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  1. Please add a new page for the new highway system or build the old page to reflect the new system. There are many question being asked, maybe some answers can be posted here for the most asked questions and wiki can start with a link to the highway document?
  2. The devs are aware of the issue and looking into it.
  3. Verified the issue on test, added a bug. It appears to happen at the 1 and 2 perimeter tile from deed corners. Thanks for the report.
  4. Verified fixed:
  5. Can you give me the server name, the deed name and the building name? I'll see if a GM or Dev can take a look and recreate on test.
  6. Fixed with the lastest client builds:
  7. If this is still an issue with the 4.0 client, please open a new thread and detail your repro steps. Keybind issues were addressed with the latest client:
  8. Fixed with the latest 4.0 client. Either add a new keybind or just open settings and click save to unbloat your file.
  9. Fixed with the latest 4.0 client:
  10. Should be fixed with the latest 4.0 client update:
  11. You should now be able to rename your tent via right click - rename option.
  12. bug

    Some issues with ceilings vs. floors have been fixed with this patch: If your specific issue has not been fixed, please look for or open a new thread so that we can track those issues separately. Thanks for your details.
  13. Fixed with this update:
  14. Moogien, this should have been fixed with this update: Can you please verify with your lamps on the live server as they are old type and cannot be recreated on test. Thank you!
  15. Fixed with update:
  16. A new scenario of a fixed bug has surfaced, so I'm adding it here in case you find items 'disappearing into thin air'. A few weeks ago this bug was fixed: Since then, it has been discovered that a similar bug still exists if you have a bridge connecting two buildings overhead and try to push items either under the bridge toward the buildings or from one building to the next. If you are moving items and there is a bridge nearby, please look up to see if your item teleported to the bridge above.
  17. Can you tell me what you were doing when you crashed? Was this on the stable client?
  18. First be sure that the person's deed has their citizens set to be able to do actions on alliance deeds. In other words, their role on their deed needs to have the permission checked to 'Allow actions on alliance deeds'. (It's one of the permissions in BLUE at the bottom of the roles screen.) If that box is not checked for the role the person has in their village, they will not be able to do anything on any ally deed.
  19. This was changed with the May 18, 2017 client update: When standing directly on a farm field, you will get the info you listed above even with 1 farming skill. Thanks for pointing it out so that Wiki gets updated.
  20. A missing model won't prevent a mission from being completed. If a mission is active for a certain structure, it means the structure is still around. Remember, an epic structure requiring a ritual does not have to be ONLY a temple. I can be an obelisk or a foundation pillar for example. (Foundation pillars are built underground). Just keep looking - or ask in your freedom chat if anyone knows the location of the structures for the missions.
  21. Will get a test scenario set up to reproduce. If anyone has any supporting information, please do post as I'm the worse catapulter in the history of the world, this one and every other one.
  22. Please check the test server and run a few tests with meat varieties as changes have been made. Advise if you run into lore issue please
  23. I'm not able to reproduce this so far. What server is this happening on for you and are you using the stable or unstable client?
  24. I can bring up the issue again, last time I was told working as intended. (Don't shoot the messenger)
  25. Cucumbers are available so no bug here. Please use Town Square or Suggestions forums for discussion of frequency or rng.