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  1. Why was PvP abandoned?

    The fact Epic has no connection to freedom is the sole reason I play there and don't even touch Chaos.
  2. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I think this is where you wrong looking at all the posts here. Having a fresh map will -obviusly temporarily- boost the playerbase on Epic without any other changes introduced or even promised. That will give breathing space to the team to keep the players and finish current projects. If ... IF a reset will again be needed because the game would change that greatly I'm sure it will be accepted and again cause a re-influx of players. Just look at the history when any new map is introduced.
  3. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    I did not speak to or heard about anyone having interest in or on Elevation being against a new smaller map regardless of kingdom and group - correct me if I'm wrong here. Please let us have it. Home servers are a different story, they have a partly separate playerbase who should not be disturbed by the annoyance of Ele playerbase.
  4. The glow remains when the mission tree has been cut. This is weird to see it still there - but when you sabotage an enemy mission on a PVP server it also gives away the information to the enemy and prevents them to waste time to find the mission item. It would be desirable to remove this clue.
  5. Wurmaholics Anonymous

    Does it count if I'm keeping myself away from spirits but still have beer and coctails?
  6. If only there would be a way to separate Epic skill dumps from Freedom dumps in my player folders. Playing on both clusters were the main reason I've stopped uploading skills to Niarja, I know I'd surely mix them up :S At a first glimpse I really love the changes on Niarja - thanks a lot! EDIT: maybe a toggle could be possible on the uploaded skilldumps to assign them to Epic/Freedom manually by the uploader? I could surely sort them out seeing the overall values after upload - it is way more harder to do one-by-one before uploading.
  7. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Well, I've left Elevation as felt being left in the dark for months. Epic is a cluster where time spent stays on the cluster - no skill transfers to Freedom, no benefits shared except some PVE journal goals that may be accomplished easier there. I've arrived to a decision to abandon the server where we should spent quite some hours of work to recover from a raid and decided it won't worth because I have no clue where Elevation and Epic heads to. In my view the communication that nothing will happen on Epic this year could be really handy many months ago, it could very likely see me to build another spot knowing Ele map will remain for quite a time. Please, pull the heavy curtains aside.
  8. Great updates, thanks a lot! One item I personally miss is now is the to players sheet...
  9. As it is mentioned in the output you pasted and also in my earlier replies, that PPA IS DISCONTINUED, won't work anymore. Really sad I must admit. You may try to manually install java from the Oracle page following their instructions: https://www.java.com/en/download/help/linux_x64_install.xml I have never tried it before as I've always used the PPA you tried to use (those sunny days are over it seems). For reference, I've installed a fresh Mint and tried the amazon Corretto openJDK with Icedtea to launch the JNLP file, absolute fail. Was going to try Java11 from Oracle too, but javaws is removed from that release so the Wurm JNLP won't start of course.
  10. PPA to install oracle java 8 is discontinued as Oracle does not provide DL links without logging in anymore. I'm yet to find a workaround. Or Imay want to try the openjdk stuff of amazon. Can't install and update oracle java 8 using the webupd8te PPA
  11. Well it seems Oracle tries to dodge the PPA installations which is VERY sad as I view it: https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/java I'm not really wanting to create a Oracle account to just download their java. I'm curious if there will be (are already?) open alternatives that are actually compatible.
  12. Locked in room

    Isn't it because you can insta-die if the undergound structure is fully surrounded with rock? Also could TP you into an adjacent tunnel where you should have no access to.
  13. Valrei International. 083

    Please, please, please can we finally have a word if, what and when will happen to the Elevation map? It is really a game changer to know what to expect as I mentioned the reasons months earlier. With no legacy HOTA some deeds obviously could be moved to better locations than the current one. With a map reset or such the amount of work to prepare a new location will be totally a ton of effort thrown out on the window. Whatever decision is made the, Epic players should know it way before the legacy HOTA is disabled.
  14. Dem Capes!

    Very same here - I even tried to switch stance once...
  15. A decade (very nearly) come and gone

    Ohh yeah how about a party up on the Fang - then !surprise, surprise! secretly turn on collisions between avatars...
  16. The building of Haven's Landing

    I know your feeling. When I started Wurm I've first settled in the far north on Independence. I could soon run from The Howl to north with blindfolds on - a long run every time. Even once I had to collect my corpse from a mountainside deep south - now that was an adventure still on foot.. ...and yes you get a dropdown menu to select spawn point when you die - not too obvious at first sight full of death-adrenaline.
  17. Real cave living pls?

    Yes there is a very little chance but tiles can collapse in fully reinforced mines. In my understanding it may happen only to a tile which is adjacent to a wall and will not happen to a tile with a structure on it.
  18. Ritual of the Sun

    I would be VERY happy to join with my Mag priest (100 faith and 86 channeling) and Sme priest (100 faith). A real nice idea to post in advance! I'll also be able to help with summons once there of course.
  19. I've completed that goal by making 5 needles of each metal I did not have already the item count in achievements.
  20. I'm happy to +1 if it but on Epic only. Gives an edge again there compared to Freedom Isles.
  21. done and thank you! Please close.
  22. PM me here or ingame (same name) if you have a blue or red tome charge which you would like to trade for a black tome charge...
  23. Marsh tile

    If you can remove something you should be able to create it. Marsh is one of the things that you cannot. Repairing surface mined areas is the other (with 40 slope limit of concrete). Disclaimer: I personally love marsh
  24. Please add a button to select all / deselect all permissions to the groups in the deed roles dialog - or at least a button to toggle all the checkboxes. It is really a pain to set up personal roles at deeds for trusted people or groups - a lot of clicking. As an alternative please let we have a "copy role" button on the roles window.
  25. Goblin Leader party

    The Goblin Leader of Independence is ready to be poked, slashed and bashed. Everyone is invited to collect bloods that will make mining potions. A rare bone, skull and corpse will be rolled among the slayers minus alts based on Niarja kill list. The poor guy is tiny so please leave your horses and carts outside the arena to increase visibility. Warning: Prepare for a possibly longer travel time to the actual site though as there is likely no immediate path up from the ocean (recommended shortest routes would be welcomed). The location is close to ocean, alts very likely can stay on the ships parked close and still receive bloods. I'll update the post with a more detailed map later.