3 to 4 times logging in until the world will render. When I do get into the game I have refresh lag that lasts for 5-10 minutes making it impossible to play atm. If I don't get the refresh lag immediately then typically within 30 minutes I will get a client crash. Here is my console:
  20. Fastest delivery I have ever received. Also most pleasant sales experience, will use again. Definitely highly recommend!
  21. I do have dual monitors and read in another forum that it could cause problems. I disconnected the 2nd monitor and restarted the pc. Started Wurm Unlimited and it made no difference at all, same thing happened. This has been happening for a couple of weeks, at first it was a slight delay and now it is over 2 minutes. While it is launching the game I can't do anything else on the pc because the cursor becomes slower than a snail. Also I checked the resource monitor and once I press the play button, within 5 seconds, wurm launcher uses 100% of the cpu on all 4 cores. Was that the console log you wanted?