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  1. What Meditation path would you be in real life?

    Toss up between knowledge and insanity. Mainly cause i enjoy pulling weird stunts and pranks, For knowledge cause i find learning kind of a big thing to grow as an individual and all that.
  2. Kingdom Cloth Barding

    1+ Lets do the Thing!
  3. What do you look like

    and now i just want beer... Also i have been around a while now so the least i can do is join in the fun.
  4. Fur Cloaks, Coats, capes

    Me want! gimme gimme! +1
  5. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    This even makes me feel old. Which is weird as i only a young 21 year old. Yet the least i can do to change that is add something new here.
  6. Deliverance historical maps

    I like how there is an ad for someone buying referrals on that map.
  7. Memorial server

    I like the idea but in execution i would rather see it set aside a piece of a current server rather then say make an entire new server.
  8. What does your server mean to you?

    I began ages ago on Deliverance and i enjoyed my little bit there. Over time i moved to other servers like Exodus and later Xanadu cause of friends. After which i became a nomad and wondered around a lot talked a lot to random locals and all. Gave me some perspective in a lot of places. As such every server has there own thing in my eyes but Deliverance is and will be my home.
  9. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

    This pretty much covers my entire Wurm Online experience. From a F2P settled player -> Nomad -> Settled Semi-Hermit
  10. Public Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    If i get the chance i will be there.
  11. Goblin leader slaying

    Now this is what i like to read. I shall be there.
  12. Having a pheasant as a pet and use it as a combat assistant. Best pet ever!
  13. I happened to notice that lavender bushes in the following stages or growth do not have a winter texture/model. - Young - Shriveled
  14. RIFT Deli 3/3

    Neat, thanks for the cords saves me time riding around the mountain like a headless chicken.