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  1. I do not expect to have bulks go away - it is quite likely that prices will crawl back to the "old" ones though.
  2. Tailoring imbue pricing increased due to low stock.
  3. Another tailoring imbue is ordered - that imbue is on hold until remaining stock is checked.
  4. Raider skin equipped on my supreme medium wooden shield does not whow while equipped: It is okay on the ground: [12:34:03] A medium sized sturdy shield made from wooden planks with a metal spike. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from oleanderwood. You must use a mallet on the shield in order to improve it. It has an alternate skin applied to it.
  5. It would be so handy to have a command line option for the WurmLauncher to specify an account name which is already existing in the launcher window and it would start the client with the last settings and without any intervention. Use case samples: Quick relog in cheesy situation on client freeze/crash (PVP, PVE fights) Logging in sermon alts easily
  6. Rope making price increased as stock gets very low
  7. My actual test: 59 casts on a slate wall of 5667 mining actions. (Wow: actually 32.02 power so I did hit the assumed average). That is 96 hits on average per cast, that is 1.4h to disintegrate it away. Approx 350 mining actions to mine out the necessary 177kg 90+ql iron to make the approximately needed amount and ql of doorlocks: 0.3 hours. Another 0.4h to create the doorlocks. Total time needed: approx. 2.1 hours. Mining it away is 4.4 hours calculating with 2.8 secs per mining action. Looks like it is not that bad to use the spell against mining away the tile (I may be very wrong with the calculations and assumptions, I try to reconstruct the actions in the past as I did not prepare to the test properly). (Parameters: 99 mining, 73 locksmithing, 86 channeling, 90+ casted imbued etc. rare tools used.) EDIT: add the fact to the equation that simply minig it away is much more viable semi AFK.
  8. Tested it on a slate wall of 5k ön a 86 chan priest. It is definitely faster to simply mine out the wall. Plus the last cast will only turn the vein into rock instead of removing the tile.
  9. I did cross before I read the yellow text :S
  10. Any chance to get a single summon to the spot? Would make me make it
  11. Looks like I'm going to miss this event, no servers yet and I should sail too.
  12. Abandon ship!

    All rare horse shoes for 2s each? Please COD to Jaz if accepted.
  13. A11 - 1s A23 - 2s if you still have them please COD to Jaz
  14. Locksmithing desperately needing some boost now that doorlocks got more important...
  15. It would be great to see the points and the rewards on non-prem toons. I myself would perhaps consider repremming a few stale alts just to harvest an item or two...
  16. What we did not know until now is the change of silver price in Wurm shop. With 1e/1s at the large amounts it is obviously a win/win to buy from the shop.
  17. I don't see how relocating traders hurt the games with the changes. On deed ones only.
  18. Hopefully it stays and if the money that now being sucked out by traders will go to other activities it might encourage going out and hunt/forage/whatever.
  19. I'm happy with the announcement and well.. 6 active prem toons, paying upkeep of 21 deeds and a few posts.
  20. /me looking forward to buy amazing stuff at panicsales lowball prices during February