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  1. Hopefully I'm not late yet - this December came too fast... and was hesitating which part of myself should enter the ring but... Jaz in heavy.
  2. Yes @MacOofercorrected it already so I'm not confused anymore
  3. Timer ends one hour later than 20:00 GMT+1 I'm afraid. Which time is the correct one?
  4. Thank you for the public event I'll try to be there of course
  5. I never felt making mortar so terrible, stone bricks are much more click-n-drag. Larger lumps? Maybe if the max amount is tied to body strength. You need to stir them together anyway until someone invents concrete-mixer.
  6. Lucky you I was beating you on the list and also butchered a bunch and .... no points at all ...I'm so very sure that I'll forget to be on Jackal when the last stronghold fight ends and I'll miss out on the points awarded there.
  7. I would also expect some turrets inside the second wall - which are currently invisible or even will spawn only by the time the walls crumble. Hopefully it will be lasting longer next time as most of the participants in the first round quite surely have that goal already - I will sure not touch any ice/fire turrets next time (and I was just swinging at for the goal then retreating from them during the first round too). Regarding the archers considered too safe - now that many mobs have powerful AoE why not add them a long range attack that counters archery? That way archers could use their talents and would not destroy their roleplay.
  8. No one ever believes anymore that you buy something. That you don't have a dozen 99ql sets of glimmer
  9. For antistream people like me a transcript of the important infos of the vids would be very practical...
  10. No need for Java install anymore with the new launcher - it is "embedded" similarly to WU
  11. On Linux with the new client it happens for me that movement keys stack up in some keypress queue causing impossible to move or change current movement for a few seconds and also will fill chat window if clicked there with for example wwwwwwwwwwww keys if I moved forward before. Happens usually if I run more than 1 client in parallel
  12. I did not get ticks for all the skills - just part of them - and I was offline during all the former skill transfer windows.
  13. Seems like it is not the case. My body stats partly transferred, some did, some not - and they are approx similar levels. Not mentioning 30+ body on Jackal and no tick from it on freedom. A bit more of those are logged below:
  14. jackal transfer

    Quite some skills did not update for me. For example no Body and Body control skill tick at all but got body stam and str. Got butchering kinfe skill for 24 skill on Jackal but no skill tick on butchering too. No shield bashing skill etc...
  15. > dd /dev/human/zethreal /realm/wurm/virtual_entities/zethreal Who said a real life is needed? (Not sure about the target, planned move to AWS might affect the syntax). See you back hopefully real soon4
  16. Thanks a ton - it was a fun location and a close call to get there in this bad weater. Zero wind, max fog.
  17. This is a freshly made spot - the one which has the tile disapeeared is not in my current area so could not recheck.
  18. Checked again the fresh area - it has now a PoL tile. In the 5x5 there are dirts, pumpkins but majorit is grass and grass with flowers. I supppose maybe all tiles qualify where all the requirements are true - maybe the tile at the old spot is gone because new trees grew around my original 3x3 assumption (I cannot currently check that spot). A quick map of the current spot (Jackal): green: Path of Love working tile blue: underwater G> grass F> flowers D> dirt P> pumkins
  19. Thank you for the tips, I'll try to expand to 5x5. I wonder where the 3x3 came to my mind originally (many years ago).
  20. A formerly working love tile is not existing anymore - all tiles still intact. Tried to create a new love tile - 9 flat tiles near water and all with flowers, not working either. Tested all 9 tiles on both areas many times, no love cult specific oneliner messages show up, no "special tile" when timer finished and of course no questions.
  21. Yes realized the same myself - please remove the need of permissions to fill the trough. It blocks some goodwill actions of tending to the need of forgotten animals
  22. Just a little tech stuff to add: locked house will eject the accounts without permissions on their next logon inside the house and only then. PS: also I was not aware that Finndar's deed disbanded, that is the real sad part of the story for me - I always hope he will be back.
  23. Sounds good! Maybe a transmutation liquid where you need to use to create it the approx amount of target metal that you would have used up for imping the said item to its current level. Transmutation could work then like tile transmutation. This way no abuse where you imp a heavy iron item high then just turn it to another metal when ready
  24. also rock shard piles are generic piles showing stone shard now: