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  1. Is it legal?

    Just press the key 3 times every minute (adjust up both if you have higher than 3 queue length). Make sure you notice the question pop-up and you don't continue adding up to the queue else you'll be in trouble.
  2. Skill gain messed up

    Sounds a bit like the digging-on-same-tile skillcap mechanic kicks in for other actions too?
  3. Immersion factor improvements

    Oops indeed I missed your last message, my apologies. I have a bit of update on that too now
  4. Immersion factor improvements

    Will that improve nearby tree performance too? I'd love to use normal renderer in thick forest area too on my dated graphics card.
  5. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Well theories, then planned architecture and then actual implementation are an organic thing that evolve during the process. Thanks a lot for sharing the milestones! At least these are interesting to me but I think that is not just myself...
  6. Crashes on Chaos

    I'm using modern for hours now - no crash so far. I see freezes (4-8 secs) like the old java mem cleanup thing was. Other than that it is stable for me so far.
  7. Marsh tile

    Marsh is my sad and undervalued biome in Wurm. We really need a way to create it, it does not spread at al on its own. At least not a single time on my test area for many months.
  8. No more "X" when crafting

    I am a noob with much less than 10 years playtime but still -1 the idea. To be on the serious side alongside with the erasons already mentioned with very low chances if you are lucky you can get the item you try to craft in a few tries. Another thrill factor would be ironed out from the game with a consistent timer. What also pops in my mind while I write this comment - imagine someone firing up 10+ fresh toons at the same time and start crafting items in parallel they have very little chance. Then shrugs and leaves the computer for 4-5 minutes...
  9. Crashes on Chaos

    Not Chaos only, I had a crash using modern renderer on Cele - without a crash window, client just closed down on me. Note: I don't use Modern on daily basis as I have serious performance issues in forests using it (with no shadows and reflections either), the crash happened in about 5 mins after I switched to Modern to have a peek on the model updates. GLSL is on all the time for me.
  10. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    Fun thing is on Linux I never had that issue but the preview client has introduced a very similar behaviour on Linux.
  11. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    Thank you for the detailed info! Desync issue was an awful thing we lived together with it is huge news to say goodbye to it. It is much more common than anyone would expect that complex systems work BECAUSE of multiple errors in the code which end up in an expected behaviour. So how about jumping next? : P
  12. Patch Notes: 14/MAR/19 Journal Tweaks

    Percentage on the journal entries are hilarious! Tempting to dive on some and frustrates on others that are ugly far I also need to consider finally invest into a proper graphics card to see all the fancy item model pimps...
  13. Valrei International. 079

    Great news indeed! With HOTA change crawling closer is there a decision on Elé map reset? Will such a thing happen? I'm still insisting due the same reason: should we want to move our current settlements or will that work go poof if a new map is incoming...
  14. A nice move to put up the designs for a community vote. For me all four designs are somewhat too busy and ....well hard to find it in English what I want to express... the designs are a bit too soft and peaceful to fit on a blood soaked battlefield. I would say #2, but optimally with less vines and ornaments. I would also love to see the tent design too..
  15. WTS green cherry charges: Asking 75s per charge - or buy all 3 for 210 silvers! Spell granted: Stoneskin (Attacker misses next 3 attacks) Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) Also interested in Slime of Uttacha charges to swap these charges.
  16. It worked for me about 1h before your post (on a fresh toon)
  17. Priest overhaul testing

    A counterpart of salve of frost (and acid if we are there) was announced but it seems did not make into the game yet...
  18. Priest overhaul testing

    Any news on Salve of Fire? In my best knowledge it is unavailable currently making fire jewellery at a disadvantage... or am I wrong totally?
  19. Replace global cast on journal

    Also if for some reason the decision would be to keep the goal it would be a bit of relief if the goal were set to all toons that already had a global cast (can be retrieved from Niarja; that is a "third party" app I know). I strongly support the change the goal though...
  20. Trying to care a cared animal on-deed with proper deed permissions. Error messages are strange: "The Cave wall is in the way" (also a capitalization typo there) "The high rope fence is in the way." Tried while on a ship and unloaded too, same effect. Sailing it off deed caring worked as expected.
  21. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    @Sklo:DCloud environments can be a terrible experience if you try to copy the physical environment there. As much as I'm aware those require a different baseline of architectural thinking and you can end up with a reliable, custom tailored and not overpriced setup. Sure, never go after the basic setups offered on the first page Basic offers rarely give you the proper iops on a disk intensive application, that is granted.
  22. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Another clear sign how "old-school" server hosting should really be frightened by cloud providers offering more and more versatile and easier to manage solutions - and as some tech dragons are currently fighting over the prey (us, users) the costs are dropping all the time. If not else two possible aspects are amazing: setting the power level of hamsters by simply turning a knob and automatic georedundant backups/mirrors (I don't know the actual AWS offers though). EDIT: I'm really interested in any details
  23. Increased Macro Questions?

    Beware of long timers. Don't forget the rule of attentice gameplay which reuires you to check at the game at least within every 4 mins. I don't think a leveling action will be an issue as there is no queue but an extensive queue of long actions may mean trouble if you leave the window for a long time and don't react.