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  1. Thanks a ton - it was a fun location and a close call to get there in this bad weater. Zero wind, max fog.
  2. This is a freshly made spot - the one which has the tile disapeeared is not in my current area so could not recheck.
  3. Checked again the fresh area - it has now a PoL tile. In the 5x5 there are dirts, pumpkins but majorit is grass and grass with flowers. I supppose maybe all tiles qualify where all the requirements are true - maybe the tile at the old spot is gone because new trees grew around my original 3x3 assumption (I cannot currently check that spot). A quick map of the current spot (Jackal): green: Path of Love working tile blue: underwater G> grass F> flowers D> dirt P> pumkins
  4. Thank you for the tips, I'll try to expand to 5x5. I wonder where the 3x3 came to my mind originally (many years ago).
  5. A formerly working love tile is not existing anymore - all tiles still intact. Tried to create a new love tile - 9 flat tiles near water and all with flowers, not working either. Tested all 9 tiles on both areas many times, no love cult specific oneliner messages show up, no "special tile" when timer finished and of course no questions.
  6. Yes realized the same myself - please remove the need of permissions to fill the trough. It blocks some goodwill actions of tending to the need of forgotten animals
  7. Just a little tech stuff to add: locked house will eject the accounts without permissions on their next logon inside the house and only then. PS: also I was not aware that Finndar's deed disbanded, that is the real sad part of the story for me - I always hope he will be back.
  8. Sounds good! Maybe a transmutation liquid where you need to use to create it the approx amount of target metal that you would have used up for imping the said item to its current level. Transmutation could work then like tile transmutation. This way no abuse where you imp a heavy iron item high then just turn it to another metal when ready
  9. also rock shard piles are generic piles showing stone shard now:
  10. Also hair colours are messed up - looks fine on paper doll but changed ingame.
  11. Looks like it depends on some of the graphics settings - if I log in using my sermon settings I'm upside down but normal when using my medium settings. Will need more testing to find out exactly which setting causes it.
  12. All sorted, thank you - can be closed.
  13. Saw is covered already thank you - looking for he carving knife yet..
  14. On Jackal: I'd need a 70ql saw and/or an as high ql carving knife as you feel fit. I can offer 70ql wooden or iron shields of your choice. Reply or PM here if you are interested, thank you!!
  15. Sad to hear you face a shed in the middle of the place blocking redeeding. I understand how that feels you are with no tool to resolve that situation. Let me give some hope though, GM responding your ticket may opt to reach out to the owner of that shed asking them to remove it. I was on the receiving end of such a request, I had a shed at a spot in a desert where a player wanted to build and a GM asked me if I'm willing to remove my structure there. Maybe... maybe such an act would make the owner to demolish that shed.
  16. I'm living not too far south from there and happy to join the efforts of fight.
  17. At least they are there for the early days after a rift closes, I suppose traps decay fast but will still be a danger to the unaware riders.
  18. Same here titles and SB are cluster specific but achieved bonuses are present on all clusters
  19. My main issues are * the 4 waves - wave 1 is quite just a filler one, no excitement just spending time. * warmaster oakshellish protection after the turrets die is quite impossible with a small group regardless off skills. Also no reward from killing it which means it may simply be more logical to skip killing it now. * sounds. Please. Those ogrekind sounds... * while new AI for the mobs is a good idea somehow it does not add finally to the mix but makes it more a massacre. Now it is you-just-sit-in-the-middle-and-hack-em-all. Being they are much less strong to hit mostly and quite too many of them. Less and stronger might be a better experience.
  20. Big +1! Not to die a lot actually.
  21. Happened to me today - at least something that looked like that. Was out in the wild after a long travel on Jackal then all what happened was a 1-2 min long swap thrashing even making it impossible to open up atop to see what's happening. Then the client window just crashed and all went back to normal. This is something I did not experience for the last few years.
  22. The real sad thing is that there was zero communication about it. Would have gone on a very different path then. Even in the single vague line in the patch notes only the standard journal tiers were mentioned, not the priest ones.