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  1. Thanks everyone. No worries, it's fairly harmless. My Stomache is my weak spot. I should be back up in a few days. Just laying, sitting, standing pretty much anything is extremely uncomfortable because somehow my limbs are sore like crazy. I had to do a test on my return, tho. So i know it's not "the virus".
  2. Hello Everyone. Unfortunately i have to postpone the Temple of the Lights event. After i got back i got sick and currently can't spend much time in front of the computer and have to stay in bed. I am very sorry for the move and i'll give info as soon as i feel better. The project is definately not dead, i just can't take part currently. But server development and community events will definately resume. Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you all soon.
  3. Hello Acchiappacoda and hello Survivors. I'm going crazy as i'm reading your story Thank you so much for shareing with us and the wurm community. One thing is suprising me again and again and more and more and this is the community that i already here and still continueing to form. You guys take part in the game and the server in awesome ways and you keep suprising me with your creativity and the ways you show appeciation towards this new place. It's half way until my return and i could catch a few minutes to have a look at how you guys are doing. Can't wait to get back. Thanks very much to everyone for receiving our newest member so well. Hope to see you all soon.
  4. Hello Survivors As discussed before hereby i officially announce the starting point for our first event: Temple of the three lights To fit the lore of our server better into the gameplay we decided to remove the Huge Bone Altar and Altar of Three, because it didn't make sense to have two huge clearly crafted altars of gods on a lonely uncivilized island somewhere in the ocean. So the idea was to temporarily remove them and have the players bring religion to the islands of Stranded. To reach that goal players would have to group together and build a temple or temples to the gods they wish to have in the game. So far only the wish for white light gods have been expressed. If you as one of us Survivors would like to use the black light altar, please let us know. We'll include the black light as well then. As GM i will not give many rules to this event. The main goal is to work together as a team, get creative, make this fun and memorable and bring some Wurmians together for roughly a week. The rules i set up are: Position: White light temple has to be built on the northern half of the island. (A6 to K26 (note that k and h look awefully similar on the ingame map )) Black light temple has to be built on the southern half of the island. (L6 Tto U26) Some suggestions for the white light temple have been: Top left corner of K16 or Bottom right corner of H16 If you have any other nice locations let us know please. Design: Please consider the lore of the gods. For example the item of Vynora is the bowl. Involving braziers in the Temple of the three lights would fit that perfectly. Vynora is the goddess of knowledge, Magranon the god of Power and Fo the god of nature. The temple should please them and include their individual affinities. Those are the only rules i would like to give to the players. Other than that i'm happy to see your creativity and teamwork go wild. Please post any ideas or remarks here on the forums. As most of you probably know i won't be available next week. So when i come back i will gather your ideas and discussions and come back to you. We will most likely start the event at May, 12th 2021. Until then some things could change which might delay the start for a day or two, but i'd like to use this date as a rule of thumb for now. Thank you all for accepting the idea so well and i'm looking forward for our constrution camp and resource gather, planning, discussing, building, protecting and stuff. When the temple is built i will use the GM to spawn in the altar so we can bring religion and priesthood into the game.
  5. Thanks @Brash_Endeavorsfor the help. Just to add some info regarding the mob count. While investigating mob spawn during this week i found out that Wurm actually just spawns roughly 80% of the maximum limit. Currently our setting is at 50k creatures but the database only has about 39k craetures in it. I used a backup of our server locally and wiped all creatures to try how 25k max mobs would look like and the database showed about 19k creatures. So regarding to creature limits we'll always have plenty of room. Also: Maybe my experiments were wrong, but in the server settings i state that breeding time has been set to 5x. There is an option in standard wurm servers that says the higher its number is the quicker breeding is. Usually this value is at 5 and i set it to 25 on our server, hopeing it would speed up breeding 5 times. Turns out even setting is to 5,000,000 didn't really have an effect on how long animals are pregnant. Maybe it's how fast the pregnancy time expires ? I can't really say what it does at the moment.
  6. Hello Survivors. o7 Thank you all for this great first week ! I really enjoyed how quickly the server grew and how well received the theme is. As a small thank you i decided to raise skill gain by 20% permanently. While the xp raise might not seem much it follows a certain theme. Like i mentioned above in the introduction this server's theme is to survive and require the players to work more as a team, opposed to sitting in their own deeds week after week. So some things are supposed to require work. The goal is that skill levels of 50 to 60 should be easily reacheable. 70 Should be very good and 80 to 90 pretty special. So having in mind that i might give bonuses on other occasions as well, those 20% make quite a difference. Please check out today's changes in the above update post: Update 2021-04-26 As a reply to requests a few mods have been added and changes have been made. A free spirit guard has been added. This allows players who made it so far to set up their own deed to have a secure zone for themselves. Those who prefer to use a tower or fight for themselves are of course free to opt out and order no guard. Guard Towers can now be repaired without the need of 20 fighting skill. So those who pick the long task to build a guard tower first are rewarded. The white light and black light altars have - for now - been removed and their respawn stopped. Our first community project will be to build a temple or temples - one white light, one black light - to give our gods a place to manifest on this island. Thus introducing religion back into the game. The start of the event has been loosely dated to May, 12th 2021. Details will follow in the next two days here on the forums. See the above links for more details on the update. I'm looking forward to the rest of the current week and our project. This will be awesome !! \o/
  7. @Rhianna: I will make an attempt to reduce creature count. As it is, it is very crowded and one can hardly find any peace to do anything. There are some aspects about this to keep in mind, tho. So i will experiment a bit on a test server to find a way to reduce the crazy kiting that is necesary. @Brash_Endeavors: Tower Fix mod will be included in the next server restart.
  8. Hi Rhianna, Thanks for your feedback. I noticed already that there are very many creatures in game. It's quite cluttered and will become even more crowded as new settlements will be founded, reducing the area where creatures spawn even further. I will definately think about a solution for this and implement it.
  9. Next Update: The next update is currently in progress and this post will be updated upon any changes. Status: Update is live Completed changes: Increased experience rate from 5x to 6x. Thank you all for this great first week. Increased number of free spirit guards from 0 to 1. Added tower repair fix mod to allow repairing of guard towers without level 20 fighting skill. Added timer fix mod. Effected actions FLATTEN, SPELLS, DESTROY, PRAY, SACRIFICE, SOW, MEDITATE, ALCHEMY, BREED, MISC. Minimum spell timer 2 seconds. Minimum breed timer 5 seconds. Automatic server Backup. Currently making a full online backup every 2 hours. Removed Huge Bone Altar and Altar of three. Survivors will bring religion to the island with a community construction event. Switched off spawning of end game items, so that black light and white lights altars won't respawn on server restart. Delayed to next update: Info Tab in game with introduction and server rules Leaderboard Meditation mod (no limit on meditation gains per day, reduction of cooldown between path level ups, no fails to concentrate) Discord integration
  10. Small Server Update: The update will be live after a short server restart at 8 am UTC. - Free deed size has been increased from 121 free deed tiles (11 * 11) to 625 free deed tiles (25 * 25). - Reduced cost of renaming a deed from 5 silver to 2 silver. - Vote mod has been added to the server as a non violent alternative to earn in game money. - Vote daily for our server on - You receive a reward of 50 copper per Steam account. Also Valrei missions work again since the server restart. Yay ! Sleep bonus !
  11. Wow ! Today was an amazing second day. A few players already joined yesterday and it was great to see familiar faces again today. During the day more and more survivors came in. So we're a total of 8 players on the server (including me) just on the second day ! Thanks everyone for the amazing feedback !! I can't wait to continue tomorrow. An idea came up today. I'll look into it during the next few days: Let's have a group event to build the first starter town as a community which allows a fixed respawn. (Dieing 4 times today was no fun, challenge or not )
  12. You wake up to the sound of waves and seagulls. You feel broken and beat ... and the disgusting taste of salt. As you slowly regain consciousness you manage to look around a bit and see a sand dune ahead of you. You crawl up with the last bit of energy you got and fall into a deep sleep in the sand. As you wake up a while later you start to remember what happened ... You went on an expedition. Left your home to find fame and fortune in new lands. A few months into the journey the ship you were on ran into a terrible storm, which wrecked it and burried it under the waves. And now you are here ... wherever "here" is ... you don't know and you don't regonize anything. But you realize that if you don't get to work, you will never have the chance to fin out. You must get up and find a way to survive. There is nothing left but the cloths' on your body, no tools, no weapons. Maybe if you swim over to the island behind the sand dune you can find some resources to craft some basic, crude tools. Maybe you will even find other survivors ... Welcome to Stranded - a challenge to your limits Website Live Map Discord - A little bit about me Hi, I'm Vedurin a former Wurm Online player with a passion for sandbox games. After many years of Wurm Online i quit because the game simply took up too much time. But it didn't take much time for my longing to the lands of Wurm to return. So i bought Wurm Unlimited to still be able to build and adventure with faster gameplay and no monthly cost. There's just one thing missing: the community. I loved to build a deed with friends and be very active on the market with big bulk orders. For a while i have been dreaming of my own server and with Stranded i just started that project. - Goals My goal is to create a server with a community who enjoys to play together, help each other and make things possible together. So in general i would like to create an environment which is not afraid of a challange while avoiding grinds which take years to complete. So: not easy peasy lemon squeezy but also not insane. - Progress Certain aspects of the server can be changed by the community or according to the wishes of the community. The idea is to have some kind of global progress in the game. Currently everyone starts as a survivor of the shipwreck. So: no items, low skills, no starter town, no fixed respawn. As the community grows and builds certain things or decides to elevate the game for themselves and others these conditions will be changed. Starter deeds will be established, maybe with schools and libraries to enable new players to join the game with starter items or even higher skills. Creative ideas by the players on how to influence the server will be very welcome. - Server Rules No cheating - this involves among other things no bots, bot scripting, no exploits. English chat - Keep the chat clean and in english. Be friendly to people. Follow the general Wurm Online rules. Before setting up a deed close to someone else's deed make sure to ask them first. One Alt allowed - each Steam ID may play up to two accounts: one main and one alt. Both may set up a separate deed. More detailed rules will follow ... - Server Details Settings 6 x experience multiplier 3 x action timer 1.5 x combat rating Farming tick every 12 hours 50k creatures with 50% hostile Skill affinities may be gained while using a skill no PvP not newbie friendly (this is a challange after all . If you're ok with spoilers check way down below the server details.) no deed upkeep claim new deed tiles and perimeter at usual price (see modded features below for info on free deed and how to get money) Game Start You start with absolutely nothing. No tent, no tools, nada. - You are stranded after all. Characteristics start at 18 Skills starts at 1 Avoid dieing, you will respawn randomly "somewhere" on the island. Modded features Free starter deeds up to 625 tiles (for example 25 by 25 tiles in total) 1 free Spirit Guard Maximum deed size 101 by 101 tiles (10201 tiles in total) Bounty for killing mobs Bounty for burning bodies 50c reward for daily votes on No priest restrictions No limit on faith gains per day Fields don't rot Better digging Better farming One tile surface mining Pick two sprouts from trees Plan buildings twice as big as your carpentry skill Creatures age faster until mature (4 hours per stage; young to mature in 8 hours) Treasure hunting (find treasure maps and go treasure hunting, for more details read below) Bulk QL separation (can be toggled) Double Crate capacity Fires show their remaining burn time on examine Highway portals (teleport between towns that are connected by highway) Location command Inbreed warning Sacrifice rares to receive bones by chance (transfer rarity) Sleep in tents (right click a tent with empty hands) Find people with high levels skills via a leaderboard system. (Accessible through equipment window and skill window.) Treasure Hunting The treasure hunting mod is quite extensive. Many of you surely know already how it basically works. But i added this section to show how it is configured on this server and explain a few things to those who are new to treasure hunting. Find treasure maps while doing various actions like digging, mining, foraging, felling trees, etc. Locating the treasure with a compass does not damage the compass. Bring your shovel, you will need it to dig up the treasure. Treasure maps have a random QL. QL of the map has various effects: QL of the treasure is the same as QL of the map. When you dig up a treasure guardians (mobs will spawn) and attack you. Higher QL means stronger mobs. Even Avatars of the gods may spawn. Treasure chests are no more locked, since they can't be picked on a PvE server. The better the QL of the treasure the better the items inside. Features to be implemented Info Tab in game with introduction Meditation modifications Ingame Server Map Addition of a custom map island ... Known problems Something is causing mobs, that usually can't swim, to walk or glitch into water and drown. Making loot available easily which usually would take quite some preparation to obtain. Double bulk capacity currently doesn't work. Volume is still capped at 16k. CA Help channel is not properly synchronized between the game and our Discord server. Messages in game will be relayed to Discord but not vice versa, as the bot seems to not have access to the CA Help channel in game. - Survival Tips DON'T PANIC Expand below boxes to get tips about how to survive the start. Newbie Buff: Finding a place to settle: Outrunning fast creatures: Getting started with tools: Starting your deed: What are the minimum materials i need to gather ?
  13. Forum PM sent to you and hellsgardian. Forum says that unluckyone doesn't exist.
  14. Offer still open. I'm lowering the price to 2.2s per 1k. Please PM on the forums if you're interested.
  15. Hello, we got 10k mortar for sale on exodus. Price is 2.2s per 1k. You can buy whatever amount you like. Pickup and delivery possible. Far deliveries with several hours travel might include a small delivery fee. If you need some bricks too, we can create them as well. PM me on the forums, please, so i can respond as soon as possible. Regards, Vedu.