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  1. -1 We do not need more servers no matter how you go about it.
  2. Just about (if not all) unfinished items have low volume so they fit in any container that would hold items.
  3. Every time I get on a horse and ride around with sound on the horse sounds is very choppy/not playing until I turn the opposite direction I am travelling and then they play perfectly fine for me. Not sure whats happening or when it started since I do not often play with sound on.
  4. About time you got that finished.
  5. This one time at Crusader camp...... McLovin dropped a Glimmersteel Medium Maul on his foot.
  6. I can't see wurm as the kind of game to go with VR considering most skills just involve standing in place hitting keybinds.
  7. Its McLavin, I have given up figuring out if he means most of what he says.
  8. You might of seen the 3.52452525e thing that shows a very small (ie .000000000000345345) as a whole number when it is not.
  9. The only thing you have to look out for in Crusaders is when McLovin tries to drop his mix tape on you.
  10. I get the feeling that he/she thinks in game and the forum accounts are one and the same.
  11. With the way lock picking works on freedom, he could pick into it and likely have nothing happen to him despite the rule against lock picking what you do not own on freedom. Either way scum will be scum and will most likely just use an alt to buy a new account to try this crap again.
  12. Spent over 8 hours in a mine last night (with several trips in and out of the mine) with 0 issues and the floor is mostly reinforced. Will post more if I experience anything like this.