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  1. There is always market as I see for the bulk like dirt, mortar stone bricks , might worth try to offer your work on these
  2. Great idea, adds excitement to the daily routine, will look forward to it :-)
  3. Hi, my friend Ivanson would like to have 3 Pick; Iron 51.09ql 85 CoC 1s He would like to pick it up, where can he find you and what timing?
  4. COC Pelts

    Thanks a lot, received it already
  5. COC Pelts

    Hi, mountain lion c82 70 copper pls cod to Jaz
  6. Well what is not mentioned here is that DDoS cost REAL money, even if only a few hunders bucks per 24 h (if quick google searches are reliable at all). Which means someone must be really wanting Wurm down. Or rich and bored? My bet is on someone who wants more income from being Wurm down or someone with a real rage burning inside....
  7. clearance

    S anvil 19ql 58COC 25c Please cod to Zaj, many thanks!
  8. WTS Some Stuff

    Hatchet 3ql 80CoC - 80c - please COD to Jaz Scissors 14ql 82CoC - 82c - please COD to Mittyke
  9. Hi, although at Faith around 50 yet I would like to add my Mag priest Zaj - living at Csopak, X29 Y10. Feel free to contact Zaj or Jaz ingame.
  10. Bennymountain and Tearcall please, I will PM you as Im online later today. Thx
  11. Maximillian, please COD me: 70QL Hammer - CoC 98 / WoA 81 - 3s 75c 1s 65c
  12. Hi, pls. Cod #1 rug to Jaz
  13. Same here. caves very dark, no illumination - or minimal from the lanterns caves do not render in the distance, light blocks instead FPS dropped seriously without changing any graphics settings, 0-10 FPS in built in areas instead of former 30-40, makes hard to navigate no water of course, mobs and horses ca enter the sea (I know it is a known bug) everything got an ugly cold, bluish color cast sky does not render correctly mine doors missing (I know it is also a known bug) + I noticed: tarred planks are showing again correctly EDIT: graphics of cart and animals in mine vibrating/shaking while moving
  14. This is a great idea! We will have a beginner Mag priest soon at Csopak, and a Vynora priestess in South Exo, so will very happily admit sermons, of course adding our nonpriest mains as crowd too Living in CET timezone your morning times will be just fine in the late afternoon for us.
  15. Thanks a lot for updating the map! Please add Csopak at X29 Y10:
  16. Dear Sant Rolf & All Devs, first thanks for this game and the constant improvements. My nicest thing this year? To find and dive into Wurm 134 days ago. Since then I'm lost and addicted each and every day.
  17. I have good news - having some hmmm.... means of convincing in place we fortunately received back the alive horse and even another "lost" item. So much about the truth in his words. Anyway it is a happy outcome. The only thing I cannot understand about it is that in my experience if anyone needs something the only thing needed to do is asking. It is so much easier...