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  1. Hello 960, 5000 Sto-vo-kor deed doesn't exists anymore. Bu we established new deed here with name: Oasis in Woods. Please update, thank you very much.
  2. Just got disembarked when i turned left on 20 slope. I have attached screenshot. xanadu server
  3. Wtb drake hide set. Offer here or ingame Sagis.
  4. Send it to Sagis.
  5. Offer here or ingame nick: Sagis.
  6. Send me COD a grooming brush to Sagis.
  7. Another thing, Unicorns aren't aggro, but they are in the row.
  8. Just wanted to inform, Lava Spider are missing in the aggroMOBS line.
  9. Sign me too please. Sagis 70+fs (and counting) huge axe, plate armors Del/Ind/Xan
  10. +1 I liked to bind mouse scroll for auto-running (like X button in the wurm) and sometimes i missing that.
  11. Looks very promising project with not stricted payment option. But you think twice, because mobile devices are the future. Many and many people started to stop purchasing of these stationaries and laptops. In other words, they slowly dissapearing from a market share too. Or/and there another way to play a some of games via cross-platform systems, like Jagex done on Runescape. Html5 idea looks very good for a different OS/platforms. I hope you will not forget these mobile peoples, who don't want to buy an heavy weight laptop or light one tablet with a x86 of cpu architecture +windows os to play wurm (on example), because android devices are unfriendly to this game. Well good luck with a this project and don't thrown it away
  12. Hello. I just found a horse named Swiftyahya, not far to Elysian Bay in the woods. She is being taken care of by Ading. My ingame nickname is: Sagis
  13. Horse founded

    I just found a horse named as "Faithdog". Not far of "Pony Land" and "Dark Heart" deed locations. Without equipment and is not branded, nobody caring. PM me here or ingame (same nickname as in forum).