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  1. I'll come along, I can do weapons to about 75ql and blacksmithing to 90+
  2. Please Lock

    Damn and here I was thinking mine was unique too [15:33:36] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.dn.rak'. Mine isn't being sold though, so that does make yours one of a kind in the market! Happy bidding everyone.
  3. Adnurak would like one please 3 if possible, my friends would like one too
  4. This claim is completely removed from reality and based off emotion and ignorance. Please don't spout nonsense like this. Killing someone or stealing from them in a video game is not even close to committing an actual act of murder or theft, regardless of the time/money you spent on the thing they stole. If they'd abused an exploit in the game mechanics or broken some actual rules there might be a case for this being some sort of "real" theft but taking unlocked boats just floating in the water is pretty weak-sauce. I say if you're negligent enough to not lock your boat around other unknown players then you deserve to have it stolen.
  5. You realise you're talking about a video game right? It isn't "Thievery and murder", you make it out like the people doing this kind of thing are depraved sociopaths. Simulated violence =/= real violence.
  6. Good idea, no reason not to have something like this at least as an option you can disable for people who don't like it.
  7. It's possible to drag an item from a bulk storage bin into a container partially filled with water that you cannot place inside otherwise. Small bug but I figured it was worth reporting anyway.