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  1. oh yeah and hand mirrors cannot be traded over either. So I'd say that is a showstopper for toons that have it on them if cannot be brought over.
  2. so mirrors need to be traded away before portaling over? edit: and other nodrop items..
  3. My questions: what is the final item list that is allowed to portal with? Spyglass, sleep powders? Anything else?
  4. Kingdom change: 1. Use the portal from Serenity to Elevation 2. Get converted to MR 3. Go to Ignite and use the Desertion portal from there Regarding items: all are stuck on the current home servers for now.
  5. I'm not sure about the treasure chests but I've never thought about how it makes lockpicking useful on freedom. I really like the idea.
  6. Found my poor boat, of course I was wrong at it was on the north border, not south...
  7. Also I strongly hope new launcher / new JNLP will be out some time before the server start to give time everyone to redownload etc.
  8. We definitely need a way to loot abandoned stuff. My heart bleeds for the decaying rare carts with 50+ damage. They are definitely not even remembered by their owners anymore - for a long time. Bulks -strictly off deed on PVE- really should have an option to be salvaged
  9. Well, I'm tired it seems. In the back of my brain I know wurm month is 28 days, bug is in me. Thanks for the enlightment
  10. Thanks for reporting it here as well I'll better wait a bit before the planned crossing...
  11. Checking the deed upkeep days it show s29 days despite coffer has more money than monthly upkeep: As per my update below bug is in my mind - apologies...
  12. What I could dig up from wiki is using minnow for marlin and perch and such for white shark should be working best. I guess pro reel and metal hooks should be used ... and thickest possible lines too?
  13. I'm lost -and may be lost forever- on the new fishing system. I have a hard time time to figure out how to achieve the 75kg fish journal goal. What I think I understand is that I need a special fish tile and try to catch marlins or white sharks as those are the only options with large enough weight per ql. Which is the specific season and daytime where these are possible to catch? Also what equipment do I need for it? Many thanks for any clues!
  14. I've just had to install the javaws on a fresh ubuntu - now it is a manual process only with teh Oracle changes and it .... well.... <censored>. A very good move, I don't see many Linux users to go through all the hassle to start wurm (jnlp is Oracle only so other java packages won't do the magic). So I welcome a lot the new launcher.
  15. If you happen to get into visual with the sailboat named "KHR sailboat" please let me know. I've left it - based on my log entries - somewhere on the south edge of Pristine in May, just sailed around on all the border but did not find it. Many thanks for any clues!
  16. I always thought to know that rarity will ONLY transfer if the rare part is the activated one - and only if it is the "head part". As scissors ave two identical parts that may work differently? Or am I simply fully wrong and there is no importance of which part is active?
  17. I did the long run during last night - reached all the invitees but did not ride back to the party location yet, as the ride finished almost home I've fallen asleep in my own bed instead Really enjoyed this sightseeing tour, so many memories visiting places I've not been to for long. Kudos for the guest list who were to be invited! Note: Beware the Garfius bridge if you happen to find yourself riding through it, the bridge support buildings consumed both me and my riding partner. Best practice is to disembark and pull the steeds through the houses.
  18. Sounds nice! As a side note as it may encourage to lock a lot of bulk containers that are otherwise left unlocked and we may end up with many locked containers on deeds even with lower level contents. Salvaging those places for materials is a great way to make a beginner player's life easier, I remember how happy I was when I found 200x 60ql cotton in my early days in a BSB in the wilderness (was a strange place to find it there though).
  19. without an anchor your ship can be dragged, pulled/pushed. That is a difference but I agree they should drift them. I've never tried any anchor but lead so I have no experience of the drifting.
  20. If I set a bind with a long press of Z, I get a Y in the Rclick menu - I need to press Z of course but that is really misleading. Might be much more confusing for all those layouts where the numbers are pressed by using shift or for example French layout where quite all the keys are moved around on the table.
  21. On Linux, the preview client does not respect the system keyboard layout for keybinds. For example I have the "Examine" set to "Z" which is swapped with "Y" on my layout. In chat windows etc. the layout is fine but I need to use the "Y" key (which is the UK/US "Z") to get the "Examine" action instead of my "Z".
  22. Once you have the complete set I'm happy to pay you the same price for all the recipes, I'm even lazy to sort out the few I already have Unless I can squeeze an unaware avatar with my champion press to extract all the recipes
  23. Service suspended until further notice.