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  1. Sounds good for the large ships, amke them great again! EDIT: perhaps adding hammocks to them?
  2. I've been grinding my Mag priest yesterday from 17 to 40 standing on a shallow cave tile. You will not catch anything but minnow and a few clams - but minnow is great as a bait for marlin later on when you go for the journal goal to catch a 75kg fish. If you are after that goal, grind fishing to 60+, I've been successful on a 62 skill toon and a few other 60ish ones already (time varied from 10 mins to 3+ hours hunting for the big marlin).
  3. Quite everyone used moonmetal armour and weapons on Elevation including me who was a late joiner. It is already too easy to keep the gear, the current changes making it a bit harder is actually a good direction. Actually with more even playground (no champs, tomes etc) it is more content ADDED. Players and tactics are more valued this way against the gear hoarded.
  4. ("Toggle hover expand" set to always show the status bars is not respected on client reload. stats are hidden and I need to toggle twice to make them stay visible.) Can we get some more contrast between grey and white of the SB bar? (Fight window auto-docks on client reload instead of staying popped out if I log out that way.) Items in () need more testing it is not happening consistently.
  5. I'm very impressed of how much feedback is implemented already! Another finding: When you pull a container into toolbelt it is missing the item counter on top of the container image.
  6. The item type buttons are even would not needed in those filters. Actually filter is much more useful on a container possibly holding hundreds of items than in the player inventory
  7. This is more than a minor discomfort. There are workflows where a lot of BSBs are open (for example sorted by 10ql -> 9-10 bins), plus the inventory, the input container and the crafting window. That is quite impossible on a 1920x1080 either. Please allow to resize the windows down to 1 line height as it has been with the old GUI. Also title font is extremely huge (would not be an issue if I could still change it but font size options are gone now).
  8. I think avatars work similar to other bipedals locked in like trolls, they bash out usually within a week unfed. On the other hand I have a fat lava fiend for months in a pen in a cave.
  9. My case was even more strange, I could not receive the mail the same way so I logged back the old UI and found that I have no mail anymore. I've found the item in my inventory, I've never moved it from the mailbox and in fact I've never seemed to receive it there. The mailbox was not open at all. I think I have relogged with the mail dialog left open and maybe not even closing the new UI client.
  10. If you cross servers borders on a boat with a fish keep net attached to it, all the contents will be lost after the crossing. Not reloaded on crossing back to the same original server either.
  11. Someone reported already but yes, can't receive mail - tick box does not work. EDIT: much worse, now it says "You have no mail" :S After just logging back to old client. So my mail is somewhere in the limbo now. EDIT2: checked on the sender, not returned either. The item is in my inventory, I did not check on Receive and OK in the menu as it was impossible and definitely not picked it up from the mailbox afterwards. Looks like it can break mailing for now, be very careful accepting mail on the test client!
  12. Unfortunately I have that 1.176 kgs left at the moment only.
  13. Ship controls invisible:
  14. I've just had a few minutes into using the new UI - I'm so afriad of any changes but looks real fine at the first glimpse. The default window title texts are way too huge (I guess can be set smaller in text settings?) and text size settings are gone now... Would also be nice to have smaller line space between items in a list. A bug I've found: Filter option is missing in container windows, only in my inventory. All containers default to open when I open a container like a knarr.
  15. I really like where the proposals are set at this point. There is no perfect system, raid window with the last iteration seems real good - attackers can also see the end of the window and save their ass.....ets. Social distancing or deeds and destroyable reinforcements should solve the windows-around-the-clock issues. Graves are even better than Epic proximity.
  16. I can collect 1.176 kgs total weight scraps, including a black and red piece. Asking 70.56 silvers for that amount. Sorry for the late answer, been off for a few days...
  17. Scale stock is low, price is changed accordingly.
  18. Dragon scale sales are on hold - pending as possibly no more unreserved scale is available. I'll update on the status later.
  19. 5.8kgs is needed for a complete set. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Dragon_scale_armour
  20. Armourer oil is getting thin on the the bottom of the jar, price is changed accordingly.
  21. Have the 6gks and some blue pieces included, you can change any to blue if you combine them just make sure you select a blue piece when doing it.
  22. I have submitted a name for PVP already, five letters but three relevant words hidden inside