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  1. Added to the list. Thanks for the reports.
  2. Fixed:
  3. Did today's update resolve your issues: Bugfix: Fixed excessive rarity shine on armor Bugfix: Fixed dyed armor looking incorrect Bugfix: Fixed incorrect hair color Bugfix: Face skin tone should no longer differ from the body
  4. Added to the bug list as it no longer works on test either. It DID work previously. Thanks for the report.
  5. I reproduced what you are seeing here and will add it as an issue. Thanks for explaining it in detail.
  6. Fixed:
  7. Fixed:
  8. Fixed with today's update:
  9. Fixed:
  10. Issue fixed with today's update. GM will assist Crimsonearth with broken existing trader.
  11. Fixed:
  12. Please see instructions posted on your bug report for resolution
  13. This has been fixed with today's update for any newly placed traders. @crimsonearth - please put in a support ticket in game and a GM can help resolve your issue. The broken traders did not automatically get the 2 contracts but a newly placed one after today's update will have the appropriate items.
  14. Added to the list, thanks for the report. In the meantime, move the jug to main inventory to use.
  15. I've added this to the dev list for comment because I don't believe replacing the trader will solve the issue. I placed one on test and it was also missing those same two contracts. I'll let you know what I find out
  16. As Ausimus indicated, once existing rock shards decay naturally, the issue of having both stone and rock shards will cease to exist. The 'pile of stone shards' has been reported and is being followed here:
  17. This appears to have been fixed with this patch although the note was absent from the list.
  18. I noticed this yesterday as well and added a bug. Thanks for your report which I'll add to the bug file.
  19. Thanks for the report. I added this bug when I noticed it on my ebony horses as well. will add your report to the bug.
  20. Added sheets per this report