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  1. April Events

    Today i got msg so, i get 8,000 Loyalty Marks and chest skin, but when i come to buy large magical chest, noticed my old Marks value not changed, 8000 Marks not added.
  2. Impalong on indy.. Someone interested to help with?

  3. Chestnut Island - G 11

    Don't be so greedy.. all island??..
  4. Sadly, i return home only tomorow...
  5. We can prepare some anyways, in case u change ur mind. Just bring empty crates with u to swap.
  6. Currently have 30 large crates full of dirt If u on Indie, we can accept ur prices. PM me if interested..
  7. Thank you for good feedback. We will unpatiently wait for next order.
  8. Today i have guest named: Hakuichi He trying "grief" my near deed enclosures with crops and animals, so beware of this person.
  9. Oasis In Woods Coordinates: 51x 51y; Mayor: Gexas; Mayor's Right Hand(RH): Sagis; Deed picture: Selling stuff: Large crates 40+QL - Qty: Each; Price: 10 copper (PM for current quantity) Dirt - Qty: 1000; Price: 1 silver (PM for current quantity) Transportation: Minimum transporting good's value should be: 4 silvers (Example: 10 Large crates of dirt) Cost of transportation: Independence server: By water: 1 silver (Per Knarr load limit (43 Large crates) ) By land: 50 copper (Per vagon load limit (9 Large crates) ) Other servers: Minimum: 1 silver (Depends on conditions)
  10. 51y, 51x - Upper right corner of square: Deed: Oasis In Woods Thank you in advance.