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  1. Eir

    Qualia, she was the very first, bkacklighter I ever saw, and she was amazing. I live just an hour south of her home, and had occasional phone chats with her. We always meant to make arrangements for me to come visit and introduce her to my kids... I guess that can never happen now.
  2. The lost conversation is indeed between Fo and Magranon, the "brother" Magranon is referring to seems to be his avatar. The unknown conversations are between the gods and their avatars. You need to activate the god puppet, and right click on their avatar to perform the show. As far as the random nonsense, I have no idea where those come from.
  3. In my opinion, if you're going to spend the amount of time and materials needed to create a colossus, then you should be able to create any type you like, regardless of faith. Of course, I'd love to see nymph sized statues of all the gods as well.
  4. Well, if you are going strictly on the lore of the game, you need to understand that after the Three killed Libila, they decided to that all the newcomers (us regular wurmians) should be given to her as a gift to try and pacify her. They told her that we all belonged to her, and though they seem to have rescinded the sentiment, it would still stand to reason that wherever "newcomers" are found, so should be found followers of Libila.
  5. Ohhh, I'd love to see something like that, especially knowing about the lore hidden in the secret puppet shows.
  6. I agree, there are many who would love to have a Libila colossus, myself included. We can have the banners, flags, and wagons from black light kingdoms, we can have tools enchanted by Libila priests, we can now even have black light aligned gods on the pve servers, so why can't we have a Libila colossus?
  7. This is the best cluster you'll find. The management team is wonderful.
  8. It takes some time for things to grow in the grass tiles before you can forage and botanize them. I'm playing on custom maps, and the first couple of days they were up everything was essentially picked clean, but I find lots of stuff now.
  9. I hadn't even thought of using the tool that way, but I do love plateaus and wanted to find a way of generating them. Thanks so much for the tip! Now I can make my tundra and desert plateaus actually flat!
  10. We've been having trouble getting mycelium to spread on our server. I think one of the reasons is that it keeps converting to grass. I've seen tiles become mycelium, then change to grass an hour later. Grass has also been taking over our HotS starting deed, even though we manually covered the entire thing in mycelium, several times. We have towers, and altars, so why is the mycelium converting to grass?
  11. If you want the scale in meters, then 1 dirt is .10 meters high, so 10 dirt is 1 meter, 100 dirt is 10 meters, and so on, which means a height of 4096 would become 409.6 meters. As far as the min and max altitudes of the map, I suppose it would depend on if you were going from the very bottom for your scale, or from the water level. If you go from the lowest point, then the minimum altitude would probably be 0 and the max would be whatever your max height on the heightmap is set to (divided by 10 to get the meters). If it's going from the water level, then subtract whatever value you have as water height from those numbers (and again divide by 10 for the measurement in meters). I hope you find this information helpful.
  12. This is amazing Deathrat! I love the painting feature, can't wait for it to be merged with 2.3. One suggestion though, add a copy of the "undo last biome" button in the painting tab when you get a chance.
  13. Right now when you generate a biome, all the patches are pretty much identical in size, if not shape, that's what is annoying about it. If making the growth random on each seed would result in several different sizes in each action, I think it would go a long way towards making it far better.