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  1. I have a bug already opened for very old left over 'unknown' missions still showing for some players. For the most part, this was addressed by a change here: However, there were still a few people who had some unknown missions remain - so I reopened the issue to see if we could have those addressed. I'll add your bug to the issue. Thanks for the report.
  2. Well, shame on me for not noticing the previous report. I was out with medical issues for a few months and had surgery the month of October. Thanks for the report back then! I'll smack everyone who was covering for me
  3. I did some testing on the test server and it seems that you may need to log out for /lotime in order for some to appear (specifically those with only 1.0 skill it seems). I'm glad it's showing for you now. There is still an issue open for it in case there is a way for the client to update immediately.
  4. Will be fixed with this issue:
  5. Is this for quivers just in the quiver slot? Keybind Open seems to work for quivers on the backpack slot and in inventory. Is this the same for you? Bug opened for quivers in the quiver slot.
  6. Verified for Adamantine and Glimmersteel. Added to the list and thanks for the report.
  7. If there was a server restart between the start of the mission and when you looked for it, this is a known issue: There WAS a server restart today, so that may be the issue.
  8. Sounds like this issue which is in the bug list already. If you can confirm which type of mine door it is or is not working with (for the destroy), I can add your issue to the same bug.
  9. Fixed with today's restart of Independence:
  10. Thanks for the report! Added a bug and confirmed that keybind examine works for Rock and Steel and does not work for Wood, Gold and Silver. Good catch.
  11. I noticed the same thing last night while walking around. I'll see if we can get some insight on this. Thanks for the report.
  12. This bug is actually on the list already and has been for years. I'll add your post to the issue. Thanks for the report.
  13. Fixed:
  14. Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  15. I cannot reproduce this as I'm getting sandstone sniffs on test. (As well as slate and marble) Can anyone on live confirm that they have sniffed sandstone?
  16. Fixed with this patch:
  17. Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  18. There are different cookers used for different recipes as well as different containers. If you open your recipe list you can see by the starter recipes provided that some can be cooked in an oven, forge or campfire while others can only be cooked in certain cookers.
  19. Will find out, in the meantime I've added it to the bug list.