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  1. Every tile has a coord. Just enlarge the map and check some tiles that are easily identifiable in game too (like a peat or tar patch), you can easily count tiles too by just hovering the mouse and substract the coord of the endpoints.

    Makes super easy to plan out tunnels for example.

    EDIT: valid for old servers - where there are proper map dumps. North servers still lack the detailed maps.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Darnok said:


    And the fact that such a powerful creature waits in one place to be slaughtered like a sheep is very sad.



    I'm fully into overhauling unique AI. They should leave combat when they feel themselves in danger, drakes/dragons are even supposed to be able to fly... so?

    Even a stupid rift mob will teleport away when fears to be slain.


    ...although I'm a bit worried about combat AI overhauls, it was done to the valrei mobs then at the same time they were removed from the game...

  3. The current system is not that bad as it is pictured by some of the playerbase. No notification on the spawn and being semi random did a big change. Lately quite pretty amount of uniques are found by random wanderers - or better the uniques find them.

    I'm not against a nice overhaul but making uniques another rift would put another nail in the coffin of the sandbox aspect of the game. Rifts and clocked events are utterly boring after the third one and become nothing more than chores (I'm so VERY happy I'm over the 100 rifts and probably will never go near one anymore). Rift scout camps are much more within the Wurm sandbox style, I actually enjoy finding and fighting them.

    The incentives should go towards making people leave deed and wander and not the contrary. Ppl hidden away in the depth of their deeds will make wurm lands feel empty which I don't see how being good to the game.

  4. 59 minutes ago, Darnok said:



    Additionally, dragons should sense players who have already killed a dragon and attack them in the first order, so even if someone uses alts, his main will only be protected during the first dragon fight, in the second he will be the main target.



    Actually I feel they do. I am targeted within a 100 ppl crowd all the time :P

  5. 6 minutes ago, Darnok said:


    In fact, this could be the solution. It would be fair to split the unique kills one for each time zone. It is simple to choose same time (for example 20:00) and each subsequent unique will be killed at the same time, but for a next time zone. This way, each player will have a chance to go to at least a few events that are closest to his time zone.


     I think you don't really see that actually they spawn at random times a day. The person who captures them will decide when the fight is happening. This is a full sandbox approach and that would hurt the game to make it instance-like. Bad enough we have rifts already that way.

  6. Guards (on deed tower, on the mountainside where there is a mine underneath with a minedoor a few tiles away from the tower) still keep getting into the mine and they never leave to any call neither answer if called on monsters in the cave where they are. Only workaround so far is to kill all of them every few days which is quite ridicoulus.


    case1 - guards in mine mob outside: they respond in chat but do nothing

    case2 - guards and mob in the mine: No guards respond.

  7. I'm not feeling interested in the same start as south PVE islands and therefore I'll stay. Actually why I still mainly play these days on North is Defiance. I enjoy the different playstyle which is actually KvK and more a community world inside the kingdoms (tbh PVE servers are the PvP ones except not by slashing up each other but every other way).


    Why not Chaos? That is a terrible setup to have it connected to pve servers.


    Why not Epic? Don't need to explain I guess.

  8. I don't really see why devs did not choose the well tried way of getting the complimentary item using the redeem function of the tokens. That would avoid all this. Also I don't think there are thousands of helmets that would be asked to be moved so that is something that really would just raise moral of the playerbase with an acceptable level of workload.

    EDIT: and yes it was worded upon logging in.

    I for myself was so afraid to get it on the "wrong" cluster I dared not move off PVE for the full day before.

  9. Very very good idea! I'm so sad we literally cannot meet valrei mobs. I understand the fear and trembling the thought that they may be in the game again caused in many user but I really like to fight them. Camps like the rift ones are a perfect way to be safe and get fun for those who are concerned.