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  1. If i am not mistaken this exact idea has been mentioned in here before. I was against it then because it destroys the reason to even go out and explore. Even if it would be implemented it would distract from the real area. As for older servers the in-game maps do not even show the correct biome in a few places anymore. Seems like something not worth the effort as it would only add frustration because of the lack of knowledge. While looking at the community map s is 'mostly' accurate with the only point you need to do is figure out where the hell you are. There are deeds that prefer not to be marked, i recall someone that if you got his deed listed on the community map he would make your life a hell for it. I could see this falling horrendously bad with those people too. The most interesting places tend to be in the wild or deeds that actually have a legacy to them. That is assuming it isn't barred off. So believe me when i say this would add very little other then maybe a local convince once every so often. On top of that as i stated before being told there is a deed somewhere can be distracting. Thus pushing you away from the wild.
  2. Having used macro's in other games and been an admin for a game that did not allow it and having to sniff it out and deal with it. I see no positive reason other then to give a very small group of people a way to just not play the game and get stuff. If you can macro, i want to magic free items or skill out of thin air too with a timer which we all know is not gonna happen.
  3. So even at higher skill you still do not get what you want? Ok that must be horrendously frustrating knowing that you actually have the ability to get it as well. For a start no one but me has access to the animals, secondly i had it at a solid 18+ before the update. I can only keep it at 15ish as a result of all the deaths.(which includes me going out and collecting what ever i can find btw) Which is why i stopped breeding entirely at this point and started this topic. On top of that most horses i lost so far were bred up from a line that i have kept alive for over 5 years now. I am not in the mood to see it die out because an update made an error in the numbers somewhere.
  4. What has your experience besides the miscarriage been then@kochinac? I do not know what your AH is, but for me the trait points have been nothing but frustration. For the animal to deed ratio i have been keeping an eye on it and it has been at 15+ but just barely because of the frequent deaths.
  5. To me i am genuinely starting to wonder if don''t want like 2 to 4 glue horses to pull a wagon or ship transporter and beyond that just live on foot at this point. Like what is the point of having a horse if it just keeps dying faster then i can breed them?
  6. Please message that man, he has been staring at the same forge for a few weeks now. To the point that i am starting to think he is talking to the metals he smiths with.
  7. So to start off i am just a small deed owner with a small farm, I spend most of time in a cave or bashing wild stuff in the north of Deliverance. I breed and farm stuff about twice a day as a means of not having to bother much with others or just enjoying the experience. Yet this update has caused a lot of problems for my way of living. For a start i started the update with 17 5S horse's with about 80 Trait points, bred over a few years of hard effort and patients. Currently i am only at 5 horses left. With my breeding pairs seemingly dying first. (With 50 AH on a dedicated Lib priest) I did some research and some small sized testing (for the details see the spoilers). The results pretty much make me want to kill all my animals and just not bother anymore. With what feels like a hard cap to trait points, The shorter lifespan of my horses and all else just making it a pain. Because i like this game i wish to ask that some rules around breeding be loosend a little to at least make it friendlier to people of lower skill or with less time. The main thing that blocks most of it for me at least appears to be the point limit with trait points. As it seems to be directly linked to your AH skill. Which for anyone who is not a dedicated breeding is a nightmare. Lastly i want to ask if anyone else has noticed the increase in Miscarriages, before i only recall having one about a fat year ago. Since the update i had about 4 which seems like a horrendously dumb frequency for that to occur. While this is just my experience with it i am very curious what others have experienced. As i have seen little other people talk about it besides some of the people i play with.
  8. That second one is giving me distinct Libila Priestess vibes. Which i love!
  9. Bought it as i was keeping an eye on it. First bit to me felt odd as i was dumped on a radioactive pit of a planet at first. But after that it was good fun. I would compare it to a chill version of subnautica in a way. As threats are far less present and no fear in the back of the unknown. I even claimed my own world renamed it and all of its flora and fauna to get full credit. Which you can upload to there server to then be found by other people. TL;DR If you got time get it while its at a discount. Start was a bit odd but once you actually pick up the rope's as it were it becomes great fun.
  10. I did my husbandry rounds today to find i was tending 'Young Carrot'. Turns out that is one of my new donkey's.
  11. I like the idea, Yet i feel the need to voice a bit of caution with this. From a coding point of view i could see this being annoying and bug sensitive. Being allowed to sow on a field is in my eyes asking for bugs. As such i would argue just harvest all then go another round and sow all. Its what most of us have been doing for years now. Works well and easy.
  12. Oh so it just below Green dog in the forests again. Pretty decent place for it il try and make it.
  13. Ok, i genuinely forgot that was an item. In fact i would not be surprised if most people don't even know that it was a thing. Giving us to an old item like that would be a great bonus i'd argue.
  14. So given the logic in wurm, i am genuinely kind of suprised we are unable to ride bison at all. Like we can ride Croc's, bears and plenty of other animals all with there ups and downs. Yet given all this. We still have no way of riding a bison. Like can we get either the ability to ride one by having X amount of skill or by giving it a breedable trait?
  15. Hi, i need 1 potion of frost and 1 of acid do you still have those? If so please CoD to PotatoOnStick.