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  1. Looking to sell Banzai as I geninuely don't have time to run more than 1 toon, and a priest isn't much use to me at the moment. Skill dump at https://www.niarja.com/universes/Online/clusters/freedom/skills/BanzaiTheSmeagainPriest PM offers in EUR Not leaving wurm, just cleaning out a bit!
  2. sold

    Hi, selling 70 silver for 60 euros, verified paypal only. Thanks!
  3. If you can do 30, COD to banzai
  4. How much would you like for the supreme bow?
  5. Hi, I'm about to disband ravensrest (starting in 24h ish time). Unless someone wants to take it over for the silver value in the coffers (25ish S). If not, I'm willing to hand over all houses to anyone whom might be interested in taking it over and starting it as their own settlement! Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/KVCZZHo Located close to Greymead Has wagoneer
  6. Got IcarusTheGreat recently in a deal, however 2 toons is more than enough for me! https://www.niarja.com/universes/Online/clusters/freedom/skills/Icarusthegreat Looking for 50s/e but I'm willing to negotiate!
  7. Sold!

    I've purchased this bundle and I am now the owner!