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  1. The annoying "micro freezes" are back

    These have returned from me roughly around the last large visual update - with distant rendering and shiny armours. It is quite the same feeling like the old "travel freeze" which means it gets worse after longer trips and a client restart helps a bit on it. Happens on Windows7 and Ubuntu, both computers are Core i5, 16GB, Nvidia GTX 1050 /GTX 1050 Ti
  2. When trying to fill a container (measuring jug in my case) with fresh water and it already contains some salty water the following error is shown: [07:38:06] You wouldn't be able to carry the weight of the water. It should be about not possible to mix two liquids (would destroy the liquid?) Of course I'm nothing near my carry capacity.
  3. It was Activate -> Fill (from a lake) EDIT: if I try to move the different type of water between containers, the error message is correct: [15:52:27] That would destroy the liquid.
  4. I'd like to trade my Green Cherry to your Slime of Uttacha - up to 3 charges each.
  5. Looking to sell last charge of a red tome, 35s Spell granted: FireBall (An AoE Fire Ball Attack) Resistance: Fire 15% (Decreases Fire damage taken by 15%) Weakness: internal 10% (Increases internal damage taken by 10%)
  6. WTS Red Tome last charge - 35s

    It is called for in a PM a bit earlier, sorry.
  7. Latest Raspberry Pi Cluster server?

    I've just won a 2GB one yesterday so I might get myself at some point to do a test on it - setting up a default WU server to check how it works out.
  8. Epic looting system

    I'm also comfortable with a timer on corpses - at least I can't see instant nays yet.
  9. Epic looting system

    I have experience only with the Epic system - I personally like that you actually need to push the enemy away to be able to loot. Both way have its pros and cos and still on open field combat the current Epic system sounds much better than instant spam of take button.
  10. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    Good news thank you!
  11. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    oh yeah and hand mirrors cannot be traded over either. So I'd say that is a showstopper for toons that have it on them if cannot be brought over.
  12. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    so mirrors need to be traded away before portaling over? edit: and other nodrop items..
  13. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    My questions: what is the final item list that is allowed to portal with? Spyglass, sleep powders? Anything else?
  14. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    Kingdom change: 1. Use the portal from Serenity to Elevation 2. Get converted to MR 3. Go to Ignite and use the Desertion portal from there Regarding items: all are stuck on the current home servers for now.
  15. Patch Notes: 9/JUL/19

    I'm not sure about the treasure chests but I've never thought about how it makes lockpicking useful on freedom. I really like the idea.
  16. I would propose a new transmutation liquid that would turn dirt to rock. I'm aware part of the scenarios it would fit are possible to be solved using concrete - but as concrete won't work if the slope is higher than 40 dirt there are situations where this liquid could be a great help. I think it should be a liquid type which is rather hard to create to avoid making concrete obsolate.
  17. Looking for "KHR Sailboat"

    Found my poor boat, of course I was wrong at it was on the north border, not south...
  18. Looking for "KHR Sailboat"

    If you happen to get into visual with the sailboat named "KHR sailboat" please let me know. I've left it - based on my log entries - somewhere on the south edge of Pristine in May, just sailed around on all the border but did not find it. Many thanks for any clues!
  19. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    Also I strongly hope new launcher / new JNLP will be out some time before the server start to give time everyone to redownload etc.
  20. Patch Notes: 9/JUL/19

    We definitely need a way to loot abandoned stuff. My heart bleeds for the decaying rare carts with 50+ damage. They are definitely not even remembered by their owners anymore - for a long time. Bulks -strictly off deed on PVE- really should have an option to be salvaged
  21. Checking the deed upkeep days it show s29 days despite coffer has more money than monthly upkeep: As per my update below bug is in my mind - apologies...
  22. Well, I'm tired it seems. In the back of my brain I know wurm month is 28 days, bug is in me. Thanks for the enlightment
  23. Thanks for reporting it here as well I'll better wait a bit before the planned crossing...
  24. I'm lost -and may be lost forever- on the new fishing system. I have a hard time time to figure out how to achieve the 75kg fish journal goal. What I think I understand is that I need a special fish tile and try to catch marlins or white sharks as those are the only options with large enough weight per ql. Which is the specific season and daytime where these are possible to catch? Also what equipment do I need for it? Many thanks for any clues!
  25. What I could dig up from wiki is using minnow for marlin and perch and such for white shark should be working best. I guess pro reel and metal hooks should be used ... and thickest possible lines too?