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  1. My main issues are * the 4 waves - wave 1 is quite just a filler one, no excitement just spending time. * warmaster oakshellish protection after the turrets die is quite impossible with a small group regardless off skills. Also no reward from killing it which means it may simply be more logical to skip killing it now. * sounds. Please. Those ogrekind sounds... * while new AI for the mobs is a good idea somehow it does not add finally to the mix but makes it more a massacre. Now it is you-just-sit-in-the-middle-and-hack-em-all. Being they are much less strong to hit mostly and quite too many of them. Less and stronger might be a better experience.
  2. Big +1! Not to die a lot actually.
  3. Happened to me today - at least something that looked like that. Was out in the wild after a long travel on Jackal then all what happened was a 1-2 min long swap thrashing even making it impossible to open up atop to see what's happening. Then the client window just crashed and all went back to normal. This is something I did not experience for the last few years.
  4. The real sad thing is that there was zero communication about it. Would have gone on a very different path then. Even in the single vague line in the patch notes only the standard journal tiers were mentioned, not the priest ones.
  5. Today I've realized that the related Approbation goal in the journal did not turn green when reached 50 Channeling on Jackal. I've logged a ticket and CM informed me that it is intentional that skill related goals do not trigger on Jackal which made me real sad. I've never seen any announcement of this restriction and it was very much the reason I've chosen to choose the path of a priest on Jackal with a toon who is a crafter on Freedom to work on the priest journal. Suggestion: release this restriction on Jackal as it was not possible to have an informed choice. Perhaps scale it higher if you feel too easy to reach them?
  6. I worked for several companies even USA origin ones and leavers are always announced and wished well for future. Must be a real toxic environment where you need to hide changes of staff...
  7. @BuddaThank you for steering Wurm during these not-so-easy years! @SamoolGrats on the new position... well good luck too! @Rolfgood to see you've finally found the password of your forum account ... I'm also curious btw if there still will be a PVP autumn revamp?
  8. +1 please have a window where we can select what we want to dispel.
  9. Sunday surprise: 50c off from all until midnight UTC today.
  10. Amy Winehouse is really missed from this world. Honestly.
  11. Rifts with low participation level last very long as the mobs later in the actual wave tend to spawn only when you kill some beforehand - rendering impossible to burn hearts before all and every one is spawned means that you need to hack through 50-60 in later waves with your team of 2 people. I received the turret armour chains with no material so armour pieces made from the could not be imped at all And: some of the new sounds are awful indeed. That rubber duck, the music box and the mechanical pig.....
  12. I miss a bit the random drops from champs - I think they don't give extra points now either? Trick is to NOT check the journal progress, it is like Schroedinger's cat, better if you are not sure about the status
  13. Spyglass is a great idea on Jackal! ... however no recipe in crafting recipes found.
  14. Quite a few wetas died at aged and such ... no starving treat on them and no indication of the cause of death of branded ones either.
  15. The rift mats around the red beacons on Jackal take a lot of damage, last beacon had the mats with 50dmg already. I suppose it is not intended as opposed to Freedom rifts these beacons are not meant to be cleared within days after they appear. Issue: going this rate it will be impossible to gather rift mats from beacons in 1-2 weeks.
  16. I cannot find the reference on the forum (although I remember it was mentioned by Samool at some point): how do I start the launcher for the test server or low mem client using the Linux tar?
  17. The journal goal of imping a tool to 50ql is not triggered by imping clay shaper to 50ql - maybe clay shaper is not considered as a tool? Leggat worked just after that attempt.
  18. Highly appreciated and also grats on the find!
  19. Grats! Dedication also 100 skill...
  20. Welcome back Neville! I'm real happy to see you have all the energy and mood needed to get over the hard times.
  21. Need to be inside the rift area when ends it seems. Also I always burn at least one heart to make sure the server recognizes that I was there