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  1. wts misc items

  2. wts misc items

    the 3 rare horse shoes on top of the list in the picture 2s each? If you accept COD to Nervod.
  3. WTS Rares, Snow Lanterns, Supremes

    C17 Strathmore on Deliverance
  4. Sold. Please Close.

    Will pay 15s COD to Rasu if you accept.
  5. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    Only reason I still play this game is because of the PvP servers. Also anyone who thinks adding new furniture or textures will save this game at this point are just delusional.
  6. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    PvE deaths are the only way you can lose skills outside of .25 FS and .01 BS. IE What they have told you multiple times now. IE the PVE death my alt had after the client locked up: [12:44:27] Fighting decreased by 0.2500 to 80.9034 [12:44:27] Body strength decreased by 0.0100 to 53.5934 [12:44:27] Body decreased by 0.0100 to 56.6383 [12:44:27] Digging decreased by 0.0250 to 71.8232 [12:44:27] Tailoring decreased by 0.0250 to 16.2424 [12:44:27] Cooking decreased by 0.0250 to 52.3767 [12:44:27] Nature decreased by 0.0250 to 46.4153 [12:44:27] War machines decreased by 0.0250 to 16.8554
  7. Dedicated hunting server

    -1 We need fewer servers, not more.
  8. Nothing to see here

    COD a rare steel staff to Rasu if you still have some.
  9. Repair Change (consumables!)

    Over complicates a core aspect of the game for what kind of gain? -1
  10. Hellfang - Under new management

    Why the hell would we let Wimble in to our PMK?
  11. Loche System

    The water level is the same no matter where you go on the map. There would be LITERALLY no point to this. -1 ^Protunia Style
  12. Add the need to use the restroom

    -1 this would add nothing useful except a headache.
  13. They could possibly add a new action at like 50/70 farming that does Harvest + Sow at the same time. Obviously it would be Harvester timer + Sow timer and -1 from harvest but it would be a very nice qol if added.
  14. The final change to alt abuse

    It would do nothing to stop the skilled accounts that are being abused to do damage with minimal loss.
  15. The final change to alt abuse

    And yet all we are asking for is a mechanic in place to make deaths matter more on a PvP server where the majority of the "PvP" we have seen is just an alt trying to grief because there is no penalty besides a small body str loss of .01