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  1. Iphone

    I am able to use cloud computing. Works so far with app liquid sky. Testing a bit more
  2. nice. would buy this in print.
  3. WOW You are awesome thanks for the information. I am going to build my own now. Did not think I would get such a good reply. I hope that many people get to read this thread and enjoy the art of the build.
  4. I am not the average player. I am not even a good player. I have played many hours and have few skills to show for it. I have never killed another player. I did break into a well known house and loot that but that was more of a crime and I still feel bad for it today. I have "friends" whom I don't know to well and have seldom played with but I call them friends despite what they call me. I often speak of things I have no clue about only guesses. With that said... I bought a trader and then a second and then a third. I found them to give a good amount of coin. When a player leaves the game the trader in most cases should die with that player unless that player has dreams of keeping his kingdom alive and well. I am one such player. My kingdom of ONE was large and needed coin to stay alive. It also needed coin to pay the workers who still needed to work on the land to keep the kingdom alive. Before I left I gave the traders. One to each of three different players. In hopes that the traders would somehow pay and keep my game alive. I don't know what has happened to them. maybe there was a battle over who owned the traders. Maybe the traders were lost and dead to time as should happen in the end. I just loved the extra dimension that the traders game to the longevity of the in game dreams. Long live the traders and may they cause wars and keep kingdoms alive.
  5. I want to buy a desktop or laptop just to play wurm. What do you think I should buy. Lets say I can spend 1000$ USD. What do I buy. I will buy used if built by one of the Wurm players here. as long as others tell me its a good deal. Or I will buy new if its what is needed. I want to run Wurm with as few glitches as possible. I don't have to have distance view all the way up and don't have to have the best graphics. but would be cool to have everything at top notch.
  6. PS. I have no clue what I am talking about!! I come to Wurm to dream and dream I do. I have long ago lost the connection that minecraft had to wurm. I don't know if the two programmers even are on speaking terms. I do know that minecraft puts me to sleep while wurm I love. That should have been my post. I love Wurm. I don't enjoy Minecraft.
  7. How this for an option. Microsoft hires the code club. To make it happen. the club would not like the rules that Microsoft would put in place but after all Microsoft is after money and Wurm is the least greedy mmo I have ever seen. You wont find it written anyplace but don't think there is not a connection between Wurm and Minecraft. Post your links old and new of the connections. You will discover that there is a hidden pact between the two. You may think they hate each other but its just for show. they are friends forever. Maybe now that Minecraft is GONE they can use some of them billions as a donation to make wurm a stronger place. Please Help Wurm be more of what it is. Put away your pride and ask your friend for some of them billions. or at least one of them. "I would like to go into Wurm and never to return." Minecraft and Microsoft I don't care about. Just use those billions to make wurm a better place. And bring my gnome back. I want my gnome.
  8. A few months back Microsoft purchased a minecraft. there were many private servers that had running communities. they were hacked and destroyed and difficult to keep control of. but minecraft was hugely popular. It had something to offer people that could be found elsewhere. I wont get into how wurm and minecraft may have the same kind of magic to offer. Point is... Microsft has huge HUGE plans for minecraft. It is to be a flagship for the mobile and platform devices. Minecraft lovers will hate the changes as laws will be introduced. You cant just do this and that with out laws. You cant break down your neighbors house unless you are willing to pay the consequences. Its sort of like that in Wurm. Wurm was unwilling to let go of its ownership. Minecraft was willing. Microsoft has lost its monopoly via mobile touchscreens and is trying to play catch-up. Microsoft is learning from Wurm and Minecraft and will bridge the two together. I have a feeling that Minecraft and Wurm were never that far apart from each other. They were and still are friends. Soon you will see big changes in Minecraft from Microsoft. Question is will WURM beat them to the punch. I love Wurm. I would sign a check for a kickstarter of 10,000$ usd if it was to make a playable Wurm for android. My only other option would be to buy a Microsoft smartphone and play Minecraft persistent mmo. We all want to own land and build on it. Its to hard to do in real life.
  9. I can't say enough good things about Wurm. I've never said a bad thing about the game. I will always regret when they eliminated The ability for my Neighbor to kill and loot me. It took the real fear out of it 'for me'
  10. I am a bit shocked at how many people say its a bad idea this late in the game. I guess its safest to sit in a dark closet and hope no one trys to break down the door then it is to face your fears. Rejoice in the possible changes. Do not fear. The game is not just for you. It is for all those who come behind you. It is the first day for them and flying would be cool now and down the road. Any problems can be fixed in time. For the over worked programmers. Don't fear more work on your desk. Its job security. There are many mmos that no longer have updates. They live off the new players who come and go. Don't want Wurm to go down this road. Be happy when you get more work. Say thank you and try and get it done before you die of old age. We can wait and if you cant finish it then your grandchildren will. I just get upset when old players say no new changes.
  11. I like the idea of hired villagers npc that do small tasks for coin. It is hard to find and trust players to do work for copper and such. I also like it because it fosters long term investment and that would build longer loyal players who check in on investments and that would build real player population. At one time on World of Warcraft there were more paying gold farmers then there were players. That is not the idea here but its not a bad idea to have your village and character build real usable wealth without the need to sell the character to use the built wealth. Its a far stretch from the op but hired or bought NPC to do small tasks would be cool. I could see one day myself with an army of farmers crafter fighters slaves, an army worth thousands. In game they would do little more then double what I could do if I spent the time to do it.
  12. Just reading old threads while waiting for some gear ingame.
  13. Http:// This program should help you to plot and plan your deeds and buildings for fun. This is pulled from the Wurm forums Credit due to the those who cared enough to work on it. the other program for this would be WurmPlanner but I was unable to get it to work. Any info and both programs is helpfull