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  1. If still available I (also Zamiel ingame) would like your 95coc gold lump please
  2. I'm not fussed either way for banning RMT or account sales but I have a couple of concerns with the ban of account sharing; 1: Shared deed management alts are not uncommon, particularly for avoiding a single point of failure by having a succession of ownership in place. Depending on the deed, this might be accessed by enough people to run afoul of the rule. 2: The current design of the priest system, with core aspects of the game being disabled for (most) priests, channeling being a grind that feels like it needs multiple players hammering at one account to make good progress on (thanks to channeling nerfs over the years calling for higher and higher skill levels) and the desired abilities being split across 4 gods, makes it feel like it was designed -for- shared accounts. I feel like a more 'distributed' system where any character can access a couple spells (still have to grind channeling for enchant and combat spells, that should be limitation enough really) should be considered in the face of this ban.
  3. Current WO maps won't be added, but is there any chance Rolf has the data for the old JK-Home server in its original untouched state? That's a map I'm still nostalgic for, 5 years after it's gone.
  4. COD to Zamiel please.
  5. Punishlife was my main material supplier for my coalmaking grinding for quite a span of time, always had orders ready quickly, even surprise orders from a server crash SB fill or RoS cast. Highly recommended.
  6. As someone with a number of alts that wander the servers, I'm pretty familiar with dealing with Hellhounds from the perspective of a new player or a player unable to pay for premium, and thus locked out from riding horses. Regarding sticking to roads, that works until the road you're following turns uphill, at which point the hound rather quickly catches up. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but it is a creature -extremely- proficient at "Attacks of Opportunity" oftentimes hitting from well outside their normal combat radius. Once they've inflicted that initial hit, you're slow enough from the hurting status that you're just gonna get picked apart by more Attacks of Opportunity. Towers work when you can find one but many, many roadways are completely without Tower coverage at all, which becomes a problem when I see in kchats that many new players are told to stake it out in an empty area on their own when they have difficulty finding a village to join. As for moving away from "too much wildlife" the hounds spawn anywhere rather plentifully, it's really not that simple at all. Somewhere safe one day can be deadly the next. These things really are a detriment to the new player experience, and while I agree making them a lair spawn would be a good idea (anything stronger than a spider really shouldn't be spawning -everywhere-) my personal suggestion in this regard wouldn't be specific to Hellhounds at all; Make creatures subject to movement speed differences from slopes just like players are. Roads are meant to be the player's means of avoiding creatures, but the slope speed drop takes that away from them in certain cases like Hellhounds. MAYBE drop their speed -slightly- on top of that, but thier immense aggro radius is thier defining feature and shouldn't be changed, it's what would keep them as a dangerous creature out in the wilderness, as they would likely end up attacking in groups if they became a Lair spawn creature and thus more concentrated in a given area.
  7. Hachet, Steel 85 Circle of Cunning 1s To Zamiel please.
  8. Stock now at 4k, might aswell use this thread since it's here.
  9. Southwest maybe, I'd have to catch some really good wind on both servers though. I'd tell you if I had much solid info. I had standing a standing offer but that person seems to have disappeared, noone else who put up a price was actually buying. Not a big enough market to have a solid Price:QL ratio defined it seems.
  10. Hard to nail down a price on coal it seems. Last time I got price checks ranging all across the board from QL / 10 per 1k down to QL / 20 per 1k, but few people actually buying. Had one guy try to be cute and PM me an offer of 4s for this 3k lot instead of posting it publicly, that was good for a chuckle.