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  1. Lag spikes are 7-10 seconds now for me as well...
  2. My nick is one that I very extensively use for decades. Came as an abbreviation from a longer nick from the time of my teenage. Had to be 3 letters, I was quite into playing pinball which meant I usually played full nights with a single coin and filled quite some highscore slots... which allowed 3 letters only. The name Jaz stuck since - even some of my RL customers know me by that name and also included in my freelance business name. BTW as it is not coming from Jazz or any English origins it should be pronounced more like Yaz - the leading J is like the one in "yay". My best memories from my first weeks on Indy about 6 years ago are when my friends convinced me that horses are useless in Wurm and we should not bother to be able to ride... and when a cavebug runed or mine floor (they were that mean back then) and we could not destroy those nasty beasts ... I think Pingpong came and cleared it for us.
  3. I've downloaded the packs once and since then it seems fine - tried to open a dozen launchers, no downloading at all. That looks good for the time being, thank you!
  4. Knarr sails (not tested others) are visually curled up for passengers - and also for outsider viewers - after server crossing. Commander view is fine. EDIT: regardless if you see yourself booted from the ship or not as a passenger
  5. Same here, branding iron is only very warm.
  6. https://www.wurmonline.com/features/economy/ "tied to the real world economy in order to make coins feel truly valuable" is misleading according to a user's chat in GL tonight,,,
  7. MAKE SURE you are wearing proper protective equipment - masks and gloves and you have disinfectants with you! Thank you Annyil for the idea (Disclaimer: in our country all gatherings which exceed 100 people indoors or 500 outdoors are now officially banned - please confirm the party will be under open air )
  8. Or just a tear in the fabric of the Matrix. We believe it is the cognitive thing and we are just reprogrammed by the mice who are researching 42.
  9. I have the same issue on Linux and Windows. On Windows despite the failed update it lets me login. On Ubuntu I had to copy the packs from the Windows computer then I could log in and from there I have a hit-or-miss game starting launchers and see them either start to update and fail or saying all packs are up to date and I can log in.
  10. Looks like it depends on graphics settings - did not test deeply but the new skin did not show on a setting which has legacy renderer for me (but almost all other settings are very low there too)
  11. Definitely much less than 1/50 actual chance. Usually I fill about 10 barrels with frags for 4-5 valreis. Always off deed, always on old deed tiles - I have about 20 cache reports in my inventory now.
  12. Cele has three of four valrei digging missions now. At least increase the frequency of items according to it.
  13. Shhh iron gets nerfed in the end if we complain too much. Like it will melt in a forge like wooden items.
  14. Thank you for the super service!
  15. Thank you! I'm really happy
  16. Still getting kicked off a horse then horse is misplaced so I need to relog to find it - happened when exiting a mine today.
  17. Same - no marks shop on token. Shouldn't there be a rift point shop option too btw (I'm unsure if it should be there...)? No passenger option on my wagons either.
  18. Mining timers are the same for me than before patch(es), no change I noticed there.
  19. Currently the mines are rendered only if you are within a very limited distance outside. With the large openings now possible it would be a great thing to not only see a black hole if you are more than 6 tiles away from the mine entrance. Please note the outlines of the epic portal on the blacked out image - the client still knows the items are there from that distance just nothing is rendered. Close up look: A few tiles further:
  20. Also a new bug that when you get kicked off the ship at server crossing the ship spins around approx 180 degrees, really annoying.
  21. I really love to spend my time in Wurm so I still just suck up the beating I get lately from quite some of the changes. Not sure how long my puffer lasts.