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  1. Valoria

    Saw the bounty list. A sheep, a wolf, or a goblin are all 1c? How do you equate a ven goblin that can hack a 30ql chain armor person to 25% health with a SHEEP. lmfao. it's a joke right? I'm thinking you do this so newer players are stuck with 1 copper kills to make it harder to earn monies. I can see no other reason a sheep kill would be equal to a wolf kill. Anyways, big map, lots of water. Should get some good critter concentrations. Looks like a fun place. Luck to ya.
  2. Thanks Retrograde. That's interesting. I had no idea a corpse had a quality level. Is the corpse quality level modified by age? If I cut down an overaged tree it seems I'm more likely to get lower quality level wood. If I kill a venerable croc will I be more likely to get lower quality level butchering items?
  3. There is no harm in asking a question of the developers. People do it all of the time.
  4. Everything should be tied to skill and I was just ASKING why this isn't true of the butchering skill? I'd like to have someone who actually develops the game to answer this because it really has me scratching my head since everything else is tied to skills. This is in no way a suggestion but rather a QUERY as to why this skill is exempt. Are other skills exempt from producing materials higher than the skill level? Just WONDERING. Not suggesting a thing. I wanted to make that perfectly clear.
  5. So now your skill level determines the quality level of what you forage and botanize. While this isn't logical it makes some kind of bizarro world sense in Wurm. My question is, when will butchering items be tied to our butchering skill? Everything else is now tied to our skill levels except butchering? I don't understand why this one has been left out. If my butchering skill is 20 then I shouldn't get pelts much higher than 20. Lets get it all on an even ground. Are there plans to do this?
  6. Thanks for this Talor. Also for everything else you have done to this mod to make it versatile. Variety is the spice of life.
  7. I see. Well that's the problem then. I have no glass smelter in my list of crafting recipes. So of course I can't find one for glass because it's probably in the same place. It's as clear as glass. Which I can't make. But I can make a tin lunchbox, carpets, rugs, banners, tapestries, planters, birdcages and all manners of flags, fences and flower beds. But not glass.
  8. How do I make glass? I can't find it anyplace in crafting. I can make all manner of foods, furniture, ships, land vehicles, weapons, armor, etc. But I can't make glass. My house is cold because no matter how many forges, ovens, smelters, lamps, lanterns and braziers I put in it, the wind just whips through the windows that are wide open. I don't even have a way to attach shutters. Is the game broken? Where can I find the glass patch or the glass recipe????
  9. Again, we need some way to adjust the severity of this. Otherwise you just piss people off and they quit and go someplace else because they can't do anything for a week except stare at a fire. A night only penalty would work ok so they can at least go outside during the day and not die.
  10. Good to see this one is still going. A long term and stable server indeed.
  11. If you like making really great WU maps then World Machine is well worth the money.
  12. So if I have a 11x11 deed I have to make it bigger so I can keep two horses to pull my large cart?
  13. Enabled the water portion of the mod. My well went from 100ql yesterday afternoon to 73ql last night. This morning it is 1ql. I'll empty i out and see what happens. BTW, downloaded the mod yesterday so yeah, it's the latest.
  14. This is indeed a great mod. Long overdue. It does get a bit severe and may cause some to leave servers that use it because you basically can't do much during winter under fear of death. It would be nice if this mod could be adjusted so that during daylight hours the cold will not kill you. More like a European winter instead of a Siberian winter. Anyway, great job. Well done.
  15. I have to disagree with some of this. Foraging has nothing to do with skill level. If I pick a pumpkin it's quality is finite and does not depend on my abilities. It is what it is. If I cut down a tree it's quality is already defined. My cutting it down or cutting it into logs has no effect on it's quality. My carpentry skill should decide the quality of the crafted item, not my woodcutting skill. Many of the raw materials in Wurm depend on skill when they should not because their quality is predefined. Turning the raw materials into something useful is what should determine quality level just like in the real world. Yeah I know, dragons blah blah blah.
  16. Not being sure which of these two services were better than the other and hearing some people bash Citadel while others praised I decided to run a server off each and see which actually did the better job. I was going to run this comparison for a month however, events made this impossible. Citadel: Nice control panel that should make it easy to set up a game server. Easy and hassle free. Had to pay extra to get a server in the U.S. so it ended up costing $15.01 for 2 gig for one month. Sent in one ticket and it was answered in a reasonable amount of time. Replied to it and it has taken far too long for them to answer. I'd like to tell you how well the server ran but I can't. After mucking about for several hours the server would not connect to anything. I did get it to run the Adventure map for a few minutes so I logged out of the game to change GM powers and after restarting the server it wouldn't show up on the server list and I couldn't connect via IP. That was the one and only time I could connect to the Citadel server. Since that time it has never worked. They told me to upload the custom map with their File Manager wasn't a custom map. It was the Adventure map that came with the game. Just the same I did try and upload a custom map. Their File Manager couldn't connect to anything. Got a 404 error message every time. I could upload a custom map using Filezilla but fat lot of good that did because no matter what map I used the server would not show up on the server list and I could not connect via IP. They have been NO HELP in resolving this issue which is most certainly on their end. Citadel's score. FAIL. Pingperfect: Nice control panel that makes it easy to set up a game server. Maybe one or two fewer doodads but nothing to make a difference. Cost for 3gig was $17.88 for one month. I had a server up and running in about ten minutes, logged on and was walking about the game world. Logged off, made a GM. Logged on and everything worked fine. Uploaded a custom map with Filezilla and set the map up in about ten minutes. Started it up and was walking about the game world. Everything was easy and hassle free with some nice FAQs to guide me. Pingperfect's score PASS What do I think? This is just my opinion but after the experience I had with the two companies I would have to advise people to stay away from Citadel. While they have a nicer mod set up but what good does it do you if your server does not run? They have so many issues as noted by other people that I would tell Wurmians to go with someone else and stay away fro Citadel Servers like the plague. On the other hand Pingperfect was just as easy to set up as Citadel and the server actually worked and the cost per gig is less. And since this is all about servers i would say that having a working server is a plus!
  17. This server is EXCEEDINGLY difficult. Skill gain and timer are both x1. Deeds cost to make and there is upkeep. To found a deed will cost only 1 silver and 21 copper BUT you need 4 silver and 21 copper in your bank. As a noob you have NO money so forget about a deed for a good long while. Add to that 70% aggressive mobs, low fight skill and small bounties and you are faced with a HUGE uphill struggle. And a struggle it will be. Some people like this kind of game. Some don't. Let me add. While looking over my friends shoulder it's easy to see this is a very good looking server. For the most part the people are nice except for the usual exceptions. There is no map of it so it adds to the difficulty and for some adds to the fun. I recommend this to role players, people who like a challenge and avid explorers.
  18. Would you like some cheese with that whine? What you are proposing is somehow limiting alts, er, bots right? And that just won't fly. If someone is going to leave a CC game for a lame reason then they probably wouldn't stay long anyway. Leave well enough alone and go drink your whine someplace else.
  19. Yet another overly bumpy map. Has anyone ever tried traversing these things?
  20. If I wanted to have a 4k map how much would a Citadel server cost me if my target population was 100 concurrent users?
  21. Anyone who has a server needs to give new players the means to ride horses and use large carts. You should increase beginning body strength to make this possible.
  22. I didn't say there is NO clay. I said there isn't ENOUGH clay. Anyone looking at the map can tell you that. And the almost total lack of sand makes me scratch my head. What were they thinking?
  23. Guys you need to listen to the players. Don't be a Rolf. I talked to a friend who went to your server today. These are the things she got out of it. 1.5 copper for a bull is not enough. You need to at least double your bounties if you want people so they can at least pay upkeep. Also you need to go around and make some clay. No clay = no play. You can't play the game without clay, period. And why do people make these land masses where no one settles inland? Make clay inland too so there's at least a chance someone will settle there. Back to mobs. For a map this size you need at the very minimum 150k. And since upkeep is tied to bounties that is an absolute necessity. You can't fix this but you forgot that people need to find at least iron rather quickly. If resources are 'modest' people are going to give up because everything takes FOREVER. Forever to find iron. Forever to dig to rock. Forever to everything. Hate to say it but and you probably meant well but you set this thing up to be not fun. Most people play to have fun. Yeah I know, it's your server and you'll do what you want. In solitude. P.S. What's with the no sand? People need sand to build. And hauling a load of sand over hill and dale as a noob isn't good.