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  1. Toss up between knowledge and insanity. Mainly cause i enjoy pulling weird stunts and pranks, For knowledge cause i find learning kind of a big thing to grow as an individual and all that.
  2. and now i just want beer... Also i have been around a while now so the least i can do is join in the fun.
  3. Me want! gimme gimme! +1
  4. This even makes me feel old. Which is weird as i only a young 21 year old. ? Yet the least i can do to change that is add something new here.
  5. I like how there is an ad for someone buying referrals on that map.
  6. I like the idea but in execution i would rather see it set aside a piece of a current server rather then say make an entire new server.
  7. I began ages ago on Deliverance and i enjoyed my little bit there. Over time i moved to other servers like Exodus and later Xanadu cause of friends. After which i became a nomad and wondered around a lot talked a lot to random locals and all. Gave me some perspective in a lot of places. As such every server has there own thing in my eyes but Deliverance is and will be my home.
  8. This pretty much covers my entire Wurm Online experience. From a F2P settled player -> Nomad -> Settled Semi-Hermit
  9. If i get the chance i will be there.
  10. Now this is what i like to read. I shall be there.
  11. Having a pheasant as a pet and use it as a combat assistant. Best pet ever!
  12. I happened to notice that lavender bushes in the following stages or growth do not have a winter texture/model. - Young - Shriveled