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  1. What a decent idea - count me in! I will prepare a plan for future ventures and send them to you guys. Regards, Petre
  2. starting 25.01.2014 Greetings Fellow Wurmians "The Petre's Transport & Storage" company is looking for nice place to locate the warehouses. The company needs small buildings in a lively settlements. If your deed has some unused bulidng which could be used as warehouse don't hesitate to message Petre. Here is the list of things that we require from settlements: Deed must be inhabited, we don't care about the theoretical number of deed settlers what's matter is the average amount of people online Deed must have area open to everyone with building that can be adopted as warehouse (any building will do). Optional ones: Easy access to warehouse is welcomed - labyrinths of walls and fences are not welcomed - company belives that the amount of active people provides safety The building tighter the better. Trustworthy settlers who want to run business are welcomed. What we provide: access to trade network that will give you profits a way to attract new citizens a chance to become one of the most influential Desertion trade centers transport & storage services (read more below) STORAGE & TRANSPORT SERVICE As i noticed during my merchant's work it happens that people who want to exchange goods aren't online in the same time. I would like to propose solution for that inconvenience: The Storage & Transport service - how it works? From the seller perspective: The seller leaves his cargo at one of the warehouses along with instruction: to which warehouse it should be delivered for how much it should be sold to whom it should be sold In the meantime the authorized person writes down the details of the transaction on papyrus and put cargo in the warehouse. The goods between our warehouses flows a continuously, within a hour or a few the cargo will reach its destination waiting for the buyer. The buyer will be shouted to retrive his goods, from the warehouse. Warehouses will be placed in strategic locations you it will not be Necessary for you to travel much in purpose of selling your goods. From the buyer perspective: buyer recieves the shout from warehouse emplyee and goes to the warehouse buyers pays the price which was set by seller and some small fee for service and gets his cargo.
  3. I've played Wurm some time and really enjoy it however there are two things that are strongly connected and imho are bad for gameplay: Over the time the game world becomes one big construction site, there is literally 10 times as much buildings as people in game. Slowly the game become less enjoyable beacuse all wild land is taken and there is not so much place on "pioneering" - which imho is the most attractive part of Wurm - harnessing the game evironment, etc. The worst part of it is fact that large part of builded structures cluttering the world is abandoned.the player population is dispersed all over the server, sometimes it feels like single player game rather than mmo. From what i know the current solution to this problem is to add new clean servers - i think it's not enough. I would like to propose mechanism which will represent the "Force of Nature" acting against man, something that would allow the "nature" to reclaim the places that belong to her. Some means to fight with excessive player settlement. It could something like traveling bands of trolls or wild animals that seek to destroy player structures and also a process of reverting tiles slowly to "natural" ones. The probability of spawning such band in in the vicinity of human settlements would be proportional to the amount of space taken by settlement and inversly proprtional to the amount of active players inhabiting this settlement. I think that this mechanism or any other similar would solve problem of abandoned buldings. What's more it would force players to form more effective and better organized communites beacuse the weak and sparsely inhabited settlements would fall prey to the goblins/trolls/animals other hazards. I think that such mechanism could bring the player-player interaction to totally new level. It would also bring some thirll and sense of danger into game and it would be realistic and well founded. Regards, Peter
  4. Could you be more elaborate on that? Well i think the whole project is in their favour.
  5. I'll start with criticism, remember i don't want to insult anybody this is just my point of view. PROBLEMS: Despite the potential of game and the possiblities it offers, servers i've seen are like big ghost towns, Maybe i will give some examples: We have tons of houses with beds that stays empty and owner use them for hour per week - but finding a bed for rent is like win in lottery. We have maaany ports and ships built - but no organized naval transport. The devs give us possibility of using carts for transport - but there is no possibility to transport your goods from point A to B, other than pulling your cart by yourself. ( transport service is perfectly possible with game engine but still nobody offers it) Allmost all settlements have access to mine - but there is no chance you could buy iron from them. There is tons of farms but still its almost impossible to buy food anywhere. There are many skilled players who working together would create marvelous items, but since trade is rare and settlements are sooo dispersed (and sparsly inhabited) the chance you meet somone helpfull are small This situation is basically against any economic rules - its just waste of space resources and time. Despite of tons developed settlements each and every new player start as poor beggar and has to walk the same boring path as everyone else before in aim to be self-sufficient (which is imho to large extent waste of time). If you don't belong to settlement there is no way you can interact with them - this makes gameworld one big uncivlised graveyard. What is the point of creating a new settlement which does exactly the same thing as every settlement before it? The things would SOOOO much easier especially for new players if there would be some real trade. Why all the settlements are closed enclaves which doesn't provide outside world with any usefull goods or services? I don't know the answer maybe the rest of players like that situation - not me. SOLUTION So i propose an idea to solve it: "Open Economy Project" The aim of project is to create a set of basic services for all players of Desortion server. Something that will resemble real medieval economy. Our aim is not to build new things but use modified existing infrastructure to provide services. Transporting network - renting a carts and boats, for travelling from post/port A to post/port B. Mines - with all needed eqipment to start mining, well lit and eventually guarded. Charcal stations - for fueling blacksmiths Workshops and blacksmiths - for basic tool creation. Inns - with beds for rent an kitchens for hungry travellers, The locations of all of those will be known to everyone even to raiders (they also form player community). All elements of OEP will be connected by trade network and will exchange goods between them (thats the point). Every player will be able to: buy goods from OEP for fair price or get them as reward for work some of OEP venture or just take them for free if the good is not that valuable The aim of project its to provide player community with the greatest amount of goods and tools using the minimal possible amount of resources and buildings. Well i will start with mine as I think it will be the most useful for new players If anybody is interested in helping the project pm me: my ingame nick is Petre. I will report about the progress (if there will be any) in this thread.