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  1. PC Seraphrattle

    Agree. Sell stuff only, toons are usually much more valuable than paid for on the market and even more so if you have developed them yourself. Memories can't be bought.
  2. Valrei Invasions

    Thanks a lot for the fun - the last wave was cruel to me
  3. Missing Keybinds

    A bit different than the others but would it be feasible to add keybinds to Create/Continue in the crafting window? For mass spamming shafts etc. it would be a good support, I could focus better to work in RL while creating mats
  4. Varlen II: From Nothing

    Agree you Kiama. Anyone who isn't happy with the hardships should just ignore the server. Good to have different flavours.
  5. Do you have +75 WS?

    Good luck - and yes that is a milestone where I took a break form the WS grind myself... then you'll want 90ql soon
  6. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    Issue is back during the current winter season. I had no issues with the snowballs decaying fast in iceboxes now happens on multiple servers. Cannot keep larders cold this way :S I was not aware this issue is still open, sorry for the duplicate report:
  7. Snowballs which are about 2 RL days old - all on deed on different servers and clusters:
  8. Dominate was "the" channeling grinding spell for Mag/Sme, as even on failure there was a chance to give a skilltick. At some point around or after the priest rework this functionality is ceased to work, I have not seen any patch notes regarding this change was intended. Sad thing is that this mechanic is the specific reason I spent my /transfer on freedom on my priest...
  9. A New Elevation

    I really like the direction this all seems to go! Can we get a more precise timing for how long the servers will be separated? it would make some initial decisions much easier if we would ofr example know that the setup will stay until the big overhaul.
  10. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Nonprem alts count, each and every prayer alignment tick or no will add 1 to the pool o 100.000 prayers. So just need to spam it a lot.
  11. A New Elevation

    And silver mirror which is not tradeable either
  12. Add epic curve to freedom

    -1. Epic is open to everyone. The two clusters are quite different games and big part of it is the different skill system.
  13. WTB Nukacola

    Huh good news, grats!
  14. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Thank you for the teasers, I'm curious about the coming months! EDIT: I will love the diagonal walls after the Frontier update
  15. A New Elevation

    How about to consider the new Elevation being fully separated from anything else just like Pri/Rel was when started? So only new toons, no stuff influx etc. That would address most of the issues for those few months even without any tweaks. I mean fully separated, no Freedom portals either.
  16. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    Tactics is trying to be a cute Drake foal so slayers will not have the hearts to kill....
  17. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Also would be a great opportunity to live test the new hosting model of servers on AWS
  18. Why was PvP abandoned?

    The fact Epic has no connection to freedom is the sole reason I play there and don't even touch Chaos.
  19. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I think this is where you wrong looking at all the posts here. Having a fresh map will -obviusly temporarily- boost the playerbase on Epic without any other changes introduced or even promised. That will give breathing space to the team to keep the players and finish current projects. If ... IF a reset will again be needed because the game would change that greatly I'm sure it will be accepted and again cause a re-influx of players. Just look at the history when any new map is introduced.
  20. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    I did not speak to or heard about anyone having interest in or on Elevation being against a new smaller map regardless of kingdom and group - correct me if I'm wrong here. Please let us have it. Home servers are a different story, they have a partly separate playerbase who should not be disturbed by the annoyance of Ele playerbase.
  21. The glow remains when the mission tree has been cut. This is weird to see it still there - but when you sabotage an enemy mission on a PVP server it also gives away the information to the enemy and prevents them to waste time to find the mission item. It would be desirable to remove this clue.
  22. Wurmaholics Anonymous

    Does it count if I'm keeping myself away from spirits but still have beer and coctails?
  23. If only there would be a way to separate Epic skill dumps from Freedom dumps in my player folders. Playing on both clusters were the main reason I've stopped uploading skills to Niarja, I know I'd surely mix them up :S At a first glimpse I really love the changes on Niarja - thanks a lot! EDIT: maybe a toggle could be possible on the uploaded skilldumps to assign them to Epic/Freedom manually by the uploader? I could surely sort them out seeing the overall values after upload - it is way more harder to do one-by-one before uploading.
  24. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Well, I've left Elevation as felt being left in the dark for months. Epic is a cluster where time spent stays on the cluster - no skill transfers to Freedom, no benefits shared except some PVE journal goals that may be accomplished easier there. I've arrived to a decision to abandon the server where we should spent quite some hours of work to recover from a raid and decided it won't worth because I have no clue where Elevation and Epic heads to. In my view the communication that nothing will happen on Epic this year could be really handy many months ago, it could very likely see me to build another spot knowing Ele map will remain for quite a time. Please, pull the heavy curtains aside.
  25. Great updates, thanks a lot! One item I personally miss is now is the to players sheet...