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  1. Im reporting this to the nearest forum moderator for trolling the tech staff. Complete lack of content to even suffice a "is this broke?" Okay joking aside, What do you think is missing? My wiki view is different because I use a different theme. Have you tried to swap themes?
  2. Yes yes back on topic. The deets of those events please?
  3. So now we just report everyone for trolling instead of name and shame?
  4. +1 this guy for actually calling a spade a spade. The rule has been in existence for a long time and ALL the rules are so big you can drive a truck through them. All the rules have been left to player and staff interpretation rather then actually being black and white which has been the long standing problem. Even in the re-write of the game rules are their loops, hoops, and whatever has you's...
  5. I personally think the name and shame rule fell under the defamation rule and causing unwanted distress to players. Now we see that enki has posted on the chat rules that they will be changed soon.
  6. Then you should get yours straight because I bet you cant produce a single log involving Ruger and the valrei items But I can produce a video where you faked the rolls
  7. Ooo how about that time nicrolis streamed a rolling of the items at a slaying and was caught rigging the rolls so that Doctorangus his buddy would win. He had already rolled the number for angus, and did a fake roll and presented angus's winning number.
  8. Lets hear the stories of who griefed you, who stole from you, who you got banned, who cut down your tree in the perimeter.. Oh let the regaling begin. Enki's post for clarification: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/117723-your-reputation/
  9. I did help out at the dragon. Correct. But I helped because rudie and Danny were friends an it was already done. So at that point it either get with it and be apart of something or not.
  10. I just heard about this and had to come check it out. Heard you Rudie were quitting and was upset as I never thought you really would being such a long time player. Then I hear you stole a bunch of scale and drake, again and it was on the forums so I had to come check it out. Your pretty low Rudie and you really cant say your not in anyway and trying to continue to pass the buck onto me doesn't work. My name in this game was ruined by trusting you as a friend and going to bat for you all the time. When you stole the horses from lizabeth or when you and danny decided to pen the red dragon to gain scale for yourselves after the event was made to scamming the players that showed up by only giving them gloves because someone decided to make an extra set for themselves and it left the players only to getting gloves. Then when you decided to steal from me. Im gone on training for two weeks to come back to my house at Rivendell broken into and stuff missing. Thankfully I had moved it all to Rose Ridge long before hand. Was the stuff I had ill-gained? Eh depends on who were asking. After all, I bought the account which had a key to a chest that was off deed in a mine which was openly accessible. How did I find it? I was nosey and poked around the mine my character was logged into. Did I feel it right to taking it all? I did, I bought the account from someone else who bought the account. The account had now changed hands 2 times and this key was on it so apparently the original person didn't care. So I found this chest I opened it and got filthy rich amount of items. Now. The chest was off deed, so I would of bashed it open anyways when I found it as it was on chaos all this took place. Moved it all to my house in Rivendell on my way Rudie you stole several items out the boat and it was posted in event and you then dropped a few items and said you gave it all back. Winter did the same and both of you were present when I loaded the boat and sailed back with the account to deliverance. Something told me to move it all, glad I did. Anyways come home from training found the house broken into, come to find out kajmir and Rudie had done it because they felt I had stolen black drake from a few people. Everyone, Taxton and Orthanas, both knew I Was out of town and didn't steal anything. Both recieved their portion of the deal. But you, you went on to take the hide and sell it to Jesslynn when you were only supposed to make a set for yourself with your name on it then give me my hide back. Instead you sold it off. When I confronted you about all these dealings thats when I was formely accussed of stealing hexd's scale set by you. Funny enough though, hexd the entire time his scale set was missing, accussed you, not me. Then after I said the hell with this game and sold out did hexd start believing I stole it. Truth is, I never stole it. Below is majority of all the logs between me and hexd over the scale set. Never was I flat out accussed, Rudie was the suspect. I even offered to buy him a new one just to keep his friendship and I still had his password even after he changed it to keep winter and rudie off after the scale had gone missing. That statement is a complete false statement. You and I both know it. Now to the horses. Roman, Lizabeth and I spoke about it whenever I returned the horses to her. Rudie even later I believe came out and admitted to taking them. They followed the horses tracks not a players tracks and thats how they found the horses. My only mistake was covering for rudie in the matter. Zalifear, I have no major issues with you. I can't. My only problem ever was that I was against penning uniques and when I first joined into this game I spoke against it. Then I realized nothing will be done so I either join the party and pen the uniques too or bite the bullet and loose money. Well I like making money so I joined the party and got to it, joined rudie and danny in penning the red to get myself a scale set. Everything you say about DMP I dont need to tell you is true, you know it. All his merchants were front row center while everyone elses were lost in the maze. I have heard about your great market you got, watched the live stream and have heard bout the fun you got going down there. Well done. Though I did use a different account name to buy a black drake hide from you because I knew you would never sell it to me. All well, business is business. You made money, I and few friends got some drake. Duce, the aegis of earth I wont say belonged to you but I wont say it didnt. I offered numerous of times to return it to you via IRC, ingame or forums for no compensation though you offered me a cool 99ql needle for it. I spent beter part of two weeks trying to get with you, messaged you on forums, you never responded. I however tried to give it to you. Im not sure what happened with it now, I did post it for auction with my bulk items but when I removed it from auction shortly there after when you spoke interest in getting it back I logged in and it was missing, I Can only assume your awesomeness as a GM took it or a dev got it. I dont know. All in all, I was not a "theif" as Rudie and his band has made me out to be but all well. Best of luck to Kajmir and Rudie. I hope you dont bring your stealing habits to North America I dont know how much kajmir would like that.
  11. Im lmbo at this entire thread. Why? Because I have gotten into so many fights over highway when I played its not funny. One has even been made public on the forums, most will remember the situation over at Rivendell where I had won that case. I think the rule is perfectly fine and I am going to share a few stories with you guys and I hope you guys understand the rule and how its works then. Story #1 - The checkered highway and Northwood Long ago when Deliverance was first being settled I was one the Elders at New Ultimarus. Ascorbic had owned New Vegas and we had the checkered highway between out deeds and it was thought to be a good idea to take it as far east as we could. I believe it ends at carisann to this day. During the course of building it I occasionally went out there to help him and would mediate with the local mayors to help him run it through and their was this one deed. Northwood. He already had a 2 tile road running through the middle of his deed so we thought it would be okay to connect to it, go to the other side the deed and continue it on. Boy were we mistaken. That mayor logged on and filed a support ticket. Enki came out while me and Ascorbic where there. He asked the mayor several questions mainly being why he didn't want it and such. He didn't fight with the guy, just asked why? Then he turned to us and said pretty much, guys, Mr Mayor(long forgot his name) doesn't want it. Let me see if I can't help you guys come up with a new way. So he showed us how we could route it around the guys deed using the least amount of effort and even offered to come out on his own player account and help us with it. We were happy we could move on and mayor was happy his deed road was not part of the highway. Points in the story: 1. Mayor saw we had made a highway up to his road trying to make his deed part of highway. He immediately filed a GM report. 2. GM responded, spoke with mayor, made us re-route highway. 3. One could say "GM is to enforce the rules not make them". Well your right but also the GM deemed that by us doing that to the guy it was kind of harassment and told us to move it. If we didn't he would take it as greifing. The rule on griefing. Now it says "harassment such as" but not "limited to". So don't take those few things right their as the only forms of harassment in this game. Also failure to abide to a GM instruction. GM could tell you to jump. If you don't jump then your subject to penalty. Of course you'd appeal it to oracle because wurmanians, can't jump. Now Story #2 - The Rivendell situation We wanted a highway between our deed and an allies deed, that was it. This highway went no where else. Now if you notice the rules state that you can fence it in. So, I fenced it in to protect us as we traveled and we put a gate at each end. Well we had a griefer player over there, so we were making his life miserable and we KoS'd him on both ends of this highway. We were able to do this because each deed was the terminus of said highway. All we had to do was leave him room to get off. The guy had plenty of room to get off our deed. If he wanted to leave his, he had to cross the KoS'd deeds or he had to go around the mountain where there was no road. The highway we fenced off lead no where, it was just an inconvenience to him because, well the highway was fenced in(the rules allow it) so that forced him to either, go on the deeds he was kos'd to get onto that highway or to go around the mountain. GM's (I say that plural cause in total 4 were called out) were called out and we were right and we were fine. Points of this story: -If your deed is the terminus, you can kos people. You don't fall under the rules. You only fall under the KoS rules which ALL DEEDS HIGHWAY OR NOT fall under. -If you have a problem just know the rules file a /support and speak with a gm. They're not dumb, they know the rules(if they forget it just remind them a judge doesn't have every law memorized, no ones perfect). Now I know y'all know the rule but allow me to go through it word for word. A. Pretty simple. Contact a GM for approval to do anything to an existing highway. B. Again simple. C. Only the town people can build a highway through a deed unless the settings are set by the mayor to allow non-citizens to do so. Ending statement: Simply tells us what is a highway and about the terminus. So if your little 2 tile road is only in your deed, Is it a highway? Come on guys, do we really need to ask and answer that? No its not. It goes nowhere except from one end of your deed to the other end of your deed. If Jimmy comes up and tries to make it go somewhere, what do you do guys? Call a gm. The gm will 9/10 (I haven't heard where they haven't but I leave 1/10 for that chance) make the person move it. Conclusion of this post. The rule is fine. I think as others have stated you guys are over analyzing, thinking, reading to far into, and every other way its been put, into the rule. If someone builds a highway to your little 2 tile road in your deed. Report it, call a GM. They will talk with you about it, then if the builder isn't saying "hey i did it" then they can examine the tile and see who placed it and contact that player. They will either have them move the highway or allow you to remove it from connecting to you. If someone builds a highway and they clearly built it, which from jerrys post's sounds like he did and I was around when it was built, for community purpose then yes. It is protected by highway rules and yes if you want to make a canal on it, then yes you should have to provide an alternate route for the players. Its only fair. Late Edit: Tinkererer they shouldn't have to ask to build a road through your perimeter. Its the wild. Its not yours. The only reason they can't build a structure on it is because they don't want people to build homesteads on peoples perimeters. Sure they can build a fenced in area but if it doesn't fall under enclosure rules and you don't like it, bash it down. The perimeter is not your area. Period. Another Edit: P.S. Oracle, Enki and all other GM's. I love you and I miss our fights over the rules. To all the other players, these guys really are fair, they know the rules, their not mean warmongers who are here to eat your babies and make your life miserable. Edit to the third degree: You guys should really get the people that make the maps, to highlight roads that are highways and roads that aren't highways. We all know that their are some roads on the map that just aren't highways. Edit to the fourth degree: Oracle I think the people are just asking you to edit the rule and put in their that it is considered griefing to build a highway to someones "two tiles road" and from their "two tile road" on their deed which forces them into it the highway rules. Also to put in the rules that two tile roads on a deed are not considered a highway unless the lead to and from that deed.