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  1. Well nights have been tweaked a while ago and I think it is perfect now. I need a light source again in mines and forests.
  2. Happens since yesterday - both times after jumping over the portal.
  3. Even small servers have quite some almost untouched land. Worth travel them all - there is a reason I have at least one deed on all the old freedom servers.
  4. Hovering over the skills on Defiance show the effective skill level like on Epic. Actually Epic curve is not active there - as I mine ore according to my actual not effective skill.
  5. Make sure you give enough time to get there - maybe logging in and changing servers can be slower than usual today!
  6. Crashed on the client on Defiance, lost all digging skill (7->1)
  7. Happened again: 4.1.115(59fd787) 2 mins later after logging into a new client, all the world have been reloading while riding up a bridge in a mine.
  8. Thank you for organizing this great event - I'm sad I could only spend a very little time over there.
  9. There is a pulsating golden "traitor" light hovering in the middle of each epic portals now. Hopefully it is not intended as it really not fits in some existing designs where portals used as part of them, also I see it as a problem in some PVP situations where the existence of a portal should not be obvious.
  10. A very strange thing happened yesterday on Xanadu on two account: Both sailed over to Xanadu on a rowboat, disembarked on the server border after crossing, waiting for summon in the water. Both summoned to a central location on Xanadu dropped tent, hitched a horse to the tent got a wound from a fight Both logged off Both relogged later and were found at the rowboat in the ocean. The tent was still at the target location the summon, the wound was still present on the other account. I'm happy to provide logs and details to the devs if needed to check the issue. Summon soul glitches happened earlier - like after being summoned to the spot hte character rubberbanded to the tile and could not actually do anything until relog (and finding the toon at the locatio nbefore the summon happened). This case if very different as interaction at the target location was possible (dropping tent, leading/hitching animal, fighting).
  11. Happened yesterday and today on several characters and different computers: after logging in nothing loads but empty sea and sky. Chat tabs don't work either, not even Support tab shown (but can raise tickets using /support). Sometimes a single relog, sometimes repeating it a few times was needed to properly log in. Other already online characters see the toon trying to log in properly in the world. So far it looks like it happened only after being logged off for several hours only. Seen on Independence and Serenity so far.
  12. ...and I thought my client is unique Also yes, I see it on two separate toons, Annyil too. Fun thing is that it is partially spreading to neighbouring tiles too. I hope it is an accidental leak of a future feature EDIT: the tile in question is an enchanted grass tile in a timber house on the surface.
  13. do you want a -1 and a 0 wave too? +1
  14. But .... Xanadu is already flat. Period. Join the flatxana believers now Proof: https://pastebin.com/8CgnByAQ!
  15. Siathes had skillfully spotted the otherwise great-in-the-hiding-game-by-nature kyklops of Release which has been lured with foul smelling candies into a mine. A staring eyes contest will be held on next Saturday, the 25th July at 5PM GMT. I hope the timer is correct, I'm lame at it. If a tome drops, it will not be rolled in public, rare bone and other loot will be rolled out between the players (exluding alts) who are on the Niarja kill list. In case of no tome, finder will get rare bone (or an item of his choice) from the loot the rest is going to be rolled. See you there for a little fun and a leatherworking blood! Location: P13 on the ingame map.
  16. That's the voluntary bandwidth saving since Covid I guess. Many providers turned their default res down.
  17. Looks like the two servers on the new provider have this issue - maybe a config difference from the old ones?
  18. Actually... just build a bridge leading to your door in your house and you WILL have all the mobs in your house
  19. A great trailer, thank you for it!
  20. Actually so many good names posted. I imagine many more not posted just on the form. Neither of the server names tell anything about Wurm but very generic fantasy save-the-effort names. Cast the prizes, choose another, blame the whining playerbase.