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  1. Valrei International. 078

    I'm off for some extra workshifts. Want a new display card urgently I fear Thanks for all the work as always!
  2. Give hate some love
  3. Replace global cast on journal

    This one is my favourite - promotes priests fighting with spells at rifts on Freedom.
  4. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    I would humbly suggest if there is a change will be looked into and possibly got changed it should be done quite quickly. I've already transferred my priest to a WL demigod instead a BL one to avoid the hassle with the rite goal. Others working on the rite and achieve it will need to be adjusted if the goal is changed also. Better to know it as fast as possible if the list will stay or change - to have less impact.
  5. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    the gem goal will also force you to do a lot of prayers so that is two flies at the same time. I'm also more concerned like others of the global cast requirement.
  6. Yes one of my most feared misclicks is the "Ranged" on fight options...
  7. Send this one to Jaz please... grooming brush, 16 ql, 92 coc, 1 s
  8. I always had great experience how my tickets were handled. Fast and effective, where the issue was hard to (or took long time to) fix I've always been kept updated without any nagging needed from my side. If the resolution was not in my favour I always had proper explanation why. Can only thank the GM team to sacrifice your playtime to keep Wurm on track.
  9. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    It would be okay if prayer skill got some love and some benefit assigned to it. Like more chance and timer to perks like Unstoppable state, vetter chance for extra favor regen etc.
  10. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    Same. My priest have it as being a champ when this goal was introduced... also 56 on another already... yes it is dull to tab into that account and spam pray. It will help with the global spell casts though...
  11. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    In the noisy and full-of-copper wires world of servers 15-20 mins boot time is decent. I know server hardware which spends 10+ mins BEFORE the actual operating system boot begins. ..
  12. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    @Sklo:DI think no real need for a hyper-v and MS servers. It is very easy to reach synced servers with automatic failover natively on linux and with very low network overhead using KVM and keeping the data on ZFS volumes.
  13. WTS or WTT green cherry charges

    One charge sold, more charges still available.
  14. Fair game play hits a new low

    We need to put on blindfolds an djust get teleported into a collapsed mine every time to not get any idea of the heatmap of the servers.
  15. Fair game play hits a new low

    Why do you think Oblivionnreaver is good or not? Also I'm surprised you assume how a group you don't know works.
  16. Fair game play hits a new low

    In fact group members there give in all the scraps and also pay a weekly fee to stay in the group.
  17. CLUB Market ~Crystal Lake's Utmost Buys~

    A piece of every colour of dragon scale is now available - also random everyday equipment...
  18. hmm... just jumped on Spotify to find all three soundtrack albums. I suppose not all songs are ingame?
  19. Tame Bears with Honey

    I love this idea. Honey and bears need the love too.
  20. [Fixed] Spyglass crashes the game

    I have used spyglasses on different servers and toons during yesterday and today, it did not crash me anymore.
  21. A serious post about mental illness

    Hats off for the courage. Really.
  22. [Fixed] Spyglass crashes the game

    confirmed, freezes client. Maybe a #metoo incentive to not peek under skirts on Valentine's day...
  23. I'm unsure if I will like my new head called Bob but more options are the better. It is a toggle away only so even if I personally will not like it: THANK YOU! Actual fruits are great too... but what will happen to my lamb stew tonight???
  24. Ok then.... I can accept limitations and happy to revert to my original post
  25. [Bug] OOS while sitting still

    That sounds quite really awful. I'm sure the case is clear and will be remediated but it would be great to know how could it happen. Were you in a cave? Isn't your corpse on the surface? I'm happy to help with locates when I get in front of my PC...