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  1. I get the feeling that he/she thinks in game and the forum accounts are one and the same.
  2. With the way lock picking works on freedom, he could pick into it and likely have nothing happen to him despite the rule against lock picking what you do not own on freedom. Either way scum will be scum and will most likely just use an alt to buy a new account to try this crap again.
  3. Spent over 8 hours in a mine last night (with several trips in and out of the mine) with 0 issues and the floor is mostly reinforced. Will post more if I experience anything like this.
  4. I hope you require a deed owners permission to have a highway right up to them. Not everyone wants a highway leading to the deed they own.
  5. Brudder where art thou.
  6. If its the one I am thinking of I can show you.
  7. Where's my brother Narleesi?
  8. Get back to work MAN or I cant be lazy.
  9. Possibly rework the spell to be difficulty based on distance in tiles so that you can not locate others from half the server away.
  10. Intended feature and not related to what Propeteer is talking about.
  11. Both of the recent Bl kingdoms I had the same issue happen (any account that was not moved to HoTS was moved to Freedom Isles on log in).
  12. At least fix the issue that happens if you get kicked from a Bl template. As it stands right now you could grief anyone who joins because it boots you to Freedom Isles instead to HoTS.
  13. All this time and the bug is still in the game.... It's also an issue with normal taming.
  14. Spammed thousand of chop actions and had less than 5 come out under 100 ql so not sure how you are having so much trouble with this.