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  1. A few items for sale, as listed: Rare practice doll, 50.37q - 2s - can be mailed Rare spatula, oakenwood 76.24 - 2s Rare grindstone, 20.96ql - 1.5s I am also selling 7 sleep powders, 1s each. 6.5 if you buy them all at once. I am located on independence, and can deliver the powders to The Howl, or they may be picked up from L18, crystal lake.
  2. [22:57:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you!
  3. WTS 1x glimmersteel lump, 0.4kg, 80.94ql 4s, pm if interested
  4. I think a lot of people simply enjoy auctions, the sense of competition and excitement perhaps in some way makes the items themselves more desirable to the potential buyer too. All the more reason to protect them and make sure they are conducted fairly and honestly
  5. Really good points made so far in this post, that I hadn't really considered in the few auctions I've made in my time playing. I'll be changing the way I do them in future, and what I bid on, thank you
  6. +1, as with every time this is suggested Sick of losing fingers to my animals
  7. +1, Would love to see more options for papyrus.. I'm already envisaging checklists and inventories stamped on every crate, chair and sheep on my deed!
  8. I have a 90.41ql iron pickaxe for auction [22:13:24] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [103] [22:13:24] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [69] Please be aware that this is 90ql, so will not serve as a low ql skiller pick, this is reflected in the starting bid. Bidding starts at 4s No Hidden reserve No Buyout Minimum bid increment: 50c Edit: Am no longer going to consider private buyout offers, a recent post in town square has pointed some things out to me about auction transparency that I hadn't really given much thought to before... so bids only, and we'll see what happens
  9. Bah! Everyone knows your puny little Marvel people don't really exist
  10. Hello Faldor, I'm afraid they've all sold now. I will contact you as I am indeed making more
  11. Hello Slickshot, I'm sorry I forgot to indicate that the 50c discount is for pick up on orders of 100 beams or more. If you pick up 50 from me I'm willing to give you a 20c discount, if you are amenable? Let me know
  12. Hello everyone, I have 600 support beams for sale, and am willing to deliver to any coastal area on Freedom Isles (not Chaos) 4s/100 beams, or 22s if you buy all 600. I'll knock 50c off orders of 100 beams or more if you are willing to pick up from Independance L18, Sand Castle
  13. +1 yes please. Maybe put more than five while you're at it!
  14. meditation rug, 5 ql, 81 coc, 1 s meditation rug, 5 ql, 82 coc, 1 s please cod to Flinty, thanks!
  15. I think you are confusing prospecting with rummaging... you can get the option to "rummage" on any rock tile, and can find low quality iron that way. No need to find a "spot" for it, just keep rummaging on rock tiles till you have enough. Yes, as you already established in your OP, one cannot make a house out of wood alone in this game, and yes I can see how that can be annoying for a new player. Perhaps instead of repeatedly ranting about that one failure of realism, you could actually try taking on board the advice people have given you in this thread. Try rummaging, or better yet, try preparing some needed materials and equipment before moving out into the middle of nowhere. And if you are wondering about clay... you can find it inland, generally it will be found near water, so look for lakes and ponds. To begin with, you may do well also to stick to more inhabited areas (such as around starter towns) or even join a new-player-friendly village, who can help you not only with materials but with advice on playing. Now you have been given plenty of advice in this thread, much of which, if you follow, you will most probably find your playing experience easier and more enjoyable. If your intention is still to rant and whine about the game's flaws, then it may be an indication that this game isn't for you. Wurm is a wonderful game that has an incredible amount of content and experiences to offer it's players, but it also requires a rather different mindset than most games. It rewards patience, curiosity, and ingenuity. If you are looking for quick and easy gratification you won't last very long. Either way, repeatedly pointing out the same problems every time you are given solutions to them is rather futile, not to mention boring. Good luck with the iron hunting, and hope your experiences playing wurm start to get better!