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  1. catapult bridge of death

    Also there is another bridge going up one tile away behind the tile where you went flying if I see it well. Maybe game misplaced you to that bridge level and thought you have dropped from there? I'll be curious if the reason will be found.
  2. catapult bridge of death

    Do you have a house wall attached to the bridge - or a mine entrance adjacent to it? I'm just throwing up ideas of circumstances where "funny" things tend to happen to me ingame...
  3. catapult bridge of death

    Game is wrong, this should be the correct order of event lines ... did you enter at the corner of the first bridge tile?
  4. I've tried to cata down a 3 tiles long bridge. It was working fine on the two ends, they popped quite as easily as with the old cata system. It is very impossible to hit the middle tile, it always just hitting an item (the shards already thrown there). Checked with tweaking winching, position, orientation and angle, no success at all. Visually the rocks pass the correct bridge tile but never ever hits in about 50 tries, the other two tiles destroyed in less shots than that total. Also I've noticed that shards take around 3 dmg now on each shot, is it intended? EDIT: quite a pain, the 60ql bridge tile takes only about 0.7 dmg destorying it with a 90ql large maul.
  5. You can bet it is not that a big issue just cosmetics out in no man's land
  6. I'm starting at 3-4 small bridges for 18 months now that wait for the fix to get erased from the map... and I'm not that eager to bash them tile by tile. BTW maybe 10-20dmg on them since...
  7. Please check that only 64bit Java is installed on the machine - when you install Java with the auto installer it tends to instal lthe 32bit version - Wurm will not really like it. It is very rare that you explicitly need the 32bit one so best to remove it and install the 64bit one from the offlne installer. https://javadl.oracle.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=236888_42970487e3af4f5aa5bca3f542482c60
  8. Tips - Ramping up mind logic

    Indeed archeology and restoration are among the best ML grinds - with that nice benefit of Body Control for riding. Much less manual work than cooking and also you need less mats than for filling frying pans.
  9. Instant death when logging in

    I think corpse is moved to a nearby open tile - still a better solution than being "trapped" in the rock tile where it would be most likely be deleted (I rarely could salvage items from collapsed tiles after mining them out again)
  10. on WU servers that cricket sound is played when the field is aging a level at night.
  11. With the priest update Blaze was introduced to increase fire damage caused but there is no salve that can be smeared to weapons like acid of frost (made from unique bloods) so it seems to be a feature needing some additional love. Please add a way to acquire fire/flame salves, as currently all unique bloods have a use it could be fixed with a new rift item (would definitely pull me to rifts to get them...).
  12. Is it legal?

    True for the ticks sizes. But you get skill for every action so it is still faster to grind praying to 70 on Epic. I'm already finished from 0. Epic curve is easily countered by the higher tick rate - and actually you get your skill while playing and not grinding even at high levels. Like real nice mining skill above 90 digging tunnels.
  13. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    Server outages happen and Wurm is doing great on availability. The planned move to a cloud solution should increase that further - will eliminate the factor of human intervention needed in such scenarios using traditional hosting.
  14. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    huh - lucky you! I am not favored by my gods it seems
  15. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    53 prayer on my priest who never been staying facing an altar and praying dumb. Also you need to do a ton of praying for the 100 gems goal ... Which rewards with a bunch of low ql gems to grind channeling. These journal tiers are not for being finished in a span of months (unless mad... My fresh priest reached 70 praying yesterday). Where I agree is that praying skill should provide some benefits.
  16. Community Q&A (WRONG ANSWERS ONLY)

    Open a mine under the tar and mine up the ceiling.
  17. Is it legal?

    True. Epic is kind enough to give the ticks for all the prayers.
  18. Is it legal?

    This is on Epic, affinity food and SB on: [22:32:43] Prayer increased by 0.0019 to 69.7390 You had 2x ticks (on freedom ?) ...
  19. Slay each rift creature turned green for me too - but it is not true for all the goals as my priest still does not have the Cast a global spell one (done a cast years ago).
  20. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    Maybe a clue of a new special set of magical armour hidden at Golden Vali
  21. Is it legal?

    Make sure you always see the Wurm client window whatever legal solution you use. You need to be aware of the attentive gameplay rule and have a glimpse at the client window at least every 4 minutes and respond any popups you may receive.
  22. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    Hey that is the fate of The Randomizer Anyway I wish to escalate the situation - as a randomized Yaga is not the same as the randomizer Yaga! I would love to see the opinion of the communitiy if Yaga should be hit by the properly randomizedly impossible quests. Whatever happens now, I really love to read about the Enkounters month by month. Thank you for the fun times!
  23. Is it legal?

    Just press the key 3 times every minute (adjust up both if you have higher than 3 queue length). Make sure you notice the question pop-up and you don't continue adding up to the queue else you'll be in trouble.
  24. [Fixed] Skill gain messed up

    Sounds a bit like the digging-on-same-tile skillcap mechanic kicks in for other actions too?