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  1. Free bump, recommended #1... ;-)
  2. Kalambaka Handcrafting waiting for your orders on the following items: On order (available latest on next day): Chain armors: 50QL chain set (9 parts) > 1s/set 70QL chain set (9 parts) > 1s40c/set 80QL chain set (9 parts) > 2s20c/set Blacksmithing opening prices: 60QL blacksmithing tools > 25c 70QL blacksmithing tools > 40c 80QL blacksmithing tools > 70c Tools do not include large anvil, PM for prices Current spiced chain parts on stock: 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 49 > 60c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 59 > 75c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 61 > 75c 80QL chain jacket; AoSP 85 > 1s20c 80QL chain sleeve; AoSP 87 > 1s20c 80QL chain sleeve; AoSP 69 > 80c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 72 > 1s sold 80QL chain pants; AoSP 67 > 80c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 57 > 75c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 54 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 54 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 53 > 70c 80QL chain pants; AoSP 47 > 60c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 55 > 70c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 43 > 45c 80QL chain gauntlet, AoSP 42 > 45c AoSP: "Aura of Shared Pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer." All items are made of pure, carefully selected iron. Delivery options: Pickup at Kalambaka (Xanadu, S15 - coastal deed (map location: http://xanadu-wurm.rhcloud.com/#mark/3267/6608/5 ) COD - paid by customer, not recommended for chain sets as it will be real expensive (COD applies per part) NEW! There is a merchant holding now at Kalambaka, right under the Gate House holding my items. Being there check the other merchants too The merchant holds a full 50ql and a 80ql chain set at all times and part of the enchanted chain parts. Some tools and shields are also available on it. Payment options: Cash Sleep powder at 1.2s Contact options: Reply to this thread Forum PM to Jaz Ingame PM to Zaj or Jaz Visit Kalambaka, the pretty hillside town
  3. Hi, our black Northfancy is missing after some stone walls found bashed down today. I think should be branded to North Wind or Csopak. If you happen to find it wandering on northern part of Cele please let me know, thanks
  4. I have received the brush upon returning to Celebration, many thanks for it!
  5. Ooops, did not receive the grooming brush - I suppose might be because I switched server in the meantime, will check again tomorrow when I return to Cele...
  6. COD to Jaz please: Grooming brush oak - 83CoC - 1s Thanks a lot
  7. It was a real great event, thanks for the lot of (and constant) work you hosts been putting in it - we had requests all the time In fact I'm still sleeping on the third floor of the building to recover the muscles a bit
  8. I'll be there soonest on 10th around at 6PM CEST but definitely looking forward to the event well excited ...
  9. Please COD to Jaz: 36. Whetstone, 91 ql, 82 coc, 80 c
  10. Great idea, count me in, if nothing goes wrong I'll be there with my smith and Mag priest too. I'll be able to pre-imp BS and CS items for the master level finishers... I'll bring some lump but that will be just 70-80-ish QL
  11. Heya, all items below are on stock, additional items are soon to be added. AoSP - Aura of Shared Pain, inflicts back part of the damage inflicted on the chained body part to the attacker. COD fees are not included in the price (10c / item on Celebration, 20c / item all other Freedom 1 cluster) Pickup points: Csopak (X29 Y10) North Wind (X29 Y12) or Sunder (X29 Y14) Chain jacket 70.67QL, AoSP 29 - 49c Chain jacket 70.71QL, AoSP 49 - 69c Chain jacket, 70.71QL AoSP 51 - 71c Chain sleeve 70.30QL, AoSP 31 - 51c Chain sleeve 70.21QL, AoSP 38 - 58c Chain sleeve 70.39QL, AoSP 39 - 59c Chain sleeve 70.63QL, AoSP 46 - 66c Chain sleeve 70.30QL, AoSP 48 - 68c Chain sleeve 72.85QL, AoSP 62 - 82c Open for orders on non-enchanted Chain sets - 1.5s / 70QL set Reply here or PM in game Jaz / Zaj
  12. ...and now a weekend offer, 50% off if you order it today! Pickup location: Shieldwall Bay, north of Celebration
  13. Now with free delivery on Cele all coasts or south Exo shoreline
  14. Hi! Taking orders on 70QL iron chain sets on Celebration. Pick up in Shieldwall Bay on the north or can be COD - please consider the COD price is to be paid bí you per each part! Pricing: 1.5s per full set Interested? PM here or ingame (Jaz or Zaj) Can cast AoSP on the chains around 50 power, subject to further negotiation ...
  15. Hi, if no faster solution, I will be able to do it for you on the weekend. I,m on north Cele.
  16. Need an iron chain barding to save your mare from the bites? You are at the right place: 70QL, never used iron chain barding, ready to have at a price of 2s (+COD).. One size fits all! Location: mid north Cele (Shieldwall Bay) Contact: here or Jaz or Zaj ingame.
  17. Ahh, filled in so quickly, I'm too slow
  18. There is always market as I see for the bulk like dirt, mortar stone bricks , might worth try to offer your work on these