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  1. Indi Server Lag

    It might be time of day, but I haven't changed times I play and the relative number of folks online when I log on hasn't changed drastically - just noticed recently that it's almost impossible to do anything repetitive (which is almost everything in this game . . . )
  2. Don't know if this is the correct place to put this, but there seems to be a dramatic increase in server lag over the past 10 days at least on Indi. I'm having to wait for over a minute routinely to be able to make any game inputs and moving from building to building is excruciatingly painful having to wait for the doors to open. I'm having a hard time grinding and not completely wasting my sleep bonus - seems more than half of my sleep bonus is wasted in lag. Game is almost unplayable for long periods of time. I have checked to see if it is my ISP but speed tests (including ping) show that the lag is NOT an ISP problem. It seems to be worst between 2300 and 0300 UTC. Did something change recently with the game that affects server lag?
  3. Got 4 unfinished knarrs and 3 unfinished corbita's all in ship transports and all unloadable giving same message: Unfinished <ship type> is not transportable in this way. Most of them are over half complete but I can't work on them any more - hope this gets fixed soon
  4. I can do tools, but not sure what tools you consider to be in a Complete skiller Tool set - are you talking about every tool in Wurm? If not can you list what tools you are looking for?
  5. Update: rechecked the damage on the off deed building, and after 2 days I have: [09:37:52] QL=85.47094, dam=0.03509965 Much more reasonable decay rate on an off deed building wall - Thank you for readjusting.
  6. Okay - so they say they've fixed the decay rate for off deed buildings owned by active players. It's been 10 days since I built this building and we have the following damage: [14:53:14] QL=85.54531, dam=21.32522 I have repaired this damage and we will see what the new decay rates are: [14:55:54] QL=85.47094, dam=0.0 I'm not sure what the definition of active player is but I'm on almost every day and doing some simple math with the /playtime read out I see that I'm on an average of 388 minutes or 6+28 hrs a day.
  7. Okay - it's been 5 days since I built my off deed building I mentioned in the initial post and: [16:08:34] QL=85.546295, dam=9.112043 At this rate I expect the building to be completely gone before the end of February if no maintenance is done on it - that's a little too much decay in my opinion. In a one year period of time it will take me 3 times the resources needed to build it to maintain it. Compare this with a high stone wall I built several years ago and repaired to 0 dmg last January: [16:09:29] QL=71.038185, dam=22.867039 This wall section is NOT near a Magranon altar. At this rate I don't expect to have to do any maintenance on it for another 2 years and it will be standing in some form or another until December 2018. This roughly translates to buildings decaying 18 times faster than fences. I own 20 deeds in this game and have 47 buildings that are not on any of those deeds - mostly stables, safe houses and transfer stations. With the exception of the building I just built, all were built before the decay rate change. Deeding these additional structures is cost prohibitive and a waste of good real estate that can otherwise be used by other players. 2 of these buildings are undeedable as they are on 1x1 islands. Am I the only one who thinks the decay rate on buildings off deed is a bit too fast?
  8. And I disagree with you - the topic is Off-deed Decay Rates so anything to do with deeds is really off topic
  9. kind of silly to deed a 1x1 holding shed or a 1x1 safe house in the middle of nowhere. Besides this topic is specifically about off deed buildings. Please stay on topic.
  10. Six years ago I built my first stone building - it was QL35 and it lasted almost 8 months - five years ago I built several 1x1 stone buildings at QL 55 and they lasted several years before damage levels hit 60. 6 months ago I built several buildings QL 75 and they lasted less than 6 months before decay levels hit 60 at the same time I built some stone walls at QL 75 and they have only 22 damage. 2 days ago I built a stone building QL 85 and it already has 3 damage. I left the trowel on the ground outside after building this building and it still has 0 damage. it doesn’t make much sense that a stone wall that isn't part of a building lasts 3 times longer than a stone wall that is part of a building if their QL's are the same. Why is the decay on buildings so much higher than any other object save dirt in the game?
  11. Logging in this morning with my premium account and can't get a gift from any Christmas tree - how do I get my gift? Got the proper premium requirements - been premium since September and it doesn't expire until 18 Jan, but no gift.
  12. what does the rarity on this get you - is it faster or just decay slower?