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  1. Jimbean's Paypal Guest Book

    Had a complicated trade including mailing back and forth different tomes - all went smoothly.
  2. WTS Store is Closed

    Thank you for the trades!
  3. To hijack the bug thread, cache lump fragments are still "lump fragment, metal" - collected today.
  4. All is gone thank you all, can be closed.
  5. I would like to swap my black tome charges - up to 3 - to green tome charges.
  6. WTB a green tome charge

    Bought, can be closed.
  7. WTB a green tome charge

    I would need a green tome charge, if you have one for sale, please send me your offer here, in a PM ingame or on the forums. Also happy to swap your green tome charge to one of my black tome charges.
  8. WTS Store is Closed

    I'll get two charges of the green tome - PM...
  9. Unfortunately active PMK designs will always have that risk associated - you are safe with the disbanded PMK graphics though (which was not always the case in old times... on kingdom disband all designs simply vanished from game)
  10. WTT my green cherry charges to uttacha slime charges - up to 3.
  11. Trade completed successfully and smoothy, thanks a lot @Telurius! Some charges still available for swap!
  12. All PMKs have their right to change the design at their will. Saying that I agree the old design was awesome and I was quite shocked to see my banner changing ...
  13. New new hota

    That mechanic might work - at least I had experience with a very similar one in another pvp game. Need to set rhe timers correctly though with regard to population abd server size.
  14. Sacc champ animal goal does not work for me either: [14:29:11] You stop sacrificing. [14:29:11] You stop attacking. [14:29:11] A venerable champion crocodile is dead. R.I.P. [14:29:11] Nahjo is silent. (moved here from a reply in another thread as this seems to a different case)
  15. Considering that current deed locations around hota will lose their importance and will most likely abandoned / moved anyway, it would be a perfect time to replace the map.
  16. Sure thing, thank you! I'll send you a forum or ingame PM soon (tm) to arrange it.
  17. New HotA System

    That is a plus for me - more people on chaos means more fun (or more kills in other words). Also spawning MM ores and not lumps would prevent running away from the guards on a naked alt - and if zone prevents to cast a mailbox that is another way to prevent farming MM easily.
  18. New HotA System

    I see the limit of 10 camps reasonable over 6, that still gives a chance for small 3rd party groups. 6 will be ndominated always by the 2 large groups.
  19. Channeling Locked Features

    I like the idea too, would encourage channeling grind on some priests too.
  20. Using the manage animals menu it is already possible to untame a pet. A big QoL would be to be able to do it from a right click menu on the pet ... even more comfortable if could be binded to a key.
  21. Celebration Map

    Solitude at X27 Y11 is sadly gone for a while now.
  22. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    I see several strange triple dots.......
  23. Horses mysteriously dying

    Also is it sure it is Examine only? It seems I had at least the first horse that died unexpectedly on a "foreign" server that was never examined - but was interacted with like gear added/removed, hitched/unhitched.