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  1. This is more to do with you being able to mount guard towers like vehicles so you can look around/shoot arrows from the top.
  2. So you mean... WL followers that listen to WL sermons dont get any alignment changes WL followers that listen to Libila sermons get negative alignment Libila followers that listen to WL sermons get positive alignment Libila followers that listen to BL sermons get negative alignment And what you want is WL followers that listen to WL sermons get positive alignemnt WL followers that listen to Libila sermons get negative alignment Libila followers that listen to WL sermons get positive alignment Libila followers that listen to BL sermons get negative alignment Just so I'm sure I'm reading this correctly.
  3. Carpentry is a very basic skill that is a huge part of Wurm. Channeling and other priest skills are things that give you mid-late endgame abilities, enchantments, etc etc. Niche, endgame skills (priestdom, meditation, sorcery stuff) should be harder to level than basic skills that almost everyone will use at some point.
  4. Well you're never really gonna get that confirmation, GMs dont publish punishments except for the most egregious. Nothing's been posted in Gallows in a long while, and I doubt this is enough to warrant one.
  5. PvP ecosystem is already absolutely FUBAR. People who didn't exploit getting flattened, as predicted... and a mass exodus of players. Imagine that. Reset people who abused this NOW. Rebalance priests NOW. Otherwise Wurm will be back to the state it was in pre steam launch with two brand new and completely empty islands.
  6. It shouldn't be this way. It should never have been this way. The only reason that it was something that wasn't brought up is because wurm was such a niche game that barely anybody knows about. If Wurm was a bigger release, CC would be getting nailed to a cross over something like this. You didn't pay for a car with four wheels and have one taken away. You paid for a car with four wheels, then you paid for ten MORE cars with four wheels. And now you're trying to justify driving all of them at once. Now you're getting mad that the police are pulling you over for driving all ten of your cars at the same time on the highway and being detrimental to everyone else trying to use the highway, and you can't even comprehend what's wrong with that.
  7. So as I said, you are paying for multiple accounts rather than working with others, etc etc, to gain an advantage. (In this case, buying alts to make the priest grind easier.) That is pay to win. Alts are obviously going to be a thing, and that's all fine and dandy, but as someone else said earlier, priestdom is the only skillgrind that you can directly use alts to help grind faster. Not as much. I'd say you aren't paying to win so much as paying to play at that point. Priest restrictions such as no gathering actions etc are "dumb" IMO but not nearly as bad as "lets just spend a hundred bucks to make this grind 10,20,30x faster because I have lots of disposable income lol" You are correct, but that correctness is exactly why this is such an issue for PvP. in PvE servers you aren't directly competing against anyone (except in economy for money, I suppose, but that isn't necessary to enjoy the game.) in PvP, it really sucks if someone who's done all this alt grinding to gain an advantage over you (and everyone else) decides to then use their power to absolutely flatten people in PvP, and destroy or steal your belongings and hard work. Enchants are _necessary_ for the enjoyment of PvP. Having an unenchanted weapon is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Not having enchanted crafting equipment means you are in danger of falling behind people who do. Falling behind means you have a higher chance of dying in combat, dying in combat means gear loss, dying when your deed is being raided means you lose buildings, gear, silver, possibly the whole deed. Wanton spending of money on alts like this has a huge ripple effect that can damage the entire PvP ecosystem. The current change was completely justified. Specifics need to be worked out. The grind clearly needs to be looked at again.
  8. So basically this is just a really funny and weird way to use your laptop like a wireless keyboard that you can take wherever you want in your house and still queue up actions in Wurm while you're on the toilet/cooking/whatever?
  9. honestly sick of the people whining for refunds, you guys are literally paying to win at the pvp. You should understand that the reason priests are so limited is because of their power in PvP, as well as the usefulness if not outright necessity of enchants. Could society be improved somewhat? Sure. Always. Make the priest limitations less miserable, IN WAYS THAT DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO JUST SPEND MORE MONEY. Is crying that your bullcrap way of getting around the limitations that the devs put on the priests FOR GOOD REASON, being that your way of doing so is just THROWING MONEY AT THE """"PROBLEM"""" got nerfed, AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, correct though? Not really. Shut up and/or put up. Offer constructive solutions to the problem or get out. Passive-aggressively crying refund helps nobody, and I pray that you do not get one, since you are intent on acting like petulant children who got ahold of daddy's credit card.
  10. Honestly yes, this is a very basic material that you need a ridiculous amount of for simple things, like bricks and planks and all the other things that got moved to be 100%. I see no reason Mortar shouldn't also follow this logic.
  11. PLEASE bring back the big, rolling sheets of fog. Make fog great again!
  12. Honestly yes minecarts (of the unpowered variety) existed a lot longer ago than people might think. Powered is a no, because steam power definitely isn't a thing in wurm time. However, we DO have magic, hovering turrets. You could perhaps have a similar system of an enchanted minecart that will simply move from point A to point B on the "rail system" without player intervention. It would have as much room as a large cart, and go probably about the same speed as one with basic horses. The main advantage would be that it wouldn't require any player interaction other than telling it to "go", at which point it would travel along the track until it hits a dead end.
  13. Explain. Backpack weight reduction would be neat. You could do the reduction based on QL, with a 100QL backpack providing a 30% weight reduction, where a 1QL would provide 10%, on its overall contents. You already can't fit a whole lot into a backpack, and only small items will fit, so it's not as if people will be putting 60kg of rock shards into their backpack. This would mainly be good for being able to carry more tools, or armor with you rather than constantly having to nickel and dime which tools you take to still walk at max speed.