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  1. Complaint about minimum upkeep cost

    From the link the OP linked : Upkeep Upkeep money is taken from the village funds every month (one month being 28 days). If the upkeep fund is depleted, the settlement is disbanded automatically. A large upkeep fund reduces decay on buildings and fences in the settlement. If the fund has more than a month of upkeep, there is no decay at all. Upkeep can be paid at the token under Settlement > Info or Settlement > Manage guards, or from the Settlement deed paper under Village > Manage guards. Anyone can donate money to the upkeep fund at the token, even non-citizens. There is a minimum 1 silver cost for upkeep.
  2. rare trowel (SOLD)

    Send to Jyin please. Thanks!
  3. rare trowel (SOLD)

    5s 50c
  4. Question about Sky Ridge Overlook

    Yup, don't have to ask. But, its a good idea to ask if you want to get along and get possible help from neighbors, especially if you are new.
  5. Push/Pull Flags

    Simple suggestion. Allow push/pull on flags. Also, having turn counter-clockwise and clockwise is irrelevant on them now.
  6. Exodus Deed Map

    Thanks for the update Eject. Could you get rid of the old deeds I marked as well? thanks!
  7. Exodus Deed Map

    http://imgur.com/A9lEb8P Eject, if you get a chance, can you update these? edit: Highway in orange, and the deeds with the red through them are gone. Thanks.
  8. Psst Vyn priests - *Scratches arm*

    Yes. When it gives that message, it means not available on the server. If it was available, it would let me cast it or say I need more favor to cast if that was the case. Here: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Rite_of_Spring
  9. Psst Vyn priests - *Scratches arm*

    [17:59:49] Vynora cannot grant that power right now.
  10. Psst Vyn priests - *Scratches arm*

    ROS hasnt been casted on Exo since last Sept/Oct and its still not up. Just saying, pretty sure having it up every month, while possible, is just not going to happen.
  11. Here's The Deal

    "- About most of my posts and ideas, they followed quite a similar pattern (somehow communist if you want): I don't like rich people, I don't like veteran people holding on their advantages, I don't like people living (spending 6+ hours/day) in WURM, I don't like people taking advantage of other players (like asking them to do bulk work for trash payment), I don't like people making real money out of the game out of other players, I don't like trader drainers and I don't like people spending a lot of money in game and turning it into a pay-to-win game." This comment...lol...wow, just wow. You are very "special".
  12. Sold! Please Close

  13. Is Log In Server Down ?

    If the servers are down, pretty sure it doesnt cost you premium time.
  14. Clothes Falling Off

    i logged in yesterday an one of my villagers asked why i was nekkid. So, same thing happened to me. Not sure if it matters, but I was wearing scale. Luckily they were all in my inventory.
  15. Close

    Any warnings or bans on the account?