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  1. Forum PM sent to you and hellsgardian. Forum says that unluckyone doesn't exist.
  2. Offer still open. I'm lowering the price to 2.2s per 1k. Please PM on the forums if you're interested.
  3. Hello, we got 10k mortar for sale on exodus. Price is 2.2s per 1k. You can buy whatever amount you like. Pickup and delivery possible. Far deliveries with several hours travel might include a small delivery fee. If you need some bricks too, we can create them as well. PM me on the forums, please, so i can respond as soon as possible. Regards, Vedu.
  4. WTB Concrete

    Hi, I could provide concrete. I'm not sure about the price, since i haven't made a concrete order, yet. But me and my citizens are experienced in bulk orders and we will surely find a good price for you. Regards, Vedu.
  5. Close Plz

    Hi, I can offer a knarr ql 50 with anchor, key and delivery from exo to xana for 15s. You can choose the woodtype because it is undi Finished only onepeg missing. Does that sound interesting to you ? Regards, Vedu.
  6. Hi, i'll get the rest for you. Clay and planks are 1s per k so both together 800 pieces is 80c. Plus 50c for the wagon. What do you say ?
  7. Hi, which server are you on ? I should have about 5 or 7 k or grass laying around on my deed, so i have the 2k right away. At which times are you online usually ?
  8. It would be nice if there could be one addition to the furnitures which is not a piece of furniture itself =) Being able to sit on benches and chairs would be awesome. You can sit on horses and board many other things already. These features can't be too far off from using sitting furniture. It would actually make it possible to enjoy a lot of things like restaurants / inns, balconies and stuff.
  9. Thanks noermel, can't wait to get things going. I have vacations coming up and much time to build things up.
  10. Port Tanelorn Market Hello everyone. Port Tanelorn Market is reopening. We have tried our luck at hosting a market in the past, but because of lack of time and skills we quickly realized it was a plan which needed more preparation. Now we're back with a wide selection of wares and also some medium enchantments and of course our well known bulk ware services. Come over and check out what we have so far, or if you're a seller feel free to contact me about setting up a merchant or two. We plan to offer a lot more than just a marketplace in the future. Epic Portal, Meditation rugs, Food, Beds and special meditation places will just be some of these offerings. I will keep you updated in this post. Here is what we offer: Merchants: - Lumi's Mixed Wares: PM Lumi or check out her Forum Post - Xene's Armory: Various Weapons up to QL 57 and some medium enchanted tools for beginners - Red's Merchants: Chain Armor (QL 50) and Lamps (QL 50) - Rik's Ropes: All kinds of Ropes, Sails and some meditation rugs Bulk Wares: These are rough prices, of course we offer mostly anything that can be sold in bulk, just ask. Wares can be picked up or delivered. Delivery on Exodus is free. Please ask about other servers. Most expensive is north Independence with 1s. 1k Rockshards / Dirt = 1s 1k Mortar = 3s 1k Bricks = 2s 1k Logs = 1s 1k Planks = 1s 1k Charcoal ~QL 30 = 4s Ship building: (all boats include anchor and lock) 10 Rafts (QL30) 50c 1 Rowing Boat 1s 1 Sailing Boat 1.2s 1 Corbita 5s 1 Cog 8s 1 Knarr 15s 1 Caravel 20s We also offer a special referral deal on ships. When you buy a ship from us you can refer other people to us and receive 10% of what they pay as a referral bonus.
  11. I got some oak sprouts, Not sure how many but i would sell for 10c per 10 sprouts. On which Server are you ?
  12. Hi aimet. I have anoakwood cog which is ready for sale. It's ql 40 and includes anchor and lock. The price is 9s. I also have an unfinished cog which we could make into an olivewood cog. Anchhor and lock included of course. We can also talk about ql and rafts if you need some. We can imp the ship up to 50 maybe higher. Price would also be 9s. If you need rafts we sell them for 75c per 10 rafts. Ql 30. Like i said the oakwood cog is available now. The olivewood could be available tomorrow after finishing and improving it. We also have a special program. If you buy a ship from us and refer another person to us you will receive 10% of what that person pays us. What do you think ? Regards, vedu.
  13. Hi, i am preparing a lot of wood for charcoals. Is your request still open ? If you are patient i could make the coal for you and deliver for free. I live on Exo as well.
  14. =) hehe, well. i am currently pretty much preparing for charcoal jobs. so i don't have anything in storage. But if you have some time and noone volunteers, i'd love to make the coal for you. Does it have to be a specific QL ?