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  1. Fair game play hits a new low

    We need to put on blindfolds an djust get teleported into a collapsed mine every time to not get any idea of the heatmap of the servers.
  2. Fair game play hits a new low

    Why do you think Oblivionnreaver is good or not? Also I'm surprised you assume how a group you don't know works.
  3. Fair game play hits a new low

    In fact group members there give in all the scraps and also pay a weekly fee to stay in the group.
  4. CLUB Market ~Crystal Lake's Utmost Buys~

    A piece of every colour of dragon scale is now available - also random everyday equipment...
  5. hmm... just jumped on Spotify to find all three soundtrack albums. I suppose not all songs are ingame?
  6. Tame Bears with Honey

    I love this idea. Honey and bears need the love too.
  7. [Fixed] Spyglass crashes the game

    I have used spyglasses on different servers and toons during yesterday and today, it did not crash me anymore.
  8. Trying to care a cared animal on-deed with proper deed permissions. Error messages are strange: "The Cave wall is in the way" (also a capitalization typo there) "The high rope fence is in the way." Tried while on a ship and unloaded too, same effect. Sailing it off deed caring worked as expected.
  9. A serious post about mental illness

    Hats off for the courage. Really.
  10. [Fixed] Spyglass crashes the game

    confirmed, freezes client. Maybe a #metoo incentive to not peek under skirts on Valentine's day...
  11. I'm unsure if I will like my new head called Bob but more options are the better. It is a toggle away only so even if I personally will not like it: THANK YOU! Actual fruits are great too... but what will happen to my lamb stew tonight???
  12. Ok then.... I can accept limitations and happy to revert to my original post
  13. OOS while sitting still

    That sounds quite really awful. I'm sure the case is clear and will be remediated but it would be great to know how could it happen. Were you in a cave? Isn't your corpse on the surface? I'm happy to help with locates when I get in front of my PC...
  14. New HotA System

    Good point. Retro already promised to raise the question of Ele reset in the team. I'd prefer a reset myself but we need a yes or no at least to plan the future of the current deeds on the server.
  15. all sold. close please.

    2.5s for the lower rare shovel? If OK for you, COD to me pls
  16. I'm not sure it is a bad mechanic - but a pop-up question would be great to make sure you want to get your item stuck on the deed. Event notification will not work with the instant unload timer on deed.
  17. You cannot load them if they have gear - so should still be on the server. I'm not sure if the locate (from manage animals) will work if you are on the surface and the horse is in a mine... EDIT: yes locate works that way too.
  18. Coal Pile QL Boost

    ohhhh yes. I would LOVE to have the coalpiles impable. Another skill that would be more comfortable to grind - and I'm one of those who built tons of piles to grind the skill... though stopped at 80 as no rational reason to go higher with the current way finished pile QL is calculated. EDIT: for me high ql ash production seems more important as very high ql coal can be farmed from creatures quite easily
  19. Changing my mind after two years (and still no scaffolldings ) Absolutely +1 ! Yes please consider replacing that poor byte to a double. Let us be amazed with all the weird bugs happening from that, mine related visual bugs are always feel like strange and evil art to me. TLDR and for protests: Make mine heights great again! Double the byte!
  20. I had rhis issue being a noob If you start the game far from tar clay etc and on a sloped are it quite seems the only way to get the needed digging skill to terraform is find a flat tile and grind there. .. otherwise slope is too high for your skill.
  21. Fix it please, at the least it needs a message in Event tab and why is it affecting all skills for a cooldown?
  22. WTA Rare statue of an eagle

    well, sniped hopefully... COD to Jaz please
  23. WTS green cherry charges: Asking 75s per charge - or buy all 3 for 210 silvers! Spell granted: Stoneskin (Attacker misses next 3 attacks) Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) Also interested in Slime of Uttacha charges to swap these charges.