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  1. The Strength of a Troll

    Trolls can be tricky. A normal troll is usually taken down by my Mag in 4-5 swings of his huge axe - but from time to time I need RoadRunnering away seeing the world in red and with the troll just being annoyed not harmed...
  2. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 48

    hah to be on the positive side as well, love the bridge image and masks are great idea in general.
  3. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 48

    Usually I'm not a whiner but I can't fully like the new planting method. This will cause artificial looking forests when planting. I do really dislike that forests in real life as well. Please, please let us have the "Plant random" method - +1 from me on the idea
  4. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    Goodwin, sent, many thanks! Will be at you in 10 mins
  5. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    just a bump - still a bunch of large and normal 80ql iron shields are awaiting you ->
  6. Glasshollow Xmas Impalong 2014

    1000x 15ql gold 448x 20ql silver lumps delivered in a BSB
  7. Vote for wurm!

    Wurm Online (59%, 116 Votes) Eve Online (20%, 39 Votes) ArcheAge (6%, 12 Votes) Darkfall Unholy Wars (6%, 11 Votes) Mortal Online (4%, 8 Votes) Ultima Online (3%, 5 Votes) Heaven and Hearth (2%, 3 Votes) Salem (1%, 2 Votes) Ryzom (1%, 1 Votes) Entropia Universe (1%, 1 Votes) Xsyon (0%, 0 Votes) Perpetuum (0%, 0 Votes)
  8. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    Sent, should be there within 10 minutes and thanks a lot!
  9. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    Ginodeal, normal or large shields?
  10. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    updated with medium shields
  11. Slate shards for sale 60+ql, 1s / 1k 5k+ available. Pickup location: Xanadu S15 Kalambaka Price does not include delivery but is possible upon negotiation, and depending of my time available
  12. Celebration Impalong!

    I'm sad that could not attend, I always like the impalong aura
  13. 1x Hammer 80COC for 80 c, COD to Jaz please
  14. Kalambaka @ Xanadu S15. Ingame chars: Jaz & Zaj

  15. Public Kyklops Slaying - Xanadu - 11hrs

    I'm real happy to see there was a public slaying again! Sadly I couldn't be there yesterday but grats for smooth event and thanks for running it! Greasygrundly - there are always people feeling the urge to lift the horses as soon as they see them, happened to us quite the same way back some time. They cause more emotional loss for many than material...
  16. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    kaizoo, shield is on its way, should be there in 10 minutes - many thanks!
  17. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    A dozen large shields are waiting for their loving owner again...
  18. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    Due to the big interest (to my happy surprise anyway ), I needed to refill my stock. Now some large shields are available again at the same 50c - would any of you want normal ones as well?
  19. no bottom of new BSB

    thanks, that was my intention to file it here, it seems I'm too noob to use forums
  20. I'm sad, lost all the ability to see which bsb is which when packed together. Also there is no bottom of the new model, you can see through it from below. Bug logged ...
  21. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    Bllade: [02:48:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Many thanks!
  22. Flaming forges of Kalambaka

    Just sent: 1x large iron shield to Spuddles 4x large iron shield to Xarban Will be there within 10 minutes, thanks a lot!
  23. Glasshollow Xmas Impalong 2014

    I'll add 1k bulk ql gold lumps (15ql), will deliver within a few weeks latest. I might join the imping sessions - unfortunately I have no idea about my free time in December and cannot be sure if game is playable for me with a lot of players aournd. If I can make it I'll join in imping blacksmithing, chain, plate items and shields, but please count on me as optional only... I'll do up to 70ql of all, knowing the item volume on impalongs that is the sweet spot I think
  24. Some server stats

    These figures are awesome, usually these uptimes are achieved in fully resilient and that way really expensive systems. Congrats on that! I definitely had more Wurm outages from ISP downtime than from server unavailability during the 15 months I (heavily) play Wurm.
  25. [x] ROS one day before timer

    ...and we are surprised why community events are so rare, and why unique hunts are not public anymore :S