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  1. Creature movement revamp has been ongoing for months. It was introduced on Celebration as a live case for a while now. With this patch, it was introduced to the other servers. New: Creature movement overhaul has now been introduced to all servers. In order to keep all feedback in one spot, I've created this thread and will reference all other posted issues here. Please use this topic for reports. Other posts relating to the same issue: Please keep this thread to detail the issues you are seeing and not just an open rant thread. In order to properly give the devs information to troubleshoot, we need to keep this thread to detailed issues you are seeing. The more details you give, the easier it is to pinpoint the issue and look for a cause. Fixes addressing some issues:
  2. Please post complete console logs in order to help diagnose the issue. Sinful, your issue sounds like it may be related to 32 bit java being used insteadof 64 bit. Check that first, then post a full console log after a disconnect.
  3. The result of damaging water while making these clothing items can result in cloth rags if you have a catastrophic failure and the damage to the water becomes 100. I moved this as we're following the bug here. Same bug, different title.
  4. Fixed with today's update:
  5. Thanks for the details. On the list and following here:
  6. Adding second thread here to keep all reports together.
  7. Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  8. Different type liquids in a pottery bowl in intended as the bowl is used in cooking for a number of recipes that may call for various liquids. So dragging any mixture of liquids into the bowl is not a bug. I was not able to milk a sheep then a cow using the same bowl, though. [07:56:56] You cannot mix types of milk. Empty the pottery bowl first.
  9. I've brought this to the attention of the devs.
  10. I have this one listed and will add your post to the bug. Thanks for the report.
  11. Thanks for the report. Added to the list.
  12. This is a very old bug and is still on the list. I'll add your post to the bug.
  13. Fixed:
  14. Fixed:
  15. Fixed:
  16. Fixed:
  17. Fixed:
  18. Fixed:
  19. Unless you cull them or they die of other natural causes, the trait will not cause their death. The bug regarding that trait has been fixed, so you may see a few of those around for a time.
  20. Both have been reported and are on the bug list. One we're following here:
  21. A few additional things have been added to your profile since this page was last updated.
  22. We have it reported here and the devs are working on a fix. Thanks for the report.
  23. Client dev on the case already. Thanks for the report.
  24. These should be fixed with today's update: I found an additional 'setup' that needs to be fixed and opened up a bug for that (when setting up a wagoner on a waystone via the contract). Any new text issues found should be reported with a new bug. Thanks!