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  1. I'm looking to sell all my gems. I have 389 regular gems, 1 is ql1, 30 are ql80-90, and the rest are ql10-79.99 I also have 2 Star Emeralds, 2 Star Diamonds, and one Star Ruby I would like 1G 25S for the entire lot. PM me (here or ingame) with reasonable offers, I may be willing to sell them in smaller quantities, if the request isn't too difficult. I can COD them to you or you can arrange to pick them up at my place on Deli.
  2. Buy from this great vendor! He works hard and produces great armour (and many other things). Thank you so much!
  3. If the steel pickaxe with coc87 is still available please COD it to OLloyd thanks
  4. If you want to do a great incentive for players to use the new cooking system, then for those who make AND eat the food (instead of random skill gain) give them Karma and Sleep Bonus...Both of those things are why people do missions and let's face it the missions really suck! They are all usually too far away or you can never really find the right tree. The good crafting missions are rare anymore...imagine that, a crafting game who's missions rarely are for crafting. Has anyone ever found a foundation pillar in the SE of Xanadu? That mission is almost ALWAYS active. I like that you guys spent so much time working on a complex system, but think who pay's premium...listen to them or they will stop buying premium. The cooking system wasn't broken, the new system sounds really cool, don't break the game for those who have worked hard (and paid premium for many years) to increase skills. Another suggestion, make food give you bonus' for different tasks. If you cook one type of meal let it increase your Black Smithing skill (like SB), another type of meal gives you digging skill. Limit how long that bonus skill window lasts. Don't give random crap and think we will like it. Your just adding more mayhem to the game that is not necessary.
  5. Awesome! Just picked it up from the mailbox! Thank you very much for this most awesome tool...
  6. You can cod it to OLloyd. Thanks! I would have responded sooner, but I was working where there was no internet.
  7. 3.25s on number 1 3.25s on number 3
  8. You are terribly new...Realistically the only coin that has more value than face value is the supreme coin...its worth more because you can sac it for skill gain...and most supreme mats that you sac for skill gain sell for around 50c. And this topic should be in the WTS and not the WTA section.
  9. Bump The Venerable Champion Unicorn, she is cared for. The two champion Dogs are not cared for. And in the stables pasture there are a good number of 4 speed and 5 speed traited horses that are uncared for that will stay for the new deed owner. The Castle, Guest House, and Stables all have forges, ovens, beds, and looms.
  10. Up for Auction - Hedon. I have moved to another area. Nice deed 43x36 size. The deed is fenced on all sides. There is currently almost 10 silver in the upkeep. There are not a lot of resources or tools left on deed, but the Forges, ovens, and many bsbs were left behind. The mine is well developed, it is mostly Iron, with many good, VG, and one Utmost iron vein on deed. There are also a lot of off deed iron veins in the mine. Location: In Game Map N21 Forums Map: 50x, 43y I am asking 20 silver to start, i think it is worth more than that, but hard work and time developing deeds doesn't translate into more silver. I took plenty of pictures take a look. Starting Bid will be 20 Silver Buyout 30 Silver Bidding Increments 1 Silver 2 Day auction If you have questions just ask here in the forums please! ">http://