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  1. Looking to buy low quality gems. Pst with Offers and Prices
  2. While planning two house both Ilyana and Frostbite were able to plan two structures into each other and finalize. Is this intentional or potentially bugged. We were able to put structures in front of other structures to block entrance thus griefing.
  3. Then why did you post this in the chaos update thread?
  4. I hope that TESO will be successful. However looking at how they are handling the world pvp in cyrodiil and the disadvantage it gives to players whom mainly want to PVE is worrying.
  5. For people accidentally crossing the chaos border, implement a alert window that alerts when you are about to cross. Make it a yes no question which upon answering either allows you to cross or stops your boat. The alert window would also describe that players are entering a PVP zone and should consider the risks of proceeding.
  6. +1 For moving boat parts and proper swaying. Id love to see some of the positions fixed on boats (same for carts) as well as some possible animations or sitting positions.
  7. Looks like people are complaining in the comments about the lag.
  8. Could it be possible to make newly formed deeds have a timer of say (certain amount) days of immunity from bashing/siege to allow the inhabitants to properly fortify their settlement? It would at least give new players some time to build/grind skills/ form alliances while having a safe-ish place to retreat to.
  9. The Boat Factory - Deliverance Current Stock: Currently Pick-up Only at 35x 36y Blackbird Deliverance All Boats come with anchor and lock. Imped to 40ql Applewood Corbita (Pictured Below) 6s Applewood Sailboat 1.4s Cederwood Sailboat 1.4s Made to order: Corbitas 1 week, Sailboats 1 day Contact me on forums or Frostbite in game.
  10. Last thing I saw before I died.
  11. Awesome Work! Are you considering making other gameplay focused videos? Wouldn't mind seeing a purely pvp focused trailer in which a raiding group attacks a keep with Catapults etc..