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  1. Hm I figured out it could be fixed by using Google's DNS server. Yay!
  2. Still not working here. Apparently some people can get on, some still can't... I'm no computer wizard, but from what I understand it won't work until the ISP refreshes some kind of DNS list. I read most ISP's do this every 24-48 hours. Hopefully I can get into the game before my 7 days are up...
  3. Apparently Sony forgot to pay the freaking internet bill.......... Wow.
  4. I don't really understand what you mean by my ISP refreshing their lists, but I'm assuming the DNS problem only fixes itself when they do. Do you have any idea how often ISP's refresh their lists?
  5. Well I just tried the link again and it still isn't working for me. I've tried other Sony Station links, none of them work. Is it down again, or is it something not working on my end?
  6. Is the Sony Station down for you guys too? I got the Landmark closed beta invite in my email last night, and when I clicked the link to download the client I get "This webpage is not available." Tried it again this morning, same thing. I'd really like to try this out, hopefully I can get better FPS than the op.
  7. So yesterday I got an invite to the Everquest Landmark closed beta in my email. However, when I clicked the link, I got "This webpage is not available." Apparently the Sony Station is down. I tried again this morning when I woke up, still down. I used sites like isitdownrightnow, etc. to check if it was the site or me, and so far from what I can tell it's the site. Somewhat discouraging, as I've been very excited to try out this game. Has anyone had the same problem? Can any of you get on the Sony Station now? I really hope they fix this soon, I'd hate to lose a full day of access just because their site crashed...
  8. My rigor mortis makes me feel old...
  9. Revert it for PVE, nerf the guards on PVP again so they are even slower, and send all the damn PVPers to the salt mines to work for the next year for causing such a terrible change to totally screw up PVE for anyone that doesn't like to fight.
  10. Here's my two copper on the matter: I have seriously considered making a return to Wurm since dragons started spawning again. However, after reading forum posts like this, I am glad that I held off on my decision. Imagine how frustrating it would be to sail to the other side of the server to fight a dragon, possibly dying once or twice, and losing skills in the process, only to find out you don't get a title, and you don't even have enough hide to make a single glove. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hunting for the mere thrill of the hunt as much as anyone. When I played Wurm, I would kill everything on my continent that moved two or three times a day. Being a Fo priest, it didn't matter to me if it was a champion, I could just run off and heal if I had to. But dragons aren't mere champion creatures. They are uniques. Roman and I tried to get a party together to slay a unique back when I played, an Avatar of Magranon in the Southern Steppe on Celebration. Even after making forum posts, and spamming Freedom chat, for a couple of days, the most players we could gather was about five or six. Maybe Wurm's population is temporarily boosted now after advertising for Xanadu, but it's really not much higher than it was when I left. Now I see 1000 players on at a time, whereas it was 800-900 before. Most of those players are going to be on Xanadu. So lets say I go through the ordeal of getting a party of 20-30 fighters on Celebration, which would be rather difficult I imagine. Even then, I will likely not get a title, and not get enough hide to make a glove. That's a pretty raw deal for those of us doing the killing if only the same 1-2 people who have kept dragons penned for years are going to have dragon armor afterward. I can't honestly imagine being able to get hunting parties together to successfully slay dragons over 300 times. Like a previous poster said, that would take years. And a year from now, I don't expect it to be possible to even get a large enough party together to slay a dragon. This Xanadu rush will only last so long. What do I think the devs should do about dragons? Well, for one, they probably need to be made a lot weaker, because it's just too hard to get 40 players together to kill a dragon in this game. A lot of the time you don't even have that many players on a given server. As I am posting this there are 32 players on Celebration. Half of those are probably priest alts with no fighting skill. Also, dragons need to drop enough hide to at least make a glove or boot. I can make a rare glove off a single rare cloth square. I should be able to make at least a common low ql glove off a drake hide.
  11. I mostly just play Minecraft or Starcraft 2. The cool thing about Minecraft is you can set up your own server, and also install mods. It's pretty much the ultimate sandbox, you can build anything you want, and are only limited by your own imagination. As for Starcraft 2, that game is more about strategy. I haven't been on there this week, but I trolled on there all last week playing Phantom Mode. Far as MMO's go though, I haven't seen any in recent years that were worth my time. Maybe I'm just burnt out on the whole on-rails theme park design.
  12. I never healed during combat. I just waited til whatever I was killing was dead, then healed. If you try healing during combat, you're just going to take more hits, so it's pointless to try unless you got someone else tanking. Even then, you're probably better off just attacking with them, and healing afterward.
  13. A healing bonus is just useless to a Fo priest. Fo has healing spells that heal any wound. One of them heals all the wounds a character has at once, no matter how bad they are. So why does a Fo priest need a bonus for healing?
  14. Rolf: Oh, they paid with an eyeball? Well then, ignore the suggestion. Suggestion: Improve Sea Serpent drops please...