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  1. Got the same issue here myself. Here is all the possibly relevant data i could think of and/or noticed Got the non-steam client (Run as admin) Dutch OS (Windows 10) Only gets forced back on after a patch or update.
  2. My apologies i didn't see that one please close this one and i'l bump the other to keep it more clear.
  3. While i do not agree with all of these they do clearly outline the biggest differences. Granted calling them advantages is a bit enthusiastic in my eye's as an example stated before: What i will say is that we do need a more clear guideline for new players to make an educated choice which cluster they want to join.
  4. +1 Valerei fits in that idea of having a camp as such would love to see it.
  5. I noticed that my user profile turning the non-english chat on for me after every update. I tested it with other chats like the german one and it does not appear to be the case for that only Non-English. Once toggled back to off it is gone until a new update or patch then it gets toggled back online it seems.
  6. Settlement Big Gobbo's Grotto 510, 482 Has public water & public runed mailbox Jackel Lobestone 744, 525 Tar 631, 484 736, 502 548, 407 Clay 693, 499 Guard tower 504, 484 641, 514 Thanks again for all the hard work and the great map Yaga!
  7. While i am no expert by a longshot it error message gives me the impression it is permissions based on your PC/laptop. Reason being that the Patch server has been doing fine and you not getting an connection is probably due to the program on your PC/laptop not having the permission to connect online. I would recommend trying to run it as administrator and see if that works otherwise consider checking if wurm or java has access through your firewall.
  8. Note: I am not aware if this is something on my side or something regarding the client. While i do not select links often for wurm i happened to open the Wurmpedia link of something recently and it pretty much froze my wurm and caused it to cease its function. I tested this a little more and though it isn't as severe as just breaking, it still seems to be an extremely long period am i alone or is there any known cause for such behavior by the client?
  9. As a man who lives in a mine and needs a lot of concrete which uses ash, I found that a mix of coal piles and cleaning furnaces and ovens every so often is the best way. Mainly because making bulk fire's is honestly not that usefull as it gives around 1 ash rather then the 3 or so a simpel furnace/oven gives or a lot more that charcoal piles give.
  10. i feel like getting snacks, anyone game?
  12. I agree with you in the fact that once a deed with Mycellium has disbanded it should just be overgrown or slowly go away like Nicrolis above stated.This way griefing with it is nearly impossible.
  13. On freedom it should need both Domain AND correct deed influence like a deed that allows it. This means it cannot leave a deed. Thus preventing grieving.
  14. Consuming bodies merely heals a person based on the CR of the mob and honestly it is not worth it in any aspect in my eye's. The only good thing about it is that it gives butchering skill but honestly there is no reason to use it unless you are in a life threatening scenario and need HP fast. Mate, Mycellium won't have an effect on that because everyone can already swap to lib as is. The only thing it would change is the demographics for who follows what deity and if you plan altars half decently it should not be an issue regardless. Edit: The OP also mentioned that Mycellium gets overgrow by grass if not on HoTS Influence so in this example deed. So it cant even spread on its own unless it is on a persons deed who summoned it himself.
  15. This idea has been suggested every so often, The idea of giving rewards for people exploring is not a bad one. But i feel a skill is the wrong way to approach it. Why not something more akin to the archaeology chests as it were?
  16. The reason it is based on hitting one is because only monsters with actual threat grant titles with the lowest being a troll. If you only grant a title to those that kill barely anyone will ever get titles like "Dragonslayer" or "Fearless". The only thing i like about this is dualing a champion of a specific monsters type giving a title that is genuinely a decent idea.
  17. Hey just as a quick heads up it appears as if Niarja is currently offline or slow as all hell, To the point that i cannot even try and reach it via a ping check. Besides that i am just gonna say thanks for allowing Niarja to exist it is a really useful platform!
  18. I see 2 seryll rings i am interested in how much you want for them?
  19. Honestly I support what Ecrir says here, the old servers lack people but they got an economy, a big one at that most of it however is in merchants or player run shops on the forum. Then the last bit is probably just skilled people online accepting what passes by in trade chat. For Xinit, mate you seem to not understand how the economy works or just haven't partaken in it.
  20. To be fair the fact that you have seen it is already something most cannot even say, Regarding the OP a for a ledger would be useful but something like an old tablet one can chip thing in maybe or something odd. As books are not easily accessible for most players.
  21. While i am not too occupied with this stuff it is not like running more then 2 clients and maintaining any degree of effectiveness is not too easy if you are doing anything more complex then digging dirt. The main thing i am gonna just throw here, if alts are gone priests will be gone until they get another rework then which i will not be expecting. Moral of the story No alts? No priests.
  22. Clear and Clean, Just needed a simple cloth outfit for my priest. Needed it at 80 QL got it at 85 QL for the same price. Was fast and clear. All in all nothing bad to even mention. Would definitely return when i need something from the total offers.