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  1. Will be looking into some more long term solutions for this clearly missed some important issues this brought up, I liked the idea of having 2 lead when on the ground and 1 when riding if you try to ride with 2 and 1 is not the one your trying to ride it would likely prevent you from riding. Thoughts on this?
  2. The issue with just a cr nerf is those horses are still tons of free aosp/health/mobility extra, honestly messing with the cr was just as easy a change this path was picked for more reasons. Having 4 backup creatures with you makes it hard to balance anything pet related making you choose between a backup and a tamed pet means we are likely to be able to remove some of the pet nerfs and start balancing things around not being stuck with the old ways just because that's how it was back then. No matter what kinda penalty we put if you can have 4 horses there will be those people solo roamers and others who still run tons of backup horses same as when the current CR nerf was added and people kept using them anyways.
  3. Will be fixed next update, left out another bypass in 1 last place sorry about that.
  4. If anyone crossed from elevation to a home server(home server to elevation causes no issue) since the server opened when you got to the home server your meditation level was set to 9 due to a bug. This was also fixed today and you and anyone else effected should open a support ticket so I can verify and return your levels.
  5. Fixed: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/170906-patch-notes-16jul19/
  6. Just those 2, does not effect the other ones like slash ect.
  7. There is no hard cap its scaling you down but there is no cap, its likely just still seeing your squashed value somewhere. Will look into it thank you for the report.
  8. Will be a patch before launch to let them through, thanks for bringing that up.
  9. Looking into the hand mirrors The lockout will last as long as people want it. It shouldn't let you cross with the merchant contact currently, you would need to trade it to another account for now.
  10. Just a note for everyone, sorry I should have made things more clear on the portal. You must be totally naked and have absolutely no items on you except ones listed below. The following items go through the portal on epic Spyglass Sleep Powder Shaker Orb Res Stone If you have anything else on you please trade it to another account for now, I will be looking into better solutions in the future. As far as home server transfers with items go, there is unlikely to be any way for the time to do so.
  11. Home servers will be back up shortly they are looking good to be opening soon sorry about that.
  12. Also in regards to concerns about elemental immunity being to strong compared to the rest of the level 9 abilities, its duration has been reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes on epic servers.
  13. Seems that got left out of the notes sorry, you will not be able to hitch or ride hell horses on elevation.
  14. If people are going to champ up to get the 20 free prayer, your going to ruin it for the people I was trying to be nice to and I will be forced to set it back to 50 please don't ruin it for the existing champs.
  15. There will be no pmks to start period, it can be discussed at a later date if people would like to see them but we want to give the base kingdoms time to claim areas before we would even consider letting pmks form. Also you all have the same say in what happens, which is suggestions that we may or may not take into consideration.
  16. Faith will not be resetting, there is no good/easy way for it to just effect elevation. We could possibly increase the difficulty of spells for awhile to make them much less reliable, and/or add channeling to the list of skills that get squished a bit. Not enough time to implement and test anything major but open to ideas for ways to nerf priests early game.
  17. Moved to client bugs if its just a visual issue.
  18. Is it still gone through relogs and does everyone else see it missing?
  19. Everyone will have plenty of time to move when the final dates are announced we are still working on setting exact dates though and will be sure to update everyone when those are finalized.
  20. There is plans to take a much better pass of pvp mechanics later this year, we don't want to go to much into detail but we are aware how people feel and what they would like to see.
  21. This is absolutely just short term bandaids people where told that they could have temporary solutions like this to fill the gap or wait till around november when bigger things are planned. People expressed they would be alright with some simple to implement but changes to still throw the meta up with another full reset likely coming near the end of the year so that's the approach that was taken for this. You are right that there is less than normal resources and most of the help are people throwing a hand in outside stuff they are already doing so we do have to pick and choose what we can realistically hope to accomplish in time.
  22. You would still show up on a home server for your base kingdom if you have been on epic before.
  23. Everyone will be on a home server when they login for launch day, no one will start on elevation with items.
  24. The epic portals would still work as normal we have no plans to change the current crossing mechanics from epic to freedom and back.