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  1. Ah I get what you mean now sorry that could be an options for sure, keep the feedback coming been really great so far from everyone.
  2. My issue with this is people could just use alliance or permissions to have little to no villagers in that deed to bypass this. As army pointed out this may be something people get tricked by on the first raid but breaking in and stopping it from happening again shouldn't be to difficult if it is we can look at ways to prevent it. We are going to look at making deeds have some decent distances between them outside the safe zones to help with this issue.
  3. Artifacts can also be contested at the altar they don't last very long these days without a recharge and have been contested many times there even when the recharges where farther apart. Not sure I understand the second part if deeds need to be farther apart and the tunnels between them are easily broken into I don't see the issue? Break into the tunnel and get them if they try to use that.
  4. Lock picking outside the window will still work. Going to consider forced gaps between deeds, also reinforcements in perimeter and off deed will be super easy to break into. Blocker deeds without defenses will still be drainable every day, we can consider the 5 drain disband also carrying over from elevation if this turns into a huge issue.
  5. Can consider forced gaps between deeds outside the safe zone, but reinforced tunnels between them should be easy to deal with now that reinforcements off deed are easy to break.
  6. I think horses are important enough to make them easier to obtain there is some arbitrary barriers that serve no real purpose for how crucial horses are to pvp.
  7. Would making them born at a riding age help you can already ride tiny horses in a small age window? Would rather them just be able to be ridden from the start than having some time period to wait even an accelerated period.
  8. Sorry misread getting tired, can make horses able to be ridden at earlier ages to seems like a fair change.
  9. This is a mix of responding to posts and revisions based on those same comments. Raid Window/Mines Newly created deeds will be raidable for 48 hours when created outside of the safe zone. After this 48 hours normal raid windows will begin. Draining a deed will reset the cooldown for changing the drain window and cannot be changed with enemies on the deed. If a raid window is not set a deed will be raidable at all hours. Raid windows will have a set duration now 8 hours outside safezone 4 hours inside safezone Remember there are nerfs to how defendable you can make a deed now dirt walls cannot be nearly as tall and mines need 3 tiles between them. Also need to consider there is tower chaining now you cannot just build a deed directly next to someone you will need to chain towers and destroy the enemy towers to do this. Breaking reinforcements off deed will also be extremely easy now. With these changes I feel confident most of the concerns will be difficult to pull off. Walls and fences on the deed will be indestructible outside raid windows. War bonus will cap around 20% reduced damage and won't be anything too insane. Will look into having off deed mines stay locked but be extremely easy to bash. Other Servers are planned to launch together. Meditation will now cross over, paths and path levels will not but are capped at 9 as noted. Tomes will not come from any source on this new server, but as noted some of the karma spells will be available to anyone with a staff and karma. None of these changes are planned to cross over to existing pvp server unless there is support for it. Horses can breed at younger ages now. Can look at adding base DR similar to sotg to everyone as the server progresses if damage output is still too high. PMKs will be enabled at some point just not on launch to give starter kingdoms time to expand and claim land. My best estimate is a month or two, we want to give base kingdoms time to make towers and claim land before unleashing PMKs. Capitals for those who do not know are set by the king and do not need to be the deed they live in, the reduce the cost of upkeep on a deed by half.
  10. Tomes are fully gone from the new pvp server, can look into speed traits and how they activate.
  11. With the server coming up fast we wanted to give you some time to look over and give feedback on the new pvp server changes. These are still subject to change before the server launch. Most of the changes from the elevation reset will be crossing over to this new server. Feel free to discuss the changes listed below and anything else you think was missed. Same as last time please keep the discussion civil and keep the kingdom stuff in discord/skirmishes. Elevation Changes Staying Maximum digging slope has been reduced to 150. Maximum surface mining / tunneling slope has been reduced to 60. There now needs to be a minimum of 3 tiles between mine doors. Meditation levels cap out at 9, no scaling sotg. Hate Damage Bonus now Increases lockpicking chance. Element Immunity now only lasts 5 minutes down from 30. Rare vehicles will no longer increase the speed. Rare horse gear now takes less damage instead of granting a speed bonus. Horses give birth faster. Traders have stopped selling some items like resurrection stones. No teleports like karma recall/farwalkers. Hell horses and Unicorns cannot be hitched or ridden. No champions on this server. PMK not available till later into servers life. Safe Zones/Travel/Raiding Players will move between the new pvp and pve server much like how epic works with a portal on each side that is simple to craft. Most skills will cross, but some will not including faith/meditation and likely fighting skill. Map will be 4k in size. Starting areas will be 3 islands on the edges of the map with easy exposed rock, these are about 500x500 tiles each. Starting islands will have a safe zone around them with the following perks/penalties Much much stronger Tower/Village guards spawn inside this zone instead of the normal ones. Reduced damage from siege weapons. Villages have no silver removed when drained, only left in to allow breaking mine reinforcements. Shorter raid windows than outside the starting islands(more below). Max village size 21x21 inside this zone. Capitals cannot be located inside this safe zone. Artifacts in the safezone will lose 1 charge every hour till they go back into the ground even when on players. Battle camp towers cannot spawn inside or within 200 tiles of safe areas. Deeds can now only be raided during raid windows, villages will be able to pick the time this window opens and this can only be changed every 2 weeks. The window duration is dictated by villager/alliance count and if it's located in the safe zone or not. You will be able to view the window and how long till it starts by right clicking any wall/fence on the deed from any distance. Starter villages will be 100% unraidable. Raid windows will be around 2 hours for safe zones and 6+ hours outside them. The safe zones are designed to give the server safer areas for base kingdoms where being evicted from the server is not really an option while keeping the majority of the map dangerous as usual. There are some restrictions for this zone to make it not great as bases for larger groups. These zones will be limited to 3 seperate islands where the starter villages will be located, the main landmass of the map will remain more dangerous.The raid windows are focused on giving players control over when people can attack so defending it is not a 24 hour job and people are not trying to find off hours to attack with no defenders. Valrei/Death Changes No Valrei Tomes, other rewards will replace including resurrection stones. Will have its own separate copy of Valrei and will have its rewards reworked, missions to get you off deed will be much more common than missions you can do in safety. The rewards from valrei for top players will change to things like: Shaker orbs Tuning forks Good enchanted compasses High QL tool belts Sleep powder Star gems 10 80-100ql gems Decorative masks Resurrection stones Resurrection stones will only come from valrei The magranon effect will now only have a 20% to save items vs the 50% of stones. Very rarely small magic chests(Limited to tier 1) More suggestions welcome Rewards structure will be as follows: Tier 1(1 Player): One Resurrection Stone/Two 1kg Seryll Lumps/One roll on the side items table/roll for small magic chest. Tier 2(3 Players): Two 1kg Seryll Lumps/1 roll on the side items table. Tier 3(5 Players): One 1kg Seryll Lump When players die to other players their items will be placed inside a grave that cannot be moved or destroyed by normal methods, a 60 second action on the grave will destroy it leaving the corpse with the loot under it. Recall corpses cannot be used for 20 mins after death now when the corpse is inside a grave. The valrei changes are intended to move away from the karma spells as rewards and to make the rewards things like the only source of resurrection stones to give incentive to go out and try and win. The grave stones are intended to stop early looting and require you to win a fight or push an enemy off to claim your prize and not just trying to spam pickup mid fight. Misc Changes Random chests spawns will return and will only contain high ql normal supplies always/rare bones sometimes. There will be a few karma spells castable by anyone with a gem staff/karma to use them these will be: Summon Skeletons/Wraith/Worg Mirrored Self Stone/Ice/Fire walls The White and Black lights will be much harder to destroy. Locate artifact will have a cast power dependent chance to locate an underground artifact closest to the player instead of a random one. Global message when the artifact recharge window opens and closes. Weapon potions like potion of acid will instead craft one of the other skilling potions. Weapons/Armour tweaks to change the meta up, we will be leaving this undocumented. Increased shield/shield bashing skill outside of the safe zones. Village warbonus will now reduce the damage your walls/fences take from siege and no longer increase players damage. PvP server player count only updates around every hour. Locate souls will have a reduced range, this will now include locating corpses. Off deed reinforcements will have a much higher chance to break when using the disintegrate spell. Messages like lost link/left the world/logged in will only be shown to people in your own kingdom.
  12. You can transfer between the PVP and PVE server with something like the epic portal, items do not cross skills do is the current plan. The delay between PVP and PVE servers should only be a few days to a week max we plan to keep it as short as we can and want to give each server the focus it needs.
  13. Also to answer the original question, tower chaining will be enabled.
  14. We could also just slow them down in general for pvp servers, but removal is always an option if that isn't enough.
  15. There is plenty of tricks to learn as you start to pvp people can't expect to come into pvp knowing everything, but beyond that when casting on the body it already mentions it is only blocked on body casts and tells you to cast it on wounds when on vehicles with the following message. "You must target a wound directly when using this spell on a vehicle." We do not consider wound casting a loophole it does extra range checks that prevent it from being cast while moving more than a tile while on vehicles. Venom removed upto 60% glance in some cases as a blanket enchant that works on any weapons vs any kind of armor type and its only downside which was reduced damage which is negated fully at high powers. It was to accurate and even now it still offers the lowest glance rate across all armor types, it is the lowest glance vs everything still just not absolute 0.
  16. Was more asking for how people felt about it I apologize for not wording that better. As far as boats go we are defiantly going to do something to improve the current situation the sailing changes made, I've been testing some changes to it on my local build and will let you guys know when we have a final answer on that hopefully soon.
  17. What is the issue with sickles? Care to elaborate a bit more?
  18. Was in direct response to this comment from Sindusk. Cure on a players body heals for pretty large amounts for the short action timer and no movement checks body casts provide.This isn't a big deal off a vehicle as you cannot move and cast those spells. Heal is the intended spell for use on vehicles in motion, cure can stay in with wound targeting because they do distance checks from the start of the action and cannot be cast while moving much which is not something we want for all body cast spells as there was only a few trouble ones. Cure spells before the priest rework worked exactly as they do now on vehicles requiring you to stop to cast the quicker heals like using cotton does. If people find an issue with it being wound casts only on vehicles the offer was just to remove that and make it only usable off vehicles totally.
  19. Correct but everything shares this so I do not include it when discussing the specific added glance rates for different wound types, in this case 0 addition to the 5% base glance rate everything has period.
  20. The why was explained I highlighted it below, now I understand if you don't agree but I clearly gave the reasoning. I have a feeling people will understand a mechanic as easy as heal spells build resistance faster than heal enchants because everyone can use the enchants and there much harder to get consistent healing from because you only heal when doing damage based on the damage amount. . Removing cures totally from vehicles is of course an option, if that's the route people want it to go instead we are happy to fully remove them from vehicles period it was intentionally left how it was in the old days where slowing down to cast on a specific wound was still doable but if people think it should be removed fully from vehicles that can defiantly be done. Casting on wounds does range from start checks and you cannot move more than a tile on a vehicle during its cast so it left no loophole as players need to basically fully stop to cast them which was ok with us. As said we are open to ideas for completely new venom effects to replace the low glance of the nerfed version, but going back to it having 0 glance is not something the team is ok with the decision has been made there and we are unlikely to bring it back to 0% glance. Shield bashing is on the table to be looked at balance wise for pvp, more on that at a later date. The goal is to make the spell spam less useful in general, having most spells you cast canceled and your cast time increased on a 30 second cooldown with every priest having it is a rough balance point. There needs to be ways to cancel them but they should be used in situations you know it will have a good effect vs just stopping near every cast you can. Increasing the cast time was overkill I will admit and the plan is to return it to 3 second cast time regardless of the other changes.
  21. Locate soul has already seen some major nerfs in the priest overhaul, it already has protections against spamming like resistance/more limited max range it can find players now/a cooldown. Don't think we will be looking at more unless it becomes a problem somehow. Will take a look at messages/sounds showing up when hidden from local(except for stealth likely). Removing player counts for pvp servers is something that would require some deeper discussion between the team so I have no answer for that currently.
  22. Libila will likely receive a different named tangleweave(same general effect) with a much longer cooldown to make up for them having more casts of it. Sailing I cannot comment on yet but we are discussing that and ill let you know when we have a final answer on that. Kingdom management as a title to allow someone other than the king to manage stuff does not sound like a terrible idea I put that on our list for consideration. Not likely to make the enemy in local stuff last longer for anything but karma home/teleporting in general to prevent abuse. Solving alts without mechanics is hard because as mentioned at what point do we start calling something an alt? I have 70+ fightskill decent fighter alts. Also whats to stop someone from just locking what could easily be considered a main of someone naked/in bad gear and doing the same things? We would like to find a balance mechanic wise to prevent the abuse rather than having hard to enforce rules against it. As far as alts in reinforced mines preventing expansion, if it stays a problem we may likely have to prevent things in mines from stopping expansion or some other change to prevent that behavior.
  23. I don't think we are going to be looking at premium only chaos at this time, the current idea is to mix up how mines and local work. If you don't have a direct open path to an exit near by you will not be able to see local above ground the same will go for them seeing you. Would likely be a cut off if your to far from the entrance also, this would likely effect all pvp servers including epic.
  24. Do you happen to know an exact time that happened/timezone you are in to help us track down the cause?