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  1. I would be against the implementation of a mini-map. It just does not feel like it belongs in this game. On top of that i would be for an implemented physical map as an item but not a hovering UI element so to say.
  2. Big Gobbo's Grotto now has a public trader. There is now also a highway from the following directions: - 502, 486 502, 385 - 502, 385 601, 385
  3. As of late i got limited time due to work going into overclock. All i got time for as of late, - Deep Rock Galactic when i see my friends are online too. - Minecraft (Modded) - Papers Please as i recently got it from a gift and it is rather enjoyable.
  4. Home is where the heart is! Deliverance has been my home for years. Why would i give up on her now? Plus why would i leave my friends? Can't let them have all the fun!
  5. i am against any form of easy teleportation, even with a fee attached to it would mean that travelling is easier for some then others. -1
  6. In wurm we got stuff for Christmas, while i would like to see stuff for Saint Nicholas day myself i do not think it would be a thing for wurm. We could however organise something as players.
  7. i keep forgetting how useful this would be! +1
  8. Your point is logical i honestly did not think about the new cluster as i do not really interact with it. For the old cluster though i still stand with my point.
  9. It would be easier and simpler to make a dedicated server yes. This is undeniable, The reason i do not want to see it is simple why would you make an entire server for 1 goal? It is a waste of Wurm's resources. Taking the time to survey dedicated area's on existing servers for dedicated 'Hunting grounds' would take more time. But on the flip side you got a new point of interest like a landmark. Also just picking a random spot is a dumb move we all know that. For your argument that there is no suitable space out there is in my eyes a poor choice of words. I can think of at least 6 sites ready for such a zone which is just on Deliverance.
  10. To shorten this it says that if no one in the area deals with the ghosts the area goes back to its original form. Thus forcing people to either deal with the ghosts or risk losing the stuff around the decayed deed. Plus the last bit with the explosion trying to 'restore nature' is going to be disruptive regardless. It would need an entire new system that is not worth the time and money. Rift turrets work because you got multiple people there, everyone scrambling for them as a means of getting the chance to kill them. Alone at a decayed deed? I wonder if it would honestly be worth the effort at that point... Hostile mobs are manageable even for new players as they are predictable they may not be able to beat them but at least you know what you are looking at strength wise. A new player will not wonder to a troll or lion because they can see it is a hostile monster. Ghosts make no sense and would be confusing. It is similar to the boar back in the day where new players would attack a boar thinking it was an easy fight.
  11. a dedicated server sounds a bit too much in my eyes. I would prefer a designated zone per server that is listed as 'Hunting zone' so to say. As having another server would just make this messier rather then making current servers more interesting.
  12. The entire idea of this game is to make something you like. Some ruins can be a boon with supplies, equipment or shelter or a pain in the ass if it is something you cannot move or get rid off. Regardless if someone is complaining about ruins they probably have not bothered with a decent sized deed. When it comes to your suggestion. We want this game to be new player friendly which is hard enough with the steep learning curve. Actually making ruins hostile or dangerous will just cause frustration for new players. To that end i do not like this idea.
  13. Bump, Good man selling fine horses and equipment. I do feel this should be a placed with a bigger font though.