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  1. all sold. close please.

    2.5s for the lower rare shovel? If OK for you, COD to me pls
  2. I'm not sure it is a bad mechanic - but a pop-up question would be great to make sure you want to get your item stuck on the deed. Event notification will not work with the instant unload timer on deed.
  3. You cannot load them if they have gear - so should still be on the server. I'm not sure if the locate (from manage animals) will work if you are on the surface and the horse is in a mine... EDIT: yes locate works that way too.
  4. Coal Pile QL Boost

    ohhhh yes. I would LOVE to have the coalpiles impable. Another skill that would be more comfortable to grind - and I'm one of those who built tons of piles to grind the skill... though stopped at 80 as no rational reason to go higher with the current way finished pile QL is calculated. EDIT: for me high ql ash production seems more important as very high ql coal can be farmed from creatures quite easily
  5. Changing my mind after two years (and still no scaffolldings ) Absolutely +1 ! Yes please consider replacing that poor byte to a double. Let us be amazed with all the weird bugs happening from that, mine related visual bugs are always feel like strange and evil art to me. TLDR and for protests: Make mine heights great again! Double the byte!
  6. I had rhis issue being a noob If you start the game far from tar clay etc and on a sloped are it quite seems the only way to get the needed digging skill to terraform is find a flat tile and grind there. .. otherwise slope is too high for your skill.
  7. Fix it please, at the least it needs a message in Event tab and why is it affecting all skills for a cooldown?
  8. WTA Rare statue of an eagle

    well, sniped hopefully... COD to Jaz please
  9. Locked in room

    Just throwing out ideas: Did you have access to a top floor door in the building where you logged off or was that area open access? Maybe you have permissions to the building but not the locked room you appeared in? Also if you are in a hurry now a Summon Soul from a priest can get you out of those problems of locked houses and "mine entrance traps".
  10. Good idea! Woodscraps are also perfect candidates to accomplish the "sacc almost unbelievable number of items" journal goal...
  11. Shoveling aside any drama, rumours or anything, I feel that Sindusk is heavily missing from the game. At this moment I feel it would be very important to clear rough edges, put weapons away and sit down where it is needed and settle the issues that let the situation we face today arise. I have no power in such, but my user opinion wanted to come to the surface.
  12. [Bug] Waves splash through rowboat

    my bad, I was unable to notice this thread...
  13. WTS 1 black tome charge (last in the tome), asking 35s: Spell granted: Summon Skeletons (Summons a group of skeletons) Spell granted: Summon Wraith (Summons a Wraith) Resistance: Disease 15% (Decreases disease damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Water 10% (Increases water damage taken by 10%) WTS 1 green tome charge (last in the tome), asking 35s: Spell granted: Summon Worg (Summons a Worg) Resistance: Internal 15% (Decreases internal damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Fire 10% (Increases fire damage taken by 10%) Or...... Buy both for a total of 60s!
  14. [20:19:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Many thanks and enjoy!
  15. Jimbean's Paypal Guest Book

    Had a complicated trade including mailing back and forth different tomes - all went smoothly.
  16. WTS Store is Closed

    Thank you for the trades!
  17. To hijack the bug thread, cache lump fragments are still "lump fragment, metal" - collected today.
  18. All is gone thank you all, can be closed.
  19. I would like to swap my black tome charges - up to 3 - to green tome charges.
  20. WTB a green tome charge

    Bought, can be closed.
  21. WTB a green tome charge

    I would need a green tome charge, if you have one for sale, please send me your offer here, in a PM ingame or on the forums. Also happy to swap your green tome charge to one of my black tome charges.