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  1. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Actually the hota rework will redraw the optimal deed placement locations. If a map reset on Ele is planned around that time moving and developing deeds two times is something that would be great to avoid.....
  2. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    We really need a statement on what is planned with Epic. Should I still want to put upkeep in the deeds there? Will there be a map reset? Will the hota rework still happen?
  3. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    @SinduskI highly appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm you were putting into Wurm as a dev. I was really shocked seeing you leave and I really sorry it had to happen. From my greedy point of view it is a huge loss and would love to see it reverted. I'm sure any future project you enter will benefit hugely from your work. THANK YOU!
  4. Valrei International. 076

    Amazing news for the new update - and I'm really curious about the rest. Regarding HOTA rework and Epic: Please give a statement if Elevation will stay as is or a reset is planned. It would be an amazing time to reset the map with the new HOTA mechanics introduced - the current deed locations will become mostly obsolate anyway.
  5. Steps to reproduce: 1. Cage an animal on a server 2. Sail the animal to another server (both cases were animals that never were on the target server) 3. First attempt to care is on deed, in a mine, in a cage on a knarr - failed (The Cave wall is in the way.) <- off topic error: Cave should not be capitalized 4. Second attempt to care is on deed, outside of the mine, in a cage on a knarr - failed (The low stone wall is in the way) <- no such wall on any tile nearby 5. Third attempt to care is right off the deed, outside of a mine, in a cage on a knarr - no bug. (You may not care for any more creatures right now. You are already caring for 3 creatures.) 6. Fourth attempt is back on the deed, same as 4) - no bug. 7. Back in the cave as 3) - failed. (The Reinforced cave wall is in the way.) 8. Back to 4) - no bug... so after a successful attempt outside the deed on the surface fixed it as long as not in a mine. 9. Back into the same cave, but off deed - failed. Have full permissions on the crate, the knarr and the deed.
  6. [19:03:56] Annyil has logged in on Independence. Annyil was a passenger on the boat and visually appeared in the water after entering the server (the known issue which can be fixed by disembarking and reembarking or relogging). [19:03:57] You start to cast Summon Soul. [19:04:26] You cast Summon Soul. [19:04:30] You request Annyil to be summoned to your location. Annyil appeared next to me, (100 favor spent), but was glitched out being unable to leave the tile "rubberbanding" back to it. She tried to relog: [19:04:53] Annyil lost link. [19:05:18] Annyil has logged in on Independence. ...and appeared back at the server border next to the boat she arrived to the server on.
  7. [Bug] LITW is busted

    Today I had a champ troll that was never shown on the LitW series (spammed all the time while riding and actually no champs were shown) until I got into actual melee with the champ troll.
  8. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    I'm not a gamer. I don't play games as I get bored within hours best. [11:38:58] You have played 457 days, 0 hours and 57 minutes. That is only one of my "mains". Wurm is a bad addiction not a game. For me the main reasons I think - I'm writing this without thinking on it first: the terraforming, to set your mark in the world, the community and that I have no path set before me but can go different ways when I feel bored doing something. EDIT: I love the challenges, the failures, the accomplishments.
  9. PC Wurms 5th Best Potter

    DO NOT sell your main. Reasons: 1) killing the chance to ever return on your own name 2) making others uncomfortable to see an account they know in the hands of another player 3) you won't get the money from selling that would pay for the emotional ties and the time you put into it 4) I would hate to see you go permanently Selling items usually turns up more cash than the toon itself. I really hope we will still see you around in Wurm - and if the sellout is induced by RL issues those will get cleared fast.
  10. Celebration Map

    Thank you for picking up the job!
  11. All Gone!

    Send the LT sickle to Jaz pls
  12. Mind logic is already staged for boats and BC for different mounts. The big difference is to unlock a feature earlier that is now quite a core mechanic in the game. The fresh players currently are forced to ask help from more developed accounts; which is not a bad thing but showing early how convenient will the gaming experience become if they persist is a good thing. I remember I could not evaluate the huge difference of being able to ride or to drive a vehicle at least. Giving a "sneak peak" is motivating. EDIT: (a bit off topic) BTW I think the intention of giving out 3 day prem was also a great thing, I was pulled into buying premium game time in other games with such "holiday passes" after seeing how much easier my life is. Maybe the 3 days was a bit too short and also it might not reach the intended target audience (I loved it and had good use of it though myself - and also induced a few monthly prems from my side).
  13. My farewell to VEN and thanks to the community

    My best wishes!
  14. Smilingcat is highly recommended for all your instant casted tools need Also thanks a lot for a real nice Christmas surprise!
  15. What's expected: a. An account that was never premium has the option to buy the first month of premium at tokens for 2s. b. 3 days Christmas redeem code is supposed to not count as actual premium time bought - so does not prevent from inactive character deletion, did not allow to pick up the Christmas gift and should not change regular premium payment options. What's happening: If such an account has used the redeem code for the 3 days premium time, the 2s option is no more available at tokens. I've been informed by a staff member that a fix is already planned but I was asked to log this issue here for the record.
  16. Hotfix 04/JAN/19

    Checked on alt and appears fixed, thanks a lot!
  17. [Bug] LITW is busted

    I had a unique recently in visual range and my pendulum did not move for several consecutive uses. Not the failed message but "did not move". I've tried to move a few tiles - same outcome. Another account found it with LitW at the same time standing a few tiles away from me - even further from the unique.
  18. Absolutely NO please. I did not believe it until now but Niki you are really unable to see things out of context of their monetary value. Adding custom names because if you don't have a cow should kill the neighours' cattle too? I hate it enough already that masks are commonly available. Wurm needs its unique items, they have a history. I have never had any of such things, no special helm, no masks, no named items, and yes I would terribly love to have some. With your suggestion all these items would be common in a few weeks latest, I have quite a bunch of 95+ crafting skills, a few 99+ and I'm far from fitting into the first 100 players on Niarja - and those are just the public profiles uploaded there. How fast would the market be flooded?
  19. For Auld Lang Syne

    It was not fair the least! People spend many hours and hard earned silvers for orbs and valuable gems to find the uniques and random select tiny set of 70ish people at an after midnight time just receive a dragon freely? Even without a twittter alarm? Nah, I need to learn this yet I'm afraid... On the contrary, thank you for the Vrock party - I missed to find any of the gems, I was killed by a babysitter and went to sleep before any dragon. I did not find any chests today although spent a lot of time. That does not count. Wurm needs events like these, random ones, with random winners. Abusable? Yes. Some are. Still, keep the spontaneus events going, sooner or later it will be at a convenient time and location for most of us. Also yes, I was at Vrock on an alt, I had no chance to sail over in time.
  20. For Auld Lang Syne

    I'm out on Celebration for 3 hours now and did not find anything - but that is business as usual for me
  21. For Auld Lang Syne

    uhh grats lucky ones ! I'm climbing moutains, fighting drag.... trolls and no chest yet here...
  22. Reward Helmets improvable

    AFAIK they are not impable by anyone. I agree they should be, if extra difficulty is needed, yes limit it over a certain skill but I would lower the requirement to the half of what Xallo mentioned, let it be 99 skill only.
  23. WTB Good care of my priest

    To lower the risks I would recommend to prem up a fresh deed mayor for the 2s at a token and hand over the deed to the new toon. Worst case scenario is fully avoided that way - you can lose no more than your priest.
  24. CLOSE Heartbroken

    It would be so sad to lose a potential opponent on Epic I would never notice anything about your English - though I'm not reliable as it is not my mother tongue either. To the main point of my answer is: Just for the record, for the achievement you don't need to do all the legwork creating the wine, the magic is done when you seal the wine barrel with that woodscrap. For the sake of safety I do pour all the smelly guey liquid to wine barrels in my inventory before I seal it with a woodscrap. That ensures that the barrel of wine will proudly bear your name on it. EDIT: ohh and make sure you don't drink up all the stock at once when the QL check is done ...
  25. CLOSE Heartbroken

    I guess mainly this is why the personal goal system is being phased out. Too many unhappy players. I know this not helps for all who is putting a lot of work, time, effort and maybe silvers to achieve the goals though. What I strongly hope that the new journal system avoids tasks raising such issues...