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  1. That's a good point... I wouldn't want it to nerf the night too much. Humanoids should be curious about the light perhaps drawn to it. And it wouldn't make much sense for lava spiders to be afraid of fire either although they should remain indifferent to it.
  2. It's common knowledge that animals have a natural fear of fire so campfires tend to keep hungry predators at bay; except in Wurm. It would be nice if when night falls and I'm on a journey that I could light a fire and keep mobs at a safe distance. My protection would diminish in relation to the about of natural light as the night shifts to day.
  3. Apparently it's a server issue and they are already working on it. I believe ti only affects Xan.
  4. BUMP! The folks of this community are a friendly bunch. Lots resources, friends and help when needed.
  5. And this may be exactly why they aren't connected. Connecting them would lock the world map and void any future servers. As adding new servers would require remapping how they connect.
  6. There are a lot of talented artist and game modelers who would like to help with game graphics and sounds. While what we have looks fantastic I still see question marks for some odd inventory items and graphics that seem old or out of place a bit. People would love to see thier talent used in a world they love and community contributions is so much of what Wurm is about. Make a to do list and let us help.
  7. [18:36:00] You poke virtualtrades corpse to see if it moves.
  8. I don't mean to sound like it is crisis but I have real money to invest and don't because I have no idea half the time what something is worth. A price check seems to vary with who is on, time of day, etc. How did Xan affect prices?
  9. There is a serious problem plaguing the economy and near perfect world of Wurm. Transparency. It has been long assumed that people use alts in auctions to drive up prices. And new players have no clue what the value of an object. There is an in game currency but lacks the stability of it's RL counterpart. And partly because there is no credibility in the transactions. Transparently and some simple record keeping could eliminate much of the problem. So I propose the following: 1. Every financial transaction needs to be recorded. X item sold for Y on this date. 2. This information needs to be available in near real time either via a web service for public consumption or at least on the Wurm website. That's it nothing fancy. Yes there are ways to sabotage this system but at least so currency really did move between alts. People abusing the system would be more obvious.
  10. The Hidden Crydee is a well established large deed on Release (i9 in game map) in need of new recruits. We are a laid back small group with lots of experience but very willing to teach and share what we know. There aren't too many deeds around us so there mobs can get heavy at times, but within the walls of the deed you'll be safe. PM Thesisus