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  1. What Meditation path would you be in real life?

    Toss up between knowledge and insanity. Mainly cause i enjoy pulling weird stunts and pranks, For knowledge cause i find learning kind of a big thing to grow as an individual and all that.
  2. Kingdom Cloth Barding

    1+ Lets do the Thing!
  3. What do you look like

    and now i just want beer... Also i have been around a while now so the least i can do is join in the fun.
  4. Fur Cloaks, Coats, capes

    Me want! gimme gimme! +1
  5. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    This even makes me feel old. Which is weird as i only a young 21 year old. Yet the least i can do to change that is add something new here.
  6. Deliverance historical maps

    I like how there is an ad for someone buying referrals on that map.
  7. Memorial server

    I like the idea but in execution i would rather see it set aside a piece of a current server rather then say make an entire new server.
  8. What does your server mean to you?

    I began ages ago on Deliverance and i enjoyed my little bit there. Over time i moved to other servers like Exodus and later Xanadu cause of friends. After which i became a nomad and wondered around a lot talked a lot to random locals and all. Gave me some perspective in a lot of places. As such every server has there own thing in my eyes but Deliverance is and will be my home.
  9. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

    This pretty much covers my entire Wurm Online experience. From a F2P settled player -> Nomad -> Settled Semi-Hermit
  10. Public Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    If i get the chance i will be there.
  11. Goblin leader slaying

    Now this is what i like to read. I shall be there.
  12. Having a pheasant as a pet and use it as a combat assistant. Best pet ever!
  13. I happened to notice that lavender bushes in the following stages or growth do not have a winter texture/model. - Young - Shriveled
  14. RIFT Deli 3/3

    Neat, thanks for the cords saves me time riding around the mountain like a headless chicken.
  15. Coverless wagons

    +1 Honestly now my mind just goes to that cover for the wagon as like a piece of clothing. Something you can equip or change now that would be awesome.
  16. The southeast waters need names!

    I might as well think a little about it and see what i can muster for names. A. Seeing 2 people already suggest dragon stuff i am gonna twist the mold a bit. As in my eyes dragons do not really like sizable bodies of water. - Pheasants lake B. As for this one i am torn as i feel the mountain on the side should be considered. As it is kinda hard to miss when sailing past it. - Iron channel/bay
  17. Valrei International. 078

    Optimizations are always great. Plus a greater distance for viewing? Count me in.
  18. Deliverance Community Map

    658, 1866 - Clay 635, 1865 - Guard Tower 609, 1813 - Guard Tower 572, 1767 - Guard Tower 626, 1716 - Guard Tower 678, 1675 - Guard Tower 610, 1725 - Tar 647, 1662 - Tar Sorry for the long list but this should be everything in the area for now.
  19. So i was just coming here to fetch an update and all that as i love this tool. Yet the update(3.4.1) seems to have causes my Anti-virus(Avira) to throw a tantrum about a potential virus(Something to do with a cloud). As a result it cut the permissions on the exe. This is however solvable by making an exception in the folder where the exe is kept. This is more meant as a heads-up for others who may encounter this more then anything really.
  20. Last Post Wins

    No u? Yes, possibly someone
  21. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

    Fighting as it comes the closest to what i love doing most. Unless there was a walking/riding/sailing skill it would be that cause just going around and seeing what is actually around the server or other servers is always interesting.
  22. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    From my experience the people handing the smaller stuff like the tickets seem to do great work. Though the higher the chain one goes the more guessing work it becomes as a player to what is actually happening. I trust the team fully to do the simple and small stuff but honestly i have no clue how they handle big stuff as all we hear from it is: "We banned a macro-ring." or "We banned a group of people that were using exploits." And i will admit that i have heard rumors in the past of corruption and slacking but being just an player i got no clue how accurate that is.
  23. Valrei International. 077

    This just makes fruit trees a lot more fun to have around!
  24. Horse jumps on bridge.

    # What happened?I have a bridge over my horse pen. Every so often one or two of them manage to get onto the bridge and to get the off i need to enter the bridge from the locked building first.# What you expected to happen My horses not to jump on a bridge when i want to groom them.# Steps to reproduce I will add a screenshot from the situation. As i do not know if the type of bridge has any effect on this bug.