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  1. please close

    3x shovel, 3x carving knife, 3x saw please. Mail to same name.
  2. please close

    Bought some plate armor imps. Was done quickly. Would recommend.
  3. Rare horse shoe set, 95+ql 395 total woa

    Extended the auction until Sunday and lowered the starting bid a bit.
  4. Starting bid: 18s Buyout: 25s No reserve Minimum increase: 50c Sniper protection: 1 hour
  5. Game rules update

    Yes it is typical for most mmo but up to now we had no need to include it. @McDaniel IMO there's a large difference between "most" and "all". I'd agree with this update 100%... if it wasn't for the "or for no reason at all" part.
  6. The United Kingdom

    I'd think such statements only make their wish to be independent stronger...
  7. The United Kingdom

    Isn't that statement only an opinion just as well? I'd call trying to preserve ones culture rather rational. If by "more beneficial" you mean the financial side, I wouldn't put a price tag on my identity.
  8. So long and thanks for all the fish

    Bye Bob, sad to see you going. Good luck and take care. Hope to see you in Epic then.
  9. Rule of 70 - Input

    MR - B
  10. To leave this one within the forum rules, let's keep this thread clear from particular names and cases and any kinds of direct accusations. Rather make it a discussion about cheating and punishments in general. I'll leave my own take on this short and just let the genie out of the bottle. I believe there should be zero tolerance towards any kind of cheating. Punishments should be clear from any kind of bias. I don't see much larger future for Wurm without those things.
  11. Doughboy

    Sounds good to me.
  12. Doughboy

    It's a dead horse getting beaten, but still dead horses don't fit under a carpet. I agree it shouldn't be left like this. I'd rather play a game without sounds than one that lets cheaters get away. Morals outweigh materialism. And as Fogshark said that others cheated the same way, that isn't a proper excuse.. they deserve a punishment as well then.