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  1. Very convenient start times, thanks!!! Finally a hunt I seem to be able to participate - and I'll take the first clue above to leave my golden chariots with the liveried troll chauffeurs home this time.
  2. +1 so annoying to look for a fit spot now... Or the need to spam another altar (even for me having a Mag priest)
  3. I think a lot of pve guys have plans to go and try pvp on chaos, I'm one of them. The moment will come when you face my glory... Or more likely see me fall :-)
  4. Same happened to us a day ago, also a rare needle on common wool hats. Only rolls, no rares (sadly )
  5. Joining with all the flock here, see you there! Thanx for the event
  6. Ahh, I would never figure that out myself, now I'm thinking about to surface mine the top of a boat cave entrance to 1 slope inwards and try to build a house on top of it - not sure if Wurm physics would allow that. Anyway first I need to make a boat cave to test
  7. Warehouses

    I'm happy you liked it and could use the idea. Another detail hidden in the lower left corner of the image is the well next to the forges - unlimited supply for the tempering barrels while imping.
  8. Very nice job and thanks!!! Are the canal entrances work with mine doors on them? AFAIK that is the only way to provide push-free entry for knarrs, but if there is another solution I'd be glad to learn it
  9. Wiki was a great help to me, but I cannot be grateful enough the neighbours too: Diopapa, Ivanson, Koocooo a bit later Hilfe, Pingpong - just a few names who were around and either helped a lot or been of invaulable info on the ways of Wurm. Those times on the north of Independence in the wild are still magical memories ...
  10. Love the idea! So one player, one hunt - alts are not welcome to run through the other for a prize from the other set? Will it be needed to be clarified somehow beforehand (as we have several players on the same IP, multple alts each of us )?
  11. I Miss Wurm :(

    well yes that is exaclty what happened to me, 4 hours sleep time average for 1.5 years now
  12. [20:32:25] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. Thanks for the order, in progress, very soon I'll send it
  14. Sure, I'll travel home to my forges tonight so can make those latest tomorrow. Price for individual iron/copper 90ql chain armor parts are 60c each. Just drop me a note here or in PM if you need those and I'll do it as soon as I'm back!
  15. Great tool, thanks for creating and sharing!
  16. This post is a very important step. Of course I in no way can be sure if such an apology is honest or not - at this time you, Bruhamoff is the only who knows it - but time will tell. The fact you keep the same toon is something I really appreciate. "Lifetime stigmas" are silly in such cases - and yes rep is many times harder to build back than to lose.
  17. please close

    Send the stone chisel to Jaz pls - the 6s reached my comfort zone ;-)
  18. Release Community Map

    Hello! Please add our new deed to the map: Kalandoor Hunting Ranch, it is in the midle of X10, on the borderline of Y44/Y45. Thanks a lot! Deed already added - that was superfast, really impressive!
  19. NE corner sea is full of wild horses, recommended to arrive from there collecting some...
  20. S15 - we quite celebrate any hostilw creature, there are less than a dozen per week :-(
  21. Not ever happening to me on nvidia, sometimes I run 4-5 alts on the same computer. Maybe AMD specific?