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  1. Just checked and while i officially need to work that weekend, assuming i get the chance i might drop by.
  2. So i was minding my own business building a home and had a ladder leading to the outside. I saw the goblin below me as i was planning to just look at it and call the guards. But he bloody walked to the ladder and climbed up it then attacked me. I think i might be wise to add that knowledge to the wiki as goblins being able to climb ladders is a clear risk to players. I checked and while trolls do show that as an ability and have a noted on the wiki, goblins do not seem that have that noted.
  3. I do believe most of us know that feeling by now. Well i would just get a snack and watch a movie then come back. Should be up then. Oof that is indeed an awkward timing alright.
  4. Some servers are currently indeed down, from the looks it is Affliction, Celebration, Elevation and Harmony. Can't figure out why but that is what the site tells me atleast.
  5. Last i heard a decent number has been shipped out, but i would be surprised anyone here has one. Would not mind hearing how it works though as the steam deck already had my interests and the desire of having a handheld console with wurm on it is not lost on me.
  6. I don't mind the quantity of the wave's but i see the argument for having existing waves thinned out a little. As (to me at least) the first wave and sometimes the second wave feel like a horde you are mowing in on for a little longer then is interesting. The waves with more interaction and stuff like the turrets i enjoy and actually do not mind.
  7. Yes, please that would be a stat i would like to have easy access to. +1
  8. I just feel like i want to build and hollow out more of my home. Ever since i started playing i spend a decent part of in-game time either exploring or in a mine. After the ability to build in a mine i just do everything in my own house, In a mine. I do my crops, in a planter which is in the mine. And though i haven't gone so far as to keep animals in the bellow. I'm still expanding and building more. No clue where it ends but if i can have a full underground village i would be a happy cave man.
  9. The weekend was good and given that we are heading towards the next weekend how could it get any better?
  10. Anything, even my unusual acts and moments of maturity can be dragged through the years given it is properly refrigerated. Back to topic though, from my experience over the years, most people are from what i gathered 30-40 years old but there are clusters of people that are my age. They usually maintain a distance or hold to there own groups(me included). As truth be told, spending most of your spare time among people who age-wise could have been your father/mother just feels odd and it does lack a certain connection.
  11. Currently 24, been here for a while now. Feels like i have always been the youngest in any group here i happened to be part off over the years. Don't mind it though gave me some interesting perspectives.
  12. I am a giant fan of the over the top style that most Warhammer stuff has, the prime example of that is the 'Warden and the Paunch' Trailer for Total War Warhammer 2. Just a fat goblin having fun and a salty elf with a rivalry, i just love it how silly and over the top it is.
  13. My utmost respect to you, I am genuinely angered it has come to this and wish you the best in these moments of turbulence and hardship. I simply wish we actually did more to prevent this, so please stay safe and be well.